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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welsh + rugby = Heartache

nuf said.


Jammy said...

Too true! So close at the end :(

Annie said...

*brings you cookies and milk*
have a seat, everything is gonna be alright..

Mandy said...

Was a good game though... but would've been better if we had won :(

fierazor said...

that's it??

straight t0 the p0int..

Miss V. said...

Can't say I know much about Rugby, let alone Welsh + rugby, but... my commiseration.

Tom said...

ah jamie come off it. if ye won it would be a real heart ache. wales were lucky to still be in that match. ireland were putting ye away and letting ye back in with silly mistakes.

sucks to be steven jones tonight.

Proud lil irish guy :P

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

Scottish + rugby = lost a bloody again :'( to sodding england :(

sends hugs and commiserations :(
know how one feels :(

luv n hugs hun


Shinobi1791 said...

should have won. damn those first 5 mins in the 2nd half.

If Byrne had stayed on the pitch Wales would have won because Henson was keeping BoD quiet when he was at Centre.

And if Stephen Jones hadn't kicked the ball straight out Ireland wouldn't have got the drop goal.

Too many If's, we'll win it next year. We need to work on our attacking. And getting Shane Williams more involved.

May I add Mike Phillips was awesome yesterday, well done Mike. His mum was my teacher in Primary School. Megalolz!

Dougie said...

I feel your pain. The key difference here is that we will support our team and not play the blame game. Other countries would hammer their players after defeat. We will be back, no worries there.

Beyond. said...

hahah you welsh are better than us scots! D;

you should get a twitter, lmao.

Emily said...

Aah. I work in a well known supermarket and some guy came in on Sunday wearing an Ireland shirt. I was just thinking "please don't come to me, please!" But what does he do?? I had to thicken up my accent a bit and that intimidated him, I think! Score one for Craddock!

Shinobi1791 said...

I agree with the twitter comment above. I also agree that we are better than Scotland, but Scotland are still a good side, there's potential there.