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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yeah, i know. I'm so shit at bloggin regular. Yikes, I even piss myself of with how slack i am.

Never mind.

We (surprisingly enough) are back or should I say still in the studio. On week 6 for us on the actual recording. For everyone else in the world I guess its week 103 or 117 or something. Baaa, what can you do eh?
Everyday is a new day. there's no going back to change stuff so why let it bother you eh?
Eh, I sound Canadian eh?
Basically, since we started a new, we have been hammering into the songs, the tracking and shit is sounding massive. For us, we are steaming along, it's probably the most efficiently we have worked ever. I know, I know, it doesn't seem like it but it's true. Not quite as quick (or rushed) as the very first record but certainly more thorough and focused.
So, just to clear up a few things. I read in an interview recently that supposedly our singer claims we blew like half a million pounds or something on a record that we ditched.
Fact...that just ain't true. Very likely a mis-quote or misinterpretation, but it came across to me as though it was a boast, which I am pretty sure it wasn't meant to be.
Well let me tell you. We ain't pleased with ourselves or anything, in fact we are pretty gutted that what we spent and what seemed like a waste of money. And though it was alot of money we gambled with, we just were not prepared to cut any corners for our record, unfortunately hindsight is 20/20, smarter decisions could have been made.
Now to put aside the bollocks, it was much less than was quoted yet still stings like a bitch. And is no indication at all that we are big time millionaires that can afford to waste money. We didn't throw it away irresponsibly, we just made some costly errors and put our trust in the wrong places. and only we have to have it bite us in the arse.



Ian's just giving me shit right now for doing the blog when I should be in the other room focusing on vocal idea's. Which in fairness he has a point. So let's just end with me giving an empty promise that I will update very soon.
Sorry guys.


Miss V. said...

Yeah I read about that half a million or whatever it is... it didn't really come out as a boast to me, I was just like "ouch" when I read that.
Good to hear you guys are working hard! I hope everything goes well :)


andreajane said...

Thanks for the blogg Jamie.You re not as irregular at blogging as Ian.Looking forward to new album and hopfully seeing you n stuff.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

Doing vocals is more important than letting your fans know you're alive? well.. not at this moment. Go tell Ian he should calm down and better do some vocal excercises and warm ups, since your fans put a lot of expectations in this record and we want professionalism.. (and tell him that i still adore him and stuff..) xD

Anyway.. I'm glad you found the time to update =3
i don't wanna piss you off, but i still have this one question that i need to get answered because it's kinda important.. do you have a cat? and if so, could you show me a picture? ó.ò seems like a senseless question but you'll see why i need that information..
lalalaa.. xD

uhm.. yeah..

have a great weekend!

andreajane said...

Oh and please tell Ian to please get his hair cut.He s not looking so hot these days.Long hair just doesnt suit him,looks a lot better with it short, ie, like in the Rooftops video.Thanks.xxxxxxxxxx

eilidh brian said...

glad to hear the album's going well, can't wait to hear it :)

Natersby said...

Must be pretty damn frustrating dealing with the medias penchant for mis-quoting and taking things out of context all the time. It amazes me that anyone believes what they read in newspapers and magazines.

Anywho, hope the rest of the recording goes well.

Sketch said...

Ah, that's cool. Cool you cleared it up for us.

...¬_¬... you should totally give Ian shit about updating his blog... when you're all less busy... his last three have been promising updates... but i'll go away and shush now.

EmJ said...

New blog!
I think its good you guys are taking your time. No point in putting out something you're not happy with. Even if it might've seemed like a bit of a waste.

I'm intrested in the album art, to be honest, I'm sure it'll be amazing.

Have fun. x

Annie said...

(i totally agree with andreajane. ian looked way better with shorter hair. his hair now is another chapter of my daily annoyance. trying to understand his oppinion about looking good is harder than training my hamster to use the ramp instead of climing the grille of her cage up and down to get to the other levels. both drives me crazy and is nonsense. -the end-)

KerryIsTheDynamite said...

Aw Jamie you're such a ledg tbh

yeah, when i read that interview i thought fuckkk! thats alot of money, but i didnt see it as yous just wanted to plunder away money, thatd be a seriously shit way to waste money.

"Oh and please tell Ian to please get his hair cut.He s not looking so hot these days.Long hair just doesnt suit him,looks a lot better with it short, ie, like in the Rooftops video"
i LOL'd at that comment tbh
but your blogspace aint really the place to bitch and moan about ians hair.
your hair however, looked well fucking cool in the last video blog yous uploaded on myspaz :)

hope the album is going good anyways

ly <3

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

shit happenz and you just have to go with the flow, any hooz thankies for keeping us updated, and we'r all getting excited bout the album, plus having a laugh at some certin mags that have informed us of LP Parsons being your new drummer lol, we know the truth :D

luv n hugs


Black Velvet Magazine said...

I'm loving the raising money for the animal sanctuary with the marathon, and that you want to have a sanctuary to rescue animals later. That's pretty awesome. I'll sponsor you if it goes to an animal sanctuary.

rory said...

Ever heard of the song 'Blow' by Atreyu? Don't know why but this situation totally reminded me of those lyrics... that's definitely frustrating and annoying to deal with such s**t.

Glad to hear work's coming along :)

andreajane said...

Sorry Jamie about one of my previous comments,i only meant it as a bit of light hearted banter and didnt mean to upset anyone,i would never do that intentionally. I will try to make sure that i engage brain in