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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey i found a new pluggy widgety thingy called....

a follower counter, looooooooooook >

that apparently makes it real easy for people to follow my blog. And in it's description it claims to be a good way of easily encouraging more people to easily follow my blog, which apparently makes people like me feel all nice and confident about myself that people like me and care about me and stuff and I have a purpose for being on this earth and I am somebody....hmmmm.
So, tell your friends, guys and lets get a big following..yeah alright woohoo! yes me! go me! I'm popular, go popular, me popular (that's my popular song, not like nada surfs one, but a bit like it).
or not, of course
because it's unlikely i'll ever find you and even if I do, I am way to pussy to do or say anything about it so..

if you want.


Natersby said...

Waa I only have 4 followers! Me wants to sing the popular song (which I trust will be a hidden extra on the album, lol)

nomad/vagabond said...

Oh, go on then. I'm very eay to persuade. This morning I installed the Twitterfox app because I'm a complete fucking muppet and I noticed one of my friends tweets from "twitterfox". Apparently, I just obsessively click links, which is, one of these days, going to lead me to coming, as they say, a cropper.

Jo Majesty said...

How much beer had been consumed by this point? ;)

Annie said...

>.< calm down, please!
you're not jesus. don't try to collect as many followers as possible. just let them find you on their terms.. otherwise the blog's comments will be filled with shallow sentences like "aren't you the guy from lostprophets?? please come to my country!" or "yeah i like sushi too.." is that what you want?
what you want is appreciation and love, which you don't get by doing advertisment for your blog. obvs.

what i actually wanna say is: please don't make this blog be grownded, cause the more people read it the more shallow it gets because you try to write the kind of blogs everybodys does because you don't wanna be seen as not normal.

feel lovely hugged.


lostpoppet said...

usually read ur blog on dragonninja but thought id come here so ur widgety thing could count me and let u know u were loved by 1 more odd american girl

ps all ur blog links on myspace r broken

Sketch said...

...I can now see my face on your blog. That's...weird.

Oh yuh. It's important to "BE SOMEBODY!"

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

you ought to write a song about that lolz, or even start the Jamie O cult so we can all worship you LOLZ :D (joke)

luv n hugs


shuanghong said...

ROFL. You sound a little drunk. Or high. Or like a little kid all excited about his new toy. :D

elinette said...

Wow, popular song sounds great, and now you have to sing it again because of all these comments :) feel all the worship and love we are giving to you *laugh*

I really mean it!