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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2:02 am for ever

Yes it's late at night for me. I got back from the studio after another 13 hour day, I am wondering how it is possible to be so thorough writing music, I mean how could we be recording 115 tracks which will evantually be reduced to a single stereo track? It's kinda an amazing process to be involved in, but it also gives an indication as to how much work goes into a song,
e.g. a single song is about approx 4 minutes long which is made up of approx 100 separate track which means each song contains just over 6 and a half hours worth of audio. Bear in mind, not all that audio was first take, well for most of the other guys in the band it was but for me I know for sure there were a few additional takes to get it right. so times that 6 hours by about 3. Now multiply that by how long it took to not only invent that particular track but also the elimination process of over turning every rock to make sure the part you have decided upon is the very best part for the song. Now multiply that answer by the number of songs recorded for the record...... now multiply that by 2 since this is our second stab at recording this record and you have........A F*CKING LONG TIME! (actually just did the maths....It comes out at 75 solid days back to back including the nights)

so, yeah 13 hours later, I feel like Homer Simpson doing his numerous jobs, I am reluctant to getting into bed because this morning I rolled out of bed and went straight to the studio, so here I am....writing a blog and a few beers into my evening. haha. Funny huh?

I have been looking at a few other blogs recently, and have noticed that most blogs consist of a photo or a video with a couple of lines of text commenting on or judging the image. I think maybe I've got my blog all arse over tit and misunderstood what the purpose of it all is. mine are very clearly, a bunch of nonsense fence sitting commentary on my life and the things that surround it, and very rarely do I pass judgement on anything of worth. A pretty accurate representation of my personality I guess. I did enjoy a few bits and bobs recently though. this and

which is cool. and are showing here obviously under my real name Richard Oliver. And yes, I know they are not sold and thats because I don't want to sell them yet because i like them.

I...forgot what I was gonna say, oh that's right, there's a new magazine I saw recently for guys that is the antithesis of usual guys magazines, which doesn't try and tell you what you should be or what you should buy in order to be what you should be and it also doesn't simple focus on lads stuff like tits and cars, in fact it's very refreshing to see a mag that doesn't really attempt to past judgement on everything and everyone. So I added it to my following thing, and it's called manzine.
Here's something rather disconcerting right now... the tv is on a channel in the background playing dead bodies and death. National geographic program entitled Science of Death featuring 'The latest in caskets and cremation: the science behind new techniques of body preservation and body cremation'

YIKES! I hadn't realised until I heard some woman calmly talking about maggots and eyes...uuurrrgh. spooky, change channel.

that's better, NASA channel.....a still picture of a shuttle in the dark on a launch pad, when I say still i mean it's live footage I think, but the shuttle is still, and I was watching it earlier too.......

< (this is a nice picture..not the picture on my TV right me, the picture on my TV right now is waaaaay crapper than this). I mean, WTF is this channel about anyway (apart from the obvious) I've tried to get my head around it, it's like train spotting for space nerds right???? there's always nothing going on in some weird fricking pixelated picture, Like anyone gives a shite! I certainly don't. I'm hypnotized though waiting for something to happen, like something at all, maybe hoping secretly deep down that an alien or something shitty happened where the shuttle falls over or at least a fricking duck flies into the camera or anything! god dammit! nothing. just a big cock shaped rocket sitting around rusting. Here's the thing though....why didn't they show in quick time the massive rocket being erected (excuse the provocative use of words) I mean it's a big ol' phallic petrol can they stick the shuttle to so how the f*ck did they get that up in the first place. *idea* sped up video of rocket being hoisted up-sell footage to Viagra for advertisement campaign...genius! well I need a pee and my bed beckons me. I tried running a half marathon last night and got my mileage a bit wrong, ended up running only 12 miles instead of the 13.5. Pretty gutted because I thought my time was good, after a bit of math it looks like I would have been 4 minutes over my goal if I had done the extra mile. boooo. I also pushed myself a bit hard and I think it was the first time in my life i have recorded a heart rate of 191. yes i nearly spewed and yes i wont be doing it again in a hurry. I'm 5 foot 8 and a quarter, I am 154.4 pounds on a good day, I am going a little grey in the front, I have never had a filling in any of my adult teeth and I occasionally laugh so hard i pee my pants... so what? here's to you surprises, i hope you never fail to startle me until my dying day (which will hopefully be our last act!) Goodnight Link
P.s. F*cking NASA hahaha, I wonder if they escape the economic collapse? all that fuel in that big orange penis!! we could all be driving around in Hummers man! just like Laird know...that big wave surfer dude....the buff guy...surfer...who's all in touch with nature...and a representative of the spiritual side of the sea...and nature....and the know...Laird. Lairdy boy! The dude that let me share his wave and my first wave up at point Dume...nature loving guy who gave me a nod of both pity and respect as I flailed around on a 10 foot red soft top 3 years know Laird Hamilton....
And his big ass tricked out Hummer!! (so mike tells me)
Very....very Disappointed Laird, Very very.


