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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just found these one liners online...

If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.

Always try to be modest. And be damn proud of it!

If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.

Consciousness: That annoying time between sleeping.

made me chuckle...

Had better days, so needed a bit of a laugh. I've quite literally seen how experience is made up of swings and roundabouts the past few days. Highs and lows with nowt much in between, still, can't complain....when things are just meh I usually moan that I'm bored. I think out of the petty things in life worth talking about being let down by someone or something is one of the more annoying. Because it kinda forces you to go into things with reservation and suspicion the next time around. It's like catch 22, where you don't let yourself get excited because fear of getting let down, and you kinda don't ever get the chance to fully enjoy things because of precaution. bummer. Alternatively you throw yourself into things and when they go shitty you feel shitty. at least you tried eh? nah...I got no answers.
A bit like the dilemma of drinking a lot of booze to wallow. Seems like a good way to forget crappy things while your doing it but I reckon in the long run it makes things a bit worse - speaking from experience of course. I've never found any answers at the bottom of a brandy bottle, and believe you me, I've seen right through a few bottles in my time.
I remember going on under 16's rugby tour with Cilfynydd rugby team to somewhere in North or Mid Wales (my lack of clarity on the specific location will soon become apparent). My dad bought me a crate...not a box..a crate of beer for the journey up there, which was only about 4 hours max. At 15 I would consider myself a veteran of the larger and beer variety, which is not a boast, simply a fact. Anyway, drank so much beer on the way up my bladder nearly exploded. Persisted in drinking all night. Come rugby day, the referee cancelled the game about 50 minutes in because our team players couldn't get up off the ground after tackles and the amount of spew on the field had become a health hazard....good times.
This experience set me up nicely to win an NME award for a drinking contest which I single handed-ly triumphed over some reputable boozy performers back in 2003 or 2004 or 2005. The irony of it all was I was the smallest and I was the only one in our band who was able to enter since the rest of the band were straight edge. After about 5 hours and many, many, many pints later it came down to me and some big dude from Raging Speedhorn and I done him....obviously we were both pissed, but he weren't too happy and contested the outcome with a verbal and a weak physical assault which came to nowt...tough shit...I won. later lads.
So, don't drink. It's not good for you! nobody like a drunk, and it solves nothing.
do as I say and not as I do. ha
By the way, the snow in Big Bear was nothing but epic yesterday and we got 3rd place on the lifts at 8am to get at least 5 runs in on complete fresh virgin powder.....wowzers wow wee lovely job. best feeling in the.....(alternative sports) world


Miss V. said...

LOL drinking before a playing rugby ? Not smart! I don't see how drinking makes people forget, I've never drunk enough to find out but it just sounds like an excuse to me. So the rest of the band don't drink at all??

I have a oneliner!
You may have grown old, but you may not have grown up.


elvira said...

I think it's like falling in love. You go into a relationship whole-heartedly, taking a huge risk. Yea so maybe you might get heart broken.. But we can't let our fears get the best of us.. I believe it hinders us from experiencing real love and joy - having the constant suspicion/reservation only eats at us and all that is good.
But who am I to say anything.. I have my own demons to battle.

On a different note, when I'm having one of those 'meh' days, what always works for me is to think happy thoughts, keep positive and to dance around in my room to loud, crazy, happy dappy music! =)

Keep writing Jamie! Love your blog.. It's somewhat mentally stimulating and is always good for laughs!

fierazor said...


i agree with what u sayin..
"d0nt drink"
im n0t a drinker,,n i get pissed when people drink in fr0nt 0f me.

i've seen a l0t 0f bad things happened with a drinker.
-my teacher g0t a br0ken liver

-its my 0wn experience,,
me n my fren was in a vacati0n,,
we went t0 a p00l after we chill,my friend drank c0uple glass,,n when he swim..his head smashed p00l side..he was bleeding n he spent the rest 0f the vacati0n @ h0spital..
thats a wise advice..
d0nt' drink.

Dougie said...

Loving the one liners. Does anything sum up teenage life in South Wales better than that story?

+BRI said...

Ah see id favour the gin. I think I am alone in that.
The outcome is still the same however I guess, being a depressant and all.
The mountains do sound prefurable.


shuanghong said...

The consciousness one?

I definitely AGREE with that one!

And the layout's really good!

Annie said...

drinking is one of the most senseless activities ever and you take part of this stream?
i'm a little disappointed.. i mean, i knew you drink a beer or two sometimes, but winning a drinking-contest is more a shame than an honour. don't you think so? rivers don't need alcohol to go their own natural way. pooh's don't need it either.

but besides that you're the most faczinating person i've ever communicated with..

feel lovely hugged!


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

my faves always been, if at first you dont succeed, CHEAT :D

as for the booze, well what can i say? i also love a bit of the golden stuff, but not to excess except on special occasions ie weddings, funerals, christenings, concerts and Download, Christmas and New year :D

and as for making one forget well yes it sometimes works, but not the way you want it too, and im talking being out with friends in the pub for the night, then waking up the next morn and not knowing how you got home and what you did when your were out (blushes) yes im guilty but it only happened twice, have not let it happen again, and hopefully never will,

luv n hugs hun


EmJ said...

fresh virgin powder?!

sounds like some sorta sanitairy product...

amusing though, i did laugh.

rory said...

I like the oneliners :)

and lol thanks for sharing, that was interesting.

thatnerdholly said...

Hey Jamie
Just thought I'd tell you I saw Ilan playing with NIN two nights ago in Auckland, New Zealand. He was AMAZING, so talented. And I heard people saying "who's that guy on drums?" cause he looked effing awesome thrashing that afro of his around!

Can't wait for the new LP album......

fierazor said...

love ur new layouts..


Anonymous said...

Other brilliant one liners:

He who laughs last thinks slowest

A clear conscience, usualy the sign of a bad memory.

Thankyou and goodnight

Emmy said...

It's all gravy, baby!

volare said...

My rugby team did something similar in high school.. only it was Jolt Cola.. "All the sugar and twice the caffeine".. With similar results.
And it was raining. Mud + spew yay.

Jo Majesty said...

If at first you don't succeed...fuck it