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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Stay on target, stay on target!"

Update: worked hard all week, especially Ian, and got all the vocals nailed. The songs are about 95% there. It's so exciting, and It's amazing how a vocal here or there can elevate a song to a whole different level and place. It's been hard, obviously because there's been so many versions of the songs and Ians been doing lyrics and vocals for almost 2 years, so I am sure he feels a sense of relief and achievement with the awesome songs he wrote. Well done buddy. Stu and our buddy Justin, have been absolutely amazing steering the ship, and when this record is finished and out, I am sure that people are gonna be blown away with the quality of their production. I hope that people can relate to our vision. It's almost as though this album is going to be the first Lostprophets record since the first one we made ourselves, and if people don't like it, well, I guess they don't like us. Because this is the most honest representation of our band, completely done by us without any outside interference. lostprophets music done entirely by lostprophets, how novel haha! Hopefully it will change the way we make records in the future. I'm sure it will. Saying all that of course, is not to take anything at all away from our previous records. I still think they are amazing, but of course doing a record with a producer is a collaboration and both parties personality will come through. this time it's pure. and it's us.... which of course is interesting, because if people don't like it then it begs the question did they ever really like us? But to be honest, without sounding presumptuous, I think the album is sounding wicked and really one the most proud things I have had the chance to be involved with. And I have no doubt there will be others out there that share our likes and dislikes and will be able to enjoy what we have producing here.
So, I get another stab at keyboards next week now that I have vocals there to work in and around. Looking into the mix now and the logistics of that. fingers crossed, it's all plain sailing from here on in until the release. It's hard not to be too vocally proud of what we've worked so hard to do, especially in the light of getting to the finish line once already and taking the BIIIGG Ballsy move of redoing the whole thing. With 20/20 hindsight, most definitely the best decision we have ever made.
Keep you posted.


Annie said...

is it true that the first single will come out in april?
can't wait to listen to the real lostprophets! (to be honest, i didn't like liberation transmission.. it was too commercial and not rocky enough..)

i hope.. no.. i KNOW that this album will kick ass!


Miss V. said...

Wow, that's fantastic news!!! A Lostprophets album by the Lostprophets, sounds great to me :) Good luck with the rest of the work you're doing next week, I'm bouncing excitedly in my chair thinking you guys are almost there! <3

Sketch said...


Shinobi1791 said...

Thanks for keeping us updated over the last few weeks, Jamie. I'm looking forward to listen to all this hard work you've put in.

Natersby said...

That's great news, to be honest it actually put my mind at ease.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Liberation Transmission for what it was, but in places it seemed more lyrically reigned in than the previous albums. It didn't have the simple freedom of "still laughing" or the memorable phrases from "to hell we ride." So I had worried about that happening again, or even getting worse, on the next album. But since you guys are going it alone, I know that won't happen now, so I'm much more excited.


lostpoppet said...

eeeeeeeeee beyond exitement

Anonymous said...

Dunno if you'll be as amused about this as I was, but eh.

[this isn't mine]

+BRI said...

You should be proud of what you guys are achieving. IM proud of what you guys are doing and im not remotely involved ! Hah. Im also really looking forward to seeing what youve all come up with, as you said, your previous albums have been influanced by the producers. I guess in the same way its been interesting watching the band change and develop over the years, im intreguied to see the result of the influance of the past few years plus the lack of those previous constraints in the studio. Good times.

Love Bri

Dougie said...

Thanks for the updates. I have been excited about the album for a very long time but your point that this is 100% Lostprophets has just hit me. Such exciting times.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! This words make me excited!! I want to hear something like "Five Is A Four Letter Word", that song changed my life and made me a Lostprophets fan forever!!

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

and thought this years Download was exciting, this has just added to it :D

luv n hugs


fierazor said...

thanx for the update jamie..

i cant wait 4 the upcoming album.
lostprophets aLBUM fr0m the lostprophets,
s0unds like a m0vie..
whats the 1st single??

why m0st people didnt like liberati0n transmissi0n.
i admit,that my fav album was start s0mething..
but,,c0me 0n.
there's n0thing wr0ng with that album..

Tamzin. said...


your blogs are well inspiring man, can tell you're an artist int ittt.


shuanghong said...

can't wait to see what you guys will come up with. :D

rory said...

This makes me even more eager to hear the new album, it's gonna be great!

Tracy said...

thanks for the news jamie!! i swear i spend too much time on the internet searching for updates on the new album coming out! soooo excited!

Hikari Yamino said...

Woots! I'm getting so excited!!! Out of all the albums you guys did, which one is the most lostprophets to you guys, other than this one of course.