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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Was thinking I might just... some limited edition prints of some of my work. Just a thought. Also just sitting here thinking about when I should start thinking about packing some stuff to go on tour. Then thought better of it and poured myself a Coke.
It's been a while since I've had my dusty suitcase out and packed for touring. Last time I was in the UK I got stranded there. US gov wouldn't let me back in to the states. had three weeks with myself sitting in Wales twiddling my thumbs (shivers). I am looking forward to playing some shows again. To be honest I'm more psyched about doing the warm up shows and the European festivals than the higher profile gigs. My arse is going a bit for Download. Kinda can't wait to be on the other side of that show. I'm sure it will be rad, it's just (as always) I don't enjoy being all profession and serious, yet a show of that caliber requires a bit of focus and sensibility. I like the shows where I can have a few bevy's and go piss about and have fun. Who gives a shit if I cock a part up or sing a bum note...but the big shows are recorded and nothing worse than that flat harmony getting repeated on BBC3 every Sunday night for me nightmares.
Talking of nightmares, my usual pre-performance bad dreams kicked in last night. It was a dream where Mike Chiplin was still in the band, kinda sad cos I haven't seen or heard from him in like years, but we were on stage and I didn't recognise any of the songs the band were playing...not entirely sure if I was fully clothed either. Woke up screaming ..."uuur arrgh... WAKE UP WAKE UP!" (boooooooo hissss not funny).

..I don't know how to follow that now...I've kinda upset myself by that god awful pun, I promise it wasn't pre concieved, it just fell out of my brain onto the keypad. sorta taken the wind out of anything else I was going to say.
Finished another painting today. On the fence right now as to whether I'm stoked on it. I was trying out some new ideas and techniques. bit different for me. It's not shit by any means, I'm just not as blown away as I thought I might be when I was 3/4's of the way through. Ah well.
I think maybe its a grower.
Talking of growers, Bought the new Portishead Album, pretty tasty if I do say so. A little off the wall, right up my street. Reminded me of some of the wacky break beat stuff I used to do. I found a track me and Stu make for a skate movie back in 2003. It was crazy awesome crazy! I wish there was a way I could post it up here. I surprised myself with what I did on the scritchy scratchy decks back in the day. (bighead). Most of the break beat stuff I do now is so left field that I have to be intoxicated to even listen to it. I dug out about 30 odd tracks which I had made over the years. There's no way I could ever release anything like that for 2 very important reasons. Three...three important reasons. 1, most of it is samples from other records...2, some are like 40 second loops, others go on and on for tens of minutes, and 3, they aren't really all that good. Like, when I was doing them I didn't really think about making songs (starts, middles, ends etc.) with them so for the most part they are like a handful of loops that go nowhere. A bit like my blogs I guess. Maybe one day, I'll rework some of them with all this new technology and put it up on the web for free, I'll still probably get sued.
damn it!
Oh, here's a subject. xbecx asked "how do you think the internet has positively impacted on the music industry???"

