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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a downer...

Me and Mike just popped down to visit Rhys form the Blackout in hospital in Torrence, Los Angeles. The story goes that he had food poisoning from a burger he ate from swingers. Made him sick a bunch of times the day they were all due to fly back to the UK after shooting their video. on the bus transiting from the terminal to the aeroplane Rhys passed out and fell out of the door of the bus onto his head. he was taken to hospital and into Intensive Care with a suspected brain hemorrhage. As it turns out me and mike get into the hospital with a copy of rock sound and some malteasers to cheer him up and ask at the counter for Rhys....he's been discharged! we were like "huh? yesterday he was in Intensive care now he's been discharged? there's gotta be a mistake". So, not believing the woman we proceeded to swindle our way through security and all the way into the IC unit armed only with a plastic bag, only to be stopped outside his room and get confirmation that he's been let go. Of course, stupid me asked "so is he ok then?" and the (not very polite) nurse says "well we wouldn't have discharged him is he wasn't would we?" so I reply "well I don't know do I? you Americans have some wacky rules and clearly by my accent I'm not from around here so It's likely that I don't know the exact procedure that warrants a discharge, after all he may have been discharged to a different unit or something, how should I know?" (what I actually said was "like....yeah...welll. seee...." and shrugged alot) She clearly realized her brash comment was undeserved so she quickly apologised before telling us to f#ck off.
After that, Anneka Rice (born Anne Rice, 4 October 1958 in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan) joined us with another clue as to Rhys' whereabouts so mike and me headed over to the Marriott where he was with his family, looking a bit groggy and weak, but doing much better. After a bunch of scans they said he's all good and ready to fly back home in a few days.......all is well that ends well.
Was really gutted and anxious to hear about his accident but very relieved that he's gonna be better soon. Poor kid, first time in LA and all. And i feel bad because I told them all to go to Swingers for a Black and White milkshake. yikes! I said if he'd had been a vegetarian this would never had happened ha! kidding.
So the moral of the story is....You can never predict or prepare where the next unfortunate event is gonna come your way. Of course, if you skate and surf and snowboard and do dangerous sports alot then the chances of injury are higher than if you don't, but there's no guarantee that the simplest unseen thing can proper put you on your arse. So with that said, don't go through life being a pussy and not doing things because you may get hurt....Live your life to the max and make the most of everyday even if it means risking hurting yourself, because at the end of it all something is gonna kill you either way, that is a guarantee! and you can't take anything with you, not even regret so don't let fear of dying prevent you from living!

..and in typical Oliver fashion, to complete the postmodern manifesto with a splash of paradox :- Don't be Irresponsible!!!!!

that is my disclaimer


Miss V. said...

Aww, poor guy! Glad he's alright though. Aha doesn't it suck when you always come up with the best comebacks when it's waaaay too late? Speaking of which I remember going to LA when I was a kid and the Americans giving us attitude all the time. Sheesh.

Lol very inspiring lesson at the end Jamie! Have a nice day!

gazmoebius said...

oh dude, poor rhys. but at least it seems like he's all good again soon :)
you really should've told the nurse all the stuff you didn't... well deserved.
anyway, your conclusion to the whole thing gave me a lot to think about. i mean all i live for is music/concerts and in order to get that i need money so i have to work. and right now i have a job where i'm at the office for pretty much 10 hours a day and when i come home i'm to gutted to do anything at all. that can't be it...
i should care a bit less and do a bit more. i guess. or not.
and this is really a weird thing to write in a comment to a celeb's blog haha
stay safe (or try at least ;) )

Natersby said...

Well actually I'm vegetarian and I've had food poisoning! That was from dodgey egg fried rice. So going vegan is the answer! :P

Your moral of the story struck a chord with me, though in an emotional context (though I seriously HATE how stereotypical-woman that sounds!) Basically after a nasty break up I got stuck in this stasis, avoided friends, going to gigs, having fun, because I thought inevitably something shit would happen. Of course, if nothing bad happens, nothing good happens either. If I continue to live like that, I may as well just build a coffin and lie in it.

So more fun will be had for the rest of the year...That said, I don't think my new lease of life will take the form of dangerous sports, haha.

MalowanaLala said...

Hello Jamie,

I translate your blog for polish fans. :)

fierazor said...

im s0rry t0 hear that.
thank god he WAS 0kay n0w.
i've never heard the food poisoning case that made the patient passed out.

i definitely agree with you..if we just sit around n d0in n0thin s0 u cant get hurt..
u just wastin ur life..
live the life with the thing u can d0 while u alive..
n let g0d d0 the rest..

Annie said...

"the biggest risk in life is the risk of riskless living." (Ian Watkins)

Annie said...

living and dying is the same process anyway..

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

aww, poor baby glad hes a'ok now.

in light at what has happened recently to Natasha Richardson(such a lovely person and brilliant actress, will sorely be missed), hope your wearing a hard hat on the slopes.

luv n hugs


FUNK said...

Ahh Rhys :(

I was worried it was going to be something alot worse.

Of course what did happen was bad, but I thought we'd be recieving news that he was ridiculously ill.
That's just me thinkly negatively about everything I guess!

Laine said...

Not all of us nurses are bitches, nor are all of ignorant of the differences between American and British hospitals ;)


Suze =] said...

Awhh, i'm glad to hear he's on the mend. I'm off to see The Blackout in Merthyr on friday, shame he can't be there, i thought they were going to cancel the show, glad they haven't but i hope Rhys has a speedy recovery!

Psych Shu Ee said...

I like how you think Jamie. You're awesome!