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Monday, February 9, 2009

You Bugger!

So I live in California right now and am still madly into rugby where Wales are concerned. Unfortunately, because of the time difference I can't always watch the games live, for instance Wales/ Scotland game was 7am in the pub my time and I couldn't make it because I need to get to the studio bla bla. Sooooo Mike taped the game for me and I was gonna watch it today......until someone just commented with the bloody results!!!! why people why? At least say "Spoiler alert!" or "do you want to know the result? I've tried my damnedest to avoid any Internet sites that would reveal the scores....Please please please please please don't go spoiling it for me. especially in a comment because of course I am bound to read them.
Nice one.
you owe me a beer for that!

said...well ive got news for you! thats if you like rugby, but Wales won 26-13 over Scotland at Murray Field yesterday(sunday) "

good one! (tut, roll of the eyes, shake of the head)
I'm not really mad.


Sketch said...

ooh you diva.


nick said...

aww poor jamie!
When you say Taped, do you mean you and Mike are old school and still big up the VCR?!

nomad/vagabond said...

Dunno about the score. I gave up when I realised that I actually couldn't understand the commentary. I thought I'd got used to the Welsh accent, working with two people from Swansea and following you lot, but seriously now. Even taking the rugby terminology out of the equation, the Welsh manager/coach/whateverhewas - dude, that's not even English, what.


Dann Souza said...

I hate spoilers, man!
It seems they need to show that they know more than you or something like that.

But hey Jamie, show us a picture of your day, going to studio! haha

Cheers man!

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

O.M.G! im sooooooooooo sorry :'((verry upset now),

as i dont have a crystal ball or tarot cards i didnt know it was being taped for you,

once again im sooo sorrry :'(, promise to keep my biiiig gob shut next time, cross my heart.

luv n hugs


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

next time your in Glasgow feel free to give me a kick in the ass, il also have a beer waiting for you :D

Luv n Hugs


p.s sorrryyyyy!!!!!!!

scarlet quills and their fluorescent ink fixation said...

pardon me as this isnt in the same context as this particular post but yeah YOUR ART AND PHOTOGRAPHS ARE RAD, completely insanely mind-blowing probably get this alot but my eyeballs are ROLLING outta their sockets just looking at apologies, i know that isnt the most ideal way of describing how awesome i think it all is.
youre amazing, crazy talent
and i enjoy reading your sometimes lengthy posts, loads better than a few measly words chucked there
hippy dippy hippy dippy! (:

much love

oldenuff2burmum said...

"ooooops a daisies!!!!!!!"
x x x x

jenny said...

well done wales on the rugby.
i was sitting on my sofa all by myself (how sad) screaming at the tv for scotland! we just never get it right with rugby. haha!
but aii, i suppose losing to you welsh isn't that bad!

question - how are you??

have a nice day


elvira said...

You're fuckin funny!

And I think it's awesome that you're a hippy dippy too!! =)
breaks the whole stereotypical perception of rockstars.

p/s: let's save the world one tiny step at a time! =p