As for any question of this caliber there are always positives and negatives. This is my opinion and not representative of the band in any way before we start.
It is obvious these days what the downsides are to sharing music on the Internet. In order to get some perspective I shall name only a few. Smaller signed bands used to survive not on record sales but on selling merch and touring. In the past these things were out of the reach of the record labels greedy fingers, but since music was being shared and record companies were taking losses, they decided to dip their hands into the touring and merchandise rights of the new bands they were signing, hence making it even more difficult for upcoming bands to survive. Ironically, most people think that sharing/stealing music only hurts the "man" but as you can see, these companies bandage their wounds with the very cloth that used to keep smaller bands afloat. This circle gets worse, as the number of record sales reduce the more bands need to tour, the harder it is to tour when the pie is being cut into smaller and smaller pieces. Also, with this heightened frenzy for bands to tour in order to survive, the touring circuited gets flooded with show after show, the venues are booking band after band, however the scene eventually gets diluted, and with so much available, the apathy grows in the people who usually attend shows and venues get emptier and emptier. I've had experience and heard first hand how much more difficult it has become to tear people from their xbox's and reality shows to step out and dip in pockets to attend shows.
As for a positive angle. The ease of access and presentation of music, levels the playing field so that quality can rise to the surface. Gone are the days where a label has the power to force feed their weak bands down the throats of the buying public. Gone are the days where money dictates the artistic fashions, where once quality was thrown aside and kept in the dark in order that the next dumbest most sugary obvious band can come and clean up only because he/she had the tallest most expensive pedestal to stand on.
Now, music and art can speak for its self, it doesn't require a sugar daddy to push it into the spotlight. It goes straight to the source. The most important source, the listener. And he/she dictates whether something is good or bad. The power has moved from the press and the money lenders who try in vain to tell you who you should like and who you should hate, because they can no longer censor music. It makes no difference whether you have been around for decades or weeks, you can still present your art and if it has quality, it will be recognised and heard. So, even though, the survival of artist is becoming more and more difficult, It seems that the balance is being readdressed and the priority is has moved back to where it should be. Only Quality will survive the test. Music is being seen and heard for what it is. If your music has quality, and this quality can be recognised and appreciated you have a chance of survival. If you're crap, tough amount of money will make you any less crap (unless you still live in a place where there is no freedom to individually source your information e.g. the Internet, where you can make up your own minds about things, and shit still gets rammed down your throat....believe me, these places still exist) And don't moan about it. It's not the reviews or the record labels or the press (who get your cd's&mp3's for free anyway) that will let you know how good or bad you are. It's the real people would want to or don't want to listen to your art. If you are an honest artist, and you do what you believe in, and this is of your highest standard, people may see the truth, quality and value in your art. This is how it should always be (my opinion). Believe in what you do, cross your fingers and hope that you aren't so different from everyone else and prepare to weather the storm.

disclaimer: I only feel like this today, tomorrow I reserve the right to feel completely different. Please don't bother to comment in opposition to what I have written. It has been my opinion, not a forum and it isn't up for discussion. I will simple block my ears, close my eyes and sing "bla, bla, bla can't hear you, bla" if you do. thanks


Louise said...

You make me smile...

+BRI said...

You should definatly get some prints done !
Incidently, im studying Fine Art (at UWE in fact) and im just starting to do comission work for people here and there. I was wondering how you personally go about putting a price on your work ? Because im finding it pretty hard to be objective and not say 'aaah I dunno if its any good, have it for free.'


hellobridgey said...

the whole 'wake up wake up' reference made me laugh. love it. :)

get the record done asap, im dying to hear it. and when you guys start touring, come to south florida! i haven't seen you guys since december 4th, 2004!

xBECx said...

lol. thanks for answering my question! xxx

bradley is jesus kinda said...


how many new songs are you going to be playing at the warm up shows ? question mark

tell me

you beter have a cool setlist for astoria since thts the only show im going to i'll be at the front the guy with the white plaster on his nose! :) yep

next stop atro city
for he's a jolly good felon
burn burn
a town called hypocrisy
cant catch tomorrow
3 more new songs
shinobi vs dragon ninja
to hell we ride
wake up make a move(you aint played it in years)
last train home

dont bother playing rooftops lol i bet ur sick of it by now ! I AM !!!

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...

Yer you jibbered alot in that blog
but fair enough if thats your opinion, no one can tell you that what you think/feel is wrong.

i have to say i think that painting is pretty fucking cool.
would be interesting to hear the old tracks you made too.

cant wait for the new album xD
yous should do video blogs again like yous did on buzznet when you started it... they made me laugh [=

ly xxxx

Ed said...

If you're desperate to get that song out email it to and we'll put it on the site ;).

You're a pretty interesting guy Jamie... x

octa said...

hey jamie, i just got referred to your blog by a good friend of mine, SJ, she owns an LPS fansite [/shameless-plug-but-hey-things-you-do-for-friends-haha]

anyway, your answer to xbecx's question is really interesting. i'm amazed that you laid down the negative side of it too, since like you said, most people's biggest concern is only how to hurt the "man". my 2 cents to that, yeah, that most people kinda wrong to ever think that's how the evil cycle goes in the industry. cos whatever the people do (stealing music, etc), the "man" will stay untouchable. since the side-effect would be more like to the staffs in it that got hurt. i mean, hey, look what happened to EMI, had to let go 3000 of their staffs. sheesh. and the "man" will survive, all "he" needs is just some other label to merge his share with, which there are 3 heavenly options. hah.

okay, that was just a random thought, whatev.

in more normal repetitive comment...
are you guys coming to any part of SouthEast Asia anytime soon? Singapore? Malaysia? Indonesia? there has been rumours running around, yet none confirmed. it drives my friend crazy >.>

Gilly33x said...

