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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 tele broke.

which means I have more time to blog, yey!
I found out this week how addicted to the television I was, which was shocking. I mean without netflix, a dvd, my xbox nor crap regular TV I went into a panic. It's ok, I'm over the worst of it now, but my initial response was sheer fright and I was almost shaking trying to fix it..haha. Amazing really, because I didn't think I used it that much. My impression of myself was of a meditative outdoors kinda guy who reads and paints and does all the valuable things in life and isn't shackled to mind numbing technology.....Wrong!
In fairness, I am quite enjoying the peace and quiet today and actually got to bed at a reasonable time last night and read some books, so I think after the initial period of cold turkey-ing I will survive.
Went out with the boys from The Blackout night before last. they were in town shooting a video and we had sushi in a posh restaurant. Then we went back to their hotel to have a listen to their new album and low and behold, in classic comical irony, the hotel had a blackout. Now of course, i was thinking it was a very expensive stunt that the band had pulled to impress me, but unfortunately they had nothing to do with it, it was actually a problem with the posh hotel, so we sat for half hour in the dark and then decided to go down to the reception where at least there were some back up lights, finally the power came on and we went back upstairs and respectfully but awkwardly sat and listened to the whole thing (I don't mean that in a bad way, but now I know how it feels for the people I force to listen to our new stuff while I watch every expression on their faces to see if they like it or not, sorry to everyone i have done that to).... the album was great btw. Good job lads!

went for a surf for the first time in months yesterday morning with mike and a buddy who's a pro photographer. When i say we went for a surf, I meant we paddled about for 40 minutes until we couldn't feel our arms and then we limped in having caught nada surf. there were waves, but we have been out of the water for so long our stamina was a major issue. We had a few photo's taken for that manzine blog publication I was talking about before, and got a parking ticket for being 3 mins late! Nazis!
It's shocking how quick you can lose sport specific fitness, now that the record is nearly done I guess I can try and do a bit more of the outdoor sportsy stuff. All this running I have been doing didn't help one bit in the sea, in fact, my running is giving my knee more jip so that my marathon campaign may be coming to an unceremonious end, though I hope not. Exactly the same problem that made me miss that last marathon. too much rugby and skate boarding when i was younger me thinks.
I was reading a book last night about neuroscience. It was suggested by some that a human newborns dependency on it's parent and it clear helplessness could be due to the fact that we are a bipedal species therefore the upright posture limits the pelvic size and women can only squeeze out babies with relatively small heads, that is, babies whose brains are partially developed. We are obviously not unique with this handicap, for instance kittens don't even open their eyes for several days after birth, but it does beg the question....should I get my hair cut or not?
haha, just kidding. I realised how boringly boring I was becoming with that hypothesis.(...screeech handbrake!)
Think I might go to Mammoth mountains for a few days snowboarding in a week or so. Go up and watch the Roxy chicken jam. could be a laugh.
Anyway i better get going, there's a bee in my apartment urrhem...I mean Manor house, and i need to rescue it. I hear bee's are on the decline these days and something about them dramatically effecting the ecology if they were to go kerplunk. so here's to you Bee's and your tragic flaw in your blueprint when it comes to your suicidal defense mechanism!
so sad!. talk about a backfire!!


Shinobi1791 said...

blackout with the blackout!lolz!
awesome blog btw! as always.
Do you think Wales will beat Ireland?

Miss V. said...

we went back upstairs and respectfully but awkwardly sat and listened to the whole thing (I don't mean that in a bad way, but now I know how it feels for the people I force to listen to our new stuff while I watch every expression on their faces to see if they like it or not, sorry to everyone i have done that to)- ahahaha sorry I just found that really funny :)

Wow, sounds like you've been doing some serious reading... I really should be doing the same. Hmm I never watch TV anymore. I go to boarding school and the girls are always watching something stupid like Hollyoaks. No offence to anyone who likes it. I um go on youtube and surfthechannel instead.

I'm terrified of bees. I scream and hide under pieces of furniture when I see them lol.

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

hope it was a honey bee not one of the pesky dangerous ones that the movie industry likes to make horror movies about, or was a good ole humble bum bumbley bee, lolz.
If it had been a wasp i would have said kill the evil spawn :).
Shame you didnt have torches in the blackout woo hoo ghost stories :D lolz

luv n hugs


lostpoppet said...

u r not boring infact I was quite sad and ur little update has cheered me up, so thank u sir

ps. feel free to force me to listen to ur album any day

WelshRocker said...

lol sounds like you've been having fun!

As for Shinobi, i think Wales've got a good chance beating Ireland, as long as they concentrate and don't get cocky again!

Rachie XxxX

Annie said...

you're so fascinating, it's unbelievable!

~*Accomplished Exile*~ said...

you know what jamie?

I think that the blackout that occoured in that hotel was only because of the fact that they were in sheer awe of the blackout's new album...blame it on their radness!!!!

selina said...

Please let your t.v break down more often, I know its pretty mean for me to say that, but I think your posts are entertaining and im happy if you are blogging more=))

take care.
love from selina^^

fierazor said...

there's a blackout in h0tel?? i've never feel that. i mean,yea,,sometimes there is a blackout in 0ur neighbourh00d. in fact 2 days ag0,2 blackout @ the same day. but,in hotel?? jamie,bee is better than cockroach in ur apartment. thats disgusting..

eyes of envy said...

off topic but why "thanatos" and not death?

shuanghong said...


haha. i'm now absenting myself from all sports except swordfighting, which is pretty fun.