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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


fake turkey and branston pickle sandwich on the fly for lunch, I opted for call of duty rather than meditation, a big mistake. two cups of coffee, dirty jeans, dirty white tshirt. hair needs a wash crumbs everywhere...surely indigestion. straight up the studio...wait phones's my Dad, missed the call typing this's cool I'll call him back. What was i saying? oh yeah, studio..doing gang vocals today, so close to finishing, Ian's been on form of late, good lad. maybe 7 days away from finishing tracking completely, then the mix then the master then the set up and the interviews then the tours...aahh good times I hope. wonder if anyone will ever hear what we didn't put out? wonder if anyone would care. What's gonna become of the 35 songs we didn't put on the album? Got a couple of paintings into a Gallery in Hollywood, private view tomorrow opening show on Friday..La Luz de Jesus, probably won't be able to attend because of recording. Priorities I know. here's a quote;
"Zen has no goal; it is a travelling without point, with nowhere to go. To travel is to be alive, but to get somewhere is to be dead, for as our own proverb says, "To travel well is better than to arrive".
A world which increasingly consists of destinations without journeys between them, a world which values only"getting somewhere" as fast as possible, becomes a world without substance. One can get anywhere and everywhere, and yet the more this is possible, the less is anywhere and everywhere worth getting to. For points of arrival are too abstract, too Euclidean to be enjoyed, and it is very much like eating the precise ends of a banana without getting what lies in between. The point, therefore, of these arts is the doing of them rather than the accomplishments. But, more than this, the real joy of them lies in what turns up unintentionally in the course of practice, just as the joy of travel is not nearly so much in getting where one wants to go as in the unsought surprises which occur on the journey."


Sketch said...

Well done on the paintings in hollywood thing, even though you probably won't be able to see the opening thing.
I think a large amount of people care about the songs that will not be on the album. I don't know if that's how you meant it, but yeah, if you were wondering if anyone in the world gave a shit about the songs that we might never hear, the answer is plenty do.
Excited for the whole release and the touring part :)

cat said...

Hey Jamie, Ever thought of cracking on to the toy scene? There's usually some kind of custom show going on in LA, Munky King, Kidrobot etc. That'd be cool. - Cat (DN)

rory said...

You could put the other songs up in your site or myspace in rotation... or maybe get them downloadable with a special code inserted in the new album or something like that :)

julian said...

do you still think you will get the album out for june????

please let us know.

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

mmmmmm!!!!! some awesome B sides on the cards maybe? ;) x

Good luck with the gallery show :)

by the way what u guys up to in June?
say round the 12th-14th? coz have you seen the lineup for download? love to see you there moshing along with the rest of us lolz :D


love n hugs

Anonymous said...

If you think no one cares about those 35 unrealeased songs,know that I DO!

fierazor said...

ey jamie...

its so good u post another blog...

well,,still very long road till u guys go on tour,,
if u go on world tour dont forget to visit indonesia again..

maybe u guys can make special repackage album for the songs that u didnt put in the album..
some band have done that,,
but,,i thing it will make the fans dissapointed,,coz they have to search for the album again..for fans in britain n us maybe thats easy but how about us who lived in country like indonesia,malaysia,,arab etc???

FUNK said...

"One can get anywhere and everywhere, and yet the more this is possible, the less is anywhere and everywhere worth getting to."

:) Whats the point of getting somewhere fast? Once you get there you have nothing to work for and you'll be bored for the rest of your life.

Karman said...

7 days away from finishing tracking completely, then the mix then the master then the set up and the interviews then the tours then go to HONG KONG!!!!!!!!

Hope u everything is ok!

shuanghong said...


OMG try making it a world tour and come back down to Singapore again?


and you sound like you're rambling.

kate said...

i'd sure care about what's not on the album. it's a weird thought to think about all the songs no one else will ever hear. anyway, can't wait for the new album - should be good I hope :) xx

awkward91 said...

Jamie, people would care about the rejected songs. Don't care how, I'd love to hear them at some point. And the good thing is if they're crap you guys get forgiven because they're rejects anyway. Everyone's a winner!

Jas said...

Can i have those other 35 songs and palm them off as my own? like Coldplay did with Joe Satriani!

Frankie said...

Congratulations on getting your art into the gallery, it's something that someone like myself and others studying art can dream of. =)

Looking forward to hearing the new material, definately going to check you guys out again when you go on tour, it's been too long since Download! =D Though I got hit in the face with a bottle at your show, I'll definately be doing it again.

Izmir said...

Talking about touring, dude, please come down to Malaysia and perform for us! Most of us couldn't make it to Singapore last year (me included), which sucked.

Anyways, loved your insight and reminded me of something I wrote a few months back, PROBABLY related to what you're trying to say:

"I am the unfinished article. I am the incomplete puzzle. For if I'm not, it means that I'm gone."

Cheers and keep on rocking!

Frankie said...

Just after posting my comment, I found out Ian's doing a DJ set in Plymouth on the 26th, which is an hour away from me. =D I'm there.

Emmy said...

I must admit, the middle of the banana is my favourite bit x

olliebeta0401 said...

Hey Jamie

I am a fan of the band, hope you all are well. 35 songs?! You can't possibly leave them all unheard?! I can leave you my email address for a copy of each...? hehehe. I am hoping you release 'weapon' along the line sometime.

Keep up the hard work, and please keep well,

Ollie -UK

Humme said...

add Humme13 to your x-box friends list

Anonymous said...

hello! my english is not well, but i want to say that i love you guys ^^, i know, that i'm not first, and you have so many people, who loves your music and ofcourse loves you, but i want to say, that your music is fantastic ^^. i hope that we should listen your new album soon and that you'll have great world tour)
p.s i want to send you a little present, how can i do it? if you write to me your adress or maybe not your adress i should send some things. it'll be great ^^