Hiya Jamie,

Loving your blogs, better than Ian's.

They are more interesting than Ian's too

Keep up the good work.

Love ya.

nicki said...

Seeing how I doubt I'd ever be able to afford one of your paintings, I, for one, would be very interested in being able to buy prints!

And record companies suck, it would be lovely to say it's retribution, and that if they hadn't ripped people off then they wouldn't be in this shite now. But then they're not the ones who will suffer, as they'll just shunt on their problems to the artists and survive as per usual no doubt.

Me? As much as I love my ipod, I cannot get past the fact that I have to own a hard copy of an album. So I thank the internet for being able to buy them cheaper than I can in the shops.

Jammyyy. said...

the way you paint eyes is lovely. x

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

so! then your up for a party at download? :D
ok! so how bout it? when you gona get there?
so a wee get together could be arranged via for us thats going to download should be a laugh so how bout it then? talk to the guys first see if there up for it too.




Wonderful dream yours, jajaja, I also dream of things of this type, only that I do not get up scared (?), rather my sister wakes me up to wonder where I leave the clothes!!! And above it was a dream in which I know you, I hate her for one week!

question...I hope that this time has answer (!)

chooses a band and a song that you listening at this moment of your life

kisses fron ARGENTINA!


FUNK said...

longest blog i've ever read in my life

not complaining though. you're an interesting person to be honest

sparky said...

Writing this more as a fellow artist then anything else, but seeing glimpses of your art made me think have you seen the site ?
The forum is like this hub of activity where users post up their art, work in progess's and sketchbooks.
The people who post on there range from amatuers and people posting just to improve (thatd be me), to professionals, fine art lecturers, the guy who did the concept art for the Iron Man film, to Marvel comic artists. People from all walks of life who love art. Your work would definitely fit in well there if you wanted to, but i think you'll get a kick out of just browsing aswell. check it out the next time you pour a coke and have a spair 5 mins!

Viki xXx said...

You do make me laugh :-D love the painting - ur amazing!! i have to be honest, i feel like the only LP fan to prefer the more recent less-scratchy stuff to the rele-scratchy stuff. give me drums with good guitar, bass and a bit of keyboard over decks anyday. :-P

eilidh brian said...

i love reading your blogs jamie =]
they make me smile
your blogs are 10000000 times better than ian's =P
tell him that from me XD


oldenuff2burmum said...

Ello Sir,hope you+yours are well.
The idea for the prints is sa-weet!!!!,ive got afew by George Ioannou tucked away,so having afew of yours to keep them company would be rather quite nice lol!!!!
x x x x
PS Thank fuck im not the only one who has recently been brainwashed to the cult of the slippers!!!!

Simon said...

I actually have a print of yours.. about 5 years ago now i'd say... i came to the uk for a couple of weeks with my family, i have great aunts, uncles and a great grandmother who all live in ponty. We went to some community centre to look at some of your art, just cos i was interested in seeing it, and bought one of your prints while i was there. Unreal.
There was also an article about how you turned up to an art show in a kilt... classic.

Hikari Yamino said...

Woah!!Thats a long post!Yay,made me happy, again! That dream is scary,i can already imagine it,its like you are acting in front of thousands of people and you forgot your lines.You will be in deep shit man. Is it because of the pressure of being a famous band?

Christy said...

Loving the fact you're painting again but when I asked you in a Kerrang mag Q&A thingy last year you said you hadn't painted for 6 years, you are commited to the band and if you had time to paint there must be a problem. Stu then said if you picked up a paintbrush you would be thrown outta the band. I assume you are still a Losprophet, not heard otherwise. So why are you still in the band? Is there a problem? haha I also asked K if they would ask you if you'd do a wee sketch for me but think they totally ignored that. Keep up the great work both musically and artistically, you rock....and you helped my daughter get an A in her art exam when she used you as her featured artist. Very best of luck at Download(Donington to me), loadsa love Christy xxxxx

MsAnnieAnnie said...

about the dream: since there is no good dream dictionary on the internet and my book about dreams is 1000 miles away from where i am (means i dont have access), i try to think logical and guess (means it could be about 70% right.. depending on my experiences and my memory). you seem to look forward to playing live and to show yourself to the world..and you miss mike. thats obvious. you didnt recognized the songs is probably because your unsure about the band or you're afraid you could fail in the most important moment..

as i said, its just a guess..

"Only Quality will survive the test."
i disagree. media is influencing our oppinions about stuff. thats true. but.. define 'quality'! there is no real definition of whats good or not. some people suck in painting or making music, act, dance.. but they really want to do it. and if they do it with a passion you've never seen before, thats more worth than a mona lisa. mona lisa is a 'masterpiece' because it was different. da vinci.. who knows if he did portraits with passion.. he probably just did it for the money. in protest against the mainstream, he made her smile. thats because its famous.
now, is that an example of quality? well.. its worth billions.. if it was without the smile.. not even hundred dollars..

van gogh. his paintings.. well.. colorful.. weird techniques.. but not better than your paintings. but he got famous because he was so into his hobby that he freaked out when it didnt worked the way he wanted. he was extreme. and the humanity loves extremes..

well.. is it really about the quality?

if you want to get famous while you're still living.. probably it is. but who remembers you when you die? did you make such difference that people remember you? you can make money and enjoy life, but thats not satisfying.. is it?

whats more important? money or fame? expensive objects that make you feel rich, but dont really make you happier than others, or making a difference and make a footprint in the sand of the world..

thats enough.. otherwise i would get to much into the philosophy about the meaning of life...

take care.


ps: love the painting.

Baarny said...

Hi Jamie...

Really good opinions I think. Your ansver to xbecx is interesting.

And I love your art, you draw wanderfull (and not just draw :)

Btw... Don´t you wanna to go for some concert to Prague??? There are lots of your fans in Czech republic, It would be amazing....


Natersby said...

If you think your make a move pun is bad, check out my re-write of Everyday Combat, re-written in honour of my beautiful new combat trousers...

"Living every day in my combats,
Day day day, a clothing riot,
Stitched up, dancing in my brand new threads!"

If you guys come to Brighton for the next tour (which you should as I have converted lots of my friends into Lostprophets fans and they've all agreed to come next time!) I'll probably nag you with messages to sing my version of the chorus instead! It would probably end your career, of course, but it would make my day! Lol.

By the way, I think the limited edition prints are a great idea. My sister is an artist, so I showed her the rejected art work and she almost cried with jealousy!

ciao for now!

Andiee said...

limited prints sounds gooood!!
lovin the blondeness btw!!
but please.... tell ian he needs a bit of a trim!

Tash said...

hey Jamie, what u sed about all the music n bands n gettin signed n tuff is reli deep and i agree with u, that is how it shud be :)

loadza love

x x x

The Edding Of... said...

Jamie...I asked Ian this...bad show...SO now I'm asking here as well...I wondered...what happened to John Feldman? You're back with BBRock now ne? Was it the yellow loincloth he grinded in upsetting the toons? I Blog off...

Brandon said...

Jamie, you can't suggest that you might do prints and then vanish for a week

Mur said...

Sad eyes at your picture

Hels said...

I'm so late on this, but I thought that your comments on the music industry were really interesting.

I knew that record companies were taking more of a cut of tour/merch revenue, but I hadn't realised that bands were attempting to negate this by multiple tours. Whilst I personally welcome bands gigging more, rather than traditional 1 tour per album, it has to lead to diminishing returns.

I think its a bit simplistic to blame lower numbers solely on apathy. With more bands touring, but still sticking to the traditional autumn/spring schedule, it leads to a real logjam. For instance last October there were 4 bands that I wanted to check out in 1 week, 2 on the same night! When promoters are trying to attract ostensibly the same crowd on consecutive nights, numbers will go down as people have to pick & choose who they can afford to see. I have a reasonable job, but I can't afford to go to every gig I want to. Ultimately its both the band & gig goer that lose out.

Another thing I wondered and will probs confirm my total naivety as to how the music industry works:) is how downloading seems to be such a big issue now, but music "sharing" in 1 form or another has always gone on. When I was a kid, someone bought the album and passed it round their mates who all taped it - showing my age there:) til they could afford their own copy. Is it simply the scale nowadays, does the lack of single sales impact or what?

My disclaimer is that I'm knackered so if the above is a load of bollocks, pls feel free to ignore:)

On a lighter note, I love the smaller shows where you piss about. Please don't ever just go out and tour enormodomes. You were really cool at Blackburn the other year, it was good to see a band actually having fun. I only wish I could get to one of the warm up shows this time, but cashflow prevents me:( and despite you having be “totally” professional I think that Donington is going to be fab!

Ok enough wittering, I need sleep!

Johnny (Prophet2142) said...

You're an interesting guy Jamie, and it is always a pleasure to read what you have to say, i think your paintings are brilliant, you're really good and have talent. i hope your nightmares fade away and nice dreams will come about instead. You aswell as the rest of the band are an inspiration to me.
Peace out.

ZoeeP said...

hi, can I ask a very unrealated question that has absolutly nothing to do with music, but I've asked loads of people and no one knows the answer.
Is a pepper a fruit or a vegetable?

Maria said...

hey hey jamie!!! ive never posted on your blog but i enjoy reading it and i thought id say a few words...and i must say you kind of type like me with a bunch of random thoughts or idea all put together. and that was a large run-on sentence.
anyway, i just read and commented on ian's blog
*ducks thrown shoe*
and i think you mentioned in this post as well about how people are 'moaning' about the new album.
this other musical artist on myspace, coincidentally enough, just posted this in a myspace bulletin and i thought id share and perhaps get your thoughts on this topic. the topic of the bulletin was "The magic that waits for us to see.."

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
Eden Phillpotts


Hope you're having a great weekend.

I remember hearing about bands taking years between albums and I couldn't understand why it would take so long.

I'm here to tell you, now I understand! lol

It's like taking a trip somewhere far away.

You're never totally prepared.

You hope your camera or your descriptions can do what you experienced justice, but you wonder. In this case, it's a thousand sounds to be whittled down to seconds in time.

You know that whenever you finally return, you'll never be the same."

--- its from this artist Evening Ocean,
the guy always says or finds really powerful quotes.
and on another random note, from your previous entry before this one.
ian's pretty.
you're pretty...
i know..i know..we'll hi 5 later. just because youre different or are not the 'handsome' lead front man does not mean you do not have any other talents or good qualities about yourself. be happy with you are and always be yourself. but i can understand how you feel, it is human nature to want attention or to be cool or whatever.
im guessing you just said that and do not feel this way at all, but just wanted to say a few things,anyway...its what i do. i want people to be :) and especially learn to appreciate themselves, which is hard to do in this day and age (well, for some people.)
and on an unrelated note, i also asked ian this, upon reading among the thugs and watching greenstreet hooligans, i would like to know if there are football firms (gangs/hooilgans) in Wales? If so, and if you have a moment or two, please explain.
that sounds like a test question, but i had to read part of the book for my grad school class last semester.
i know...yay...the book was rather interesting though, id recommend it...the movie too, also powerful, i think.
hope youre well and thank you!
toodles, X

shuanghong said...

hi jamie!

i'm thinking about your points regarding internet and music. people my age thrive on free downloads, and they look at me strangely whenever i go hunting for cds. well it's too bad itunes don't work for me. :)

i have friends who want to work in the music industry, probably as a singer or something. they do free downloads too. i try to explain that cds/mp3s sales are a big part of the business, and they don't get it. nevermind. i think i'm starting not to make sense. :D

ANYWAY i'm so fucking glad that you guys are coming to singapore in august. though your set will probably be an hour long or something. wish it was longer. i will be totally fucking excited to see the end to a 3 years wait of seeing you guys live. maybe one day you guys could actually come down again and hold an actual concert.

wish i could meet you guys in person. well one shouldn't wish for too much.

seeing you soon!

aj angst said...