Natersby said...

Wow, the G.C blog is cool. They're nice dudes. Do you have a deviantart account btw? I'm a bit of a DA addict, even if it does put my measley artistic efforts to shame. Anyways, you should post a link if you do.

I hope they make a womanzine, too! All female targetted mags seems to talk about hair cuts, fashion and celebrities punching each other :P Guess I'll just stick with Kerrang!

That's just reminded, apparently there was a rather gruesome show hosted by the other famous Jamie Oliver involving autopsys, apparently he cut open an obese body and healthy one to show the difference. Lovely. Erm, hope you weren't eating dinner!

fierazor said...

hey jamie..
@ 2 am u wr0te ur blog n im @ school attending electi0n s0cialisati0n..
it is quite helpful for begineer like me..
back 0n t0 bussiness

the things that NASA did 0n 1969 WAS a crap..
a l0t of evidence pr00f it.
talkin bout alien.
i saw it 0nce.
when i was riding a bike with my friend.
its like a plan but when i l00k it clearly,,that things dissapear..
n there was n0 trail of that things..

Jo Majesty said...

How strange that when I half woke this morning one of the first things on my mind was space ships and the shuttle, I was thinkin "why do they call them space ships?" and tryin to come up with answers which led me to think "why call it the shuttle, which came first the shuttle or the shuttle cock?" (another penis reference there fnarr fnarr), then the Black Pearl floating in the clouds came into my head with the criminally attractive Johnny Depp stood on deck looking down at me as I levitated up to him and landed onboard realising that I was naked.

All that is actually true btw, I often wonder why I have these random awake-asleep dreams

nicktuckerrr said...

That bit on the NASA rocket had some intresting vocab. I think i will use this as an example for english homework. So much detail!

Sketch said...

I always thought the blogs that are about one picture or one video were a bit lazy really... unless the video / picture was edited / created by the blogger in question. The ones where people are more honest about themselves/their lives seem to be more interesting and more worthwhile, in a way. I dunno though.

Aand, haha, I think everyone's noticed that its taken quite a long time for the album. Thanks for trying to offer some explanation though & don't worry because I think most of the actual fans have faith in you guys.

Wow this comment is horribly long. Sorry.

Alkarinque said...

Jamie, it doesn't matter how do you look like...Even if you were horrificaly disfigure in a freak accident, you should know that we'll still love you! :P I was wondering what are you doing guys in studio, but now I know xD I hope this album will be much better than your last. Greetings from Poland and if you won't come to Poland I will find you and kick your ass (believe me, it will hurt). You have to come here, cause we remeber what you once promised... :D

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

Just think all your and the guys labors are nearly over, and you can stand back and look at what you've all accomplished, another masterpiece of an album, and then you can have a break and relax for a bit before all promos and tour starts :)

AWwwww!!! Joel is a sweetheart :)

Science of Death?? that kinda sounds interesting, i like thinking about my funeral....yeah ok im a bit morbid, im getting to that age
lolz :D

Try watching Most Haunted live, theres a darn sight more things happen on that than at NASA :D
like hunt the orbs or spooky shadows :D

and keep the training up your doin well.

luv n hugs


lostpoppet said...

omG what did u do u wanted something to happen and then there was a link and the launch had to b scrubbed....umm can u want me to win the lottery next

elinette said...

Seriously jamie, your blogs are like little pieces of art! I almost shit my pants with laughter everytime i read them. thanks for making my day over and over again :) You're the maaaaaaaaaan!