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Saturday, February 7, 2009

unprepared ramblings

Trying to exhaust my mind so that it will shut the hell up!
got and idea. Perfect day verses actual day...nah, that's not very Zen. um....
What it is yeah, since I said I'd write down some stuff in me last blog I am a little at a loss as to what should be said. My days have recently been the same process of :wake up, car or bike to studio an hour away. Grab some lunch on the way. plug in, switch on and tidy, edit, create until I'm hungry. Then have a beer, maybe discuss a few things, then Ian turns up and we argue, play and sometimes agree on melodies and lyrics, and rack all our brains to find the right bits for the right places and times, then I get back in the car/bike come home go to bed and repeat. Stu's life have been this x 3 for 6 weeks almost every day...proper trooper that boy! So today I am tired, and i don't really have much else to talk about that isn't constant replays in my head of choruses or parts...which i might add, has a tremendous ability not to tire itself out, much to my emotional stress. A good smack in the face or a bloody big wave crashing on my head might bring me back into reality., yeah
I think I'll respond to some of the things some of you's were wondering about stuff.

Annie- "do you have a cat? and if so, could you show me a picture?"
I do have a cat, she's in the UK dossing at my parents house since I abandoned her and the rest of my family to move to the sunshine. I don't have a picture right now but the painting i recently had posted up her was of her..she was in the middle, a tabby cat. She's got the hump today so my dad tells me, she went out in the cold last night for a few hours and today shes in a bad mood. Maybe she's planning her revenge on me or something for making her move. The Black one in the painting was a cat we had years ago who got run over...and lived just long enough for me to sit helplessly watching her die and the rabbit exploded....yeah, literally exploded. not even the vet believed me until she exploded all over him. messy business.

andreajane- "Oh and please tell Ian to please get his hair cut"
Nah. that's just mean, who am i to judge or criticise what someone else is doing or wants to look like. even if I'm just the messager. Each to their own i say. That's like going up to someone and saying "hey fatty go do some exercise"...have some restraint people! tether your judgements for a second and think how it would feel the other way round. now go do your homework!

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes and new years greetings, always blows my mind that so many people All around the world have been touched by our band and technology allows me to thank them for that. Thanks. Makes me feel really humbled.
Snowboarding was a bit meh, because it was so busy, also I wasn't really letting go because there was a big group of us and beginners who I wanted to guide. So no big airs or anything this time around, although frustratingly my nearest mountain has had 10 inches of snow in the past two days and I am in the studio and unable to get some powder....booo, ah well, one enables the other... I must remember that.Link

It's raining here in Los Angeles today. it's quite warm and the sun is out but it's raining. Very reminiscent of Hawaiian tropical rain. Very rarely rains so when it does I really appreciate it. gotta go run 9 miles tonight which I'm not really super amped about. Marathon was postponed in LA so I'm having to change my prep training. Probably will not even be around when it happens but its always good to have a direction and something to motivate. In contrast to my puny marathon attempt, a friend of mine is climbing Africa's tallest mountain for red nose day charity in the UK. pretty awesome feat if you ask me. Always an inspiration and one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met, if you fancy giving her a little support or wanna sponsor her, you can at this site.
I was thinking of trying to raise some money if it looks likely that I can do this marathon, was hoping to raise money for the Golden Hearts animal sanctuary or something like it. I have adored golden retrievers ever since I read Dean Koontz book the Watchers, and one day hope to open a sanctuary to rescue animals.
Soooooo hippy eh? thats ok, I don't mind being all hippy dippy.

Guess I should be writing more about trendy dark comic books and tattoos or getting wasted on sunset blvd, sex, drugs and rock and roll!! haha, got Ian for all the partying and crazy, well I just love to play music and be happy and content. Way to go Mr. O, way to shatter the illusions.
You know what, I think it's more of a simplification rather than anything else. I'm just not that into rushing around chasing things that I thought I needed, and I just stop and look around more often at whats already here. I don't know if that's part of growing up or anything but I suppose the bubbling spring stream has to slow down when it meets the river and the flater ground. maybe it comes with the knowledge that there's only one place for that river can go, so why rush the be exhausted and wish today away in the race to grasp at tomorrow (which in reality doesn't even exist)...I am just letting go of the all the things that are really not that important and in doing that I can see through the mess at what is.
See....hippy dippy.
I'm gonna try and get the rest of the band into flares on the new record...haha, joke.
Mind you
Felicity Kendal was supa hot in the Good Life...(one for all you oldies from the UK)

Anywhoo, I'm off, I better get dressed, been sitting around in my PJ's and slippers with my tea like a proper old fart playing xbox when i should be back to the grind.
Speak to you later...
Aloha k√£kou


Sketch said...

Oh please make them all wear flares. It'd be legendary to see you all in really cheesy flares. Please? If you're putting Streets Of Nowhere on the album then you could totally do a video in flares for that! It'd be fantastic!

...yeahh... one question, I'm kind of curious why everyone in the band is so proud of Wales and being Welsh? Please don't think i'm insulting Wales or saying any of you shouldn't be, i'm just... curious. Is it just... for the sake of it, kinda thing?

..yeah i'll fuck off now. aloha.

Karman said...

hey jamie
i hope you are good now.
im excited for lps new shit and u
is it possible come to hk this year?and still my shit?
hahhaa maybe you know who i am
keep cool and i always be with you.
hope you could give me answer

FUNK said...

If you open an animal rescue centre let me volunteer there. ;)

Do you even KNOW how difficult it is to get volunteer work in shelters and catterys etc.. ?

Anyway, nice blog. Nice to see you're alive. xD


oldenuff2burmum said...

We do enjoy reading your"ramblings",i cant believe you dont think they are any good+no-one gives a poop about what you have to say!!!! LOL
About the cat having a cob on-dont worry,Saffron(my dog)gets arsey+sour if i pop out for a paper,afew moments later im forgiven,shes fast asleep on my head+snoring down my ear!!!!
Regarding the fragrant Ms Kendal,everytime i hear her name, it reminds me of the sketch in The Young Ones when they are in the laundrette+the washing machine keeps spewing out their skanky clothes+Vyvian pretends the clothes are Felicity Kendals ha!,ha!(another one for us slipper wearing old farts lol)!!!!
Thanks for the Comic Relief link,im sure ive a spare couple of quid rolling round somewhere+please put a link so the same can be done for your charity marathon run.
love to you+yours
x x x x
ps its 0 ere in Birmingham+snowing!!!!

Mike||Megalolz said...

what games are you rocking on the xbox?

add me up on mikemegalolz87 if you like


JL_X said...

Hey just though I'd tell you I'm 17and I love 'The Good Life' hehe you don't have to be an oldie to know what your talking about :)
I like it when you go all 'hippy dippy' it's nice to know that you aren't just into sex, drugs and rock n roll.
Thanks for the updates you guys are an inspiration.

+BRI said...

Dont write about trendy dark comics, they are more often than not totally over-rated.
Y'know what, ive had the shittest day but youre blog actually cheered me up. Thanks ! My genuine ideal life would consist of working for an animal charity and painting on the side. Its going to happen, im already taking steps to ensure it !
Have you read Fear Nothing and Sieze the Night by Koontz ? the relationship between the protagonist and his black Lab Orson is the perfect portrayal of how important and special dogs are to their owners. He reminds me of my first dog, wise beyond his years.
Glad youre appreciating the LA weather and be thankful youre not stuck amidst the melodramatic snow / ice frenzy over here !
Love Bri

Kelly said...

i know this sounds kinda strange
but i'm glad your updating
its nice to know whats going on and all
especially as..and without my permission, lost prophets are becoming a bigger and bigger influence for me...

oh and speaking of snow
we've had a lot back here in the UK
its caused a lot of problems
buts its also been a lot fun

well good luck with the recording and i hope you get a good nights sleep...what with all the music buzzing round your head :)


p.s the rabbit exploded? any idea how?

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

well ive got news for you! thats if you like rugby, but Wales won 26-13 over Scotland at Murray Field yesterday(sunday)

WTF!? exploding rabbit!? how on earth?
what were you feeding it?

poooor thing, :(, i hate it when ppl lose their pets, i feel sad for them

bet your wishing you were here at home coz of all our snow lolz

luv n hugs


nomad/vagabond said...

I remember one time, my friend told me how her guinea pig exploded. I didn't actually MEAN to laugh, but y'know. Her face was a picture, and in retrospect I was a 13-year-old girl and 13-year-old girls are fucking evil. But she looked so sad, like a manga chracter with her big sad eyes, explaining how her guinea pig fell and exploded. No one knows why or how that happened either. It's not quite spontaneous combustion, but still.

Also, if you're only 25 and you spend your weekends pottering around the house in slippers drinking herbal tea, are you already an old fart? I feel the answer is yes, because I've spent the last week griping about snow and those damn kids and how they'd better get the fuck off of my lawn.

In conclusion, I also thoroughly enjoyed Watchers and I'm going to make tea. G'day.

Selina said...

I cant imagine a rabbit KA-BOOM?
And Everyone(your fans) love you just the way you are.^^
the one who just love to play music and be happy and content=D
and i like it that i get updated(though rarely) and know what is going on in your life now.


alex said...

we need more animal sanctuaries. I mean, there's kennels and catteries, but not enough proper rescue homes!

tried getting work experience at one while on my college course but there were none i could get to. always wanted to open one, but the closest i got was designing one for animal health assignment. Really hard to think of one that would work, and be financially possible. still a far off dream of mine though

Frankie said...

Ha! My mum still watches The Good Life. Give me Bottom, Young Ones or Red Dwarf any day. =P Nothin' like the 90's.

KerryIsTheDynamite said...

lol you would obvv look well cool as hippies!
try and work that look into a music video ;) would be funnayy

is there any chance of you visiting Download this year? like even if you dont play it.
im so gutted i couldnt go last year, i probs woulda cried as yous played out with the sunsetting behind you, really fucking sad i know, but it woulda been AMAZINGG
but this year my parents are getting me and a mate a weekend ticket and putting us up in a hotel for my 18th birtday, its gunna be wicked

oh && GET A PS3!! :D

ly xxx