Having read five blogs of yours for the past hour, I somehow felt obligated to leave a comment.
I dunno whether to write something hyperactive and complimenting like an attention-craving kid(of which I am), or to write a sincere opinion about some of the things you'd mentioned above.
Nah..I give up. But I'd like to thank you for finally playing a show in my country(which is Korea..South..the Republican one..right beside Japan, just ta let ya know..) I did not fancy going to Japan to go to your gigs and had rather hoped that Lostprophets would one day come to my country. I guess it's a dream come true for me :)

Dynamitstangal said...


uhm... i'm not really referring to your blog, sorry.
i just have a short question and i thought maybe you could help me out cause i heard you speak welsh.
well to keep it short i'd like to know if you know what 'home is where the heart is' means in welsh?
if you could help me out i owe you one, if not it's okay, too.


Beth! said...

I think you really should release some limited edition prints. You are a very talented artist.
Somehow I don't think you are looking forward to the warm up shows as much as we all are!
It has been far too long since I last saw you at the astoria, and I am sure you will be fine at download.

Hels said...

Jamie, I heard a clip of the new song you played at Melkweg, it sounds amazing and I love your piano part.

I really hope we get to hear it at Donington.


tootupontheroof said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hill said...

Hi Jamie, this is my first time leaving msg here.. I didn't realize that I can still comment without having an account. I love your blogs!!
btw, I heard rumours that u guys will go to Hong Kong on Aug 5!!! omg I wanna cry coz I won't be back in HK until Aug 9!!! or u should tour the US coz I'm living in Cali!! but still I wanna go see u with my hk friends in hk!! ><
take care Jamie.

Hill said...

I'm actually crying now!!!
u guys are really going to Hong Kong on Aug 5!!! ><

Chris said...

so you guys are playing EVERYWHERE this summer...but...any plans for america? it's been forever since you were here, and no offense, but the last tour was kinda messed up, remember? you were announcing dates less than a week in advance it seemed lol. i still managed to go and applaud all the effort to play as much as you did, but i think America deserves a full tour soon!

Hels said...

Heard about the Sheffield gig, that's so brilliant, I had such a crap day at work and that made me smile. I can't believe you are playing the old Roxy nightclub, hopefully Carling will have made it all nice and shiny, because I have to say it used to be a bit grim...Fingers crossed I'll be able to get hold of a ticket, I'm going to be on pins now til they go on sale.

IThinkISawTheSkyTonight said...

bit late in commenting but tis reet
ha, nice long blog there jamie, you sure do know how to keep it short ;) lolz
and go one should go against your opinions..:)
have fun at astoria tomorrow, last august was amazing there, too bad i cant go tomorrow =[
fucking ace painting btw, :)

MsAnnieAnnie said...

THIS is what i mean by saying "when i see how cruel they treat the animals, it makes me go vegetarian.."

humans are selfish bastards

now the question is, if you had the chance to kill the person that is responsible for the killing of this amount of animals, would you do it? i think i would. it would satisfy my sense of equality..

Hels said...

What's with being allocated only an hour and a half for your headline slot, with a curfew of 10.30? I think Live Nation are going a bit soft! Any chance you could run over a bit:) Seriously all the very best for Sunday Jamie, its going to be fab. Hels x

Anonymous said...

I have just walked in from seeing you at Download.Amazing.

shuanghong said...

gosh i heard download went very well.

and the setlist... awesome!

i'm getting super hyped up for when you guys come down to singapore.
and in a newspaper report mike said you guys were gonna look around the country. that'll be awesome. but i don't know what you guys are gonna look at. lol.

Anonymous said...

Here's something for all of the peeps who have just had to go through their exams and shit. I wrote it after I fell asleep during my Physics GCSE exam and had a freaky-ass dream.

Ductile wires trap my wrists
I can't see my feet
For the dirty water.
A running source laps my legs,
And the floor is personal trouble.


Hikari Yamino said...

Are you busy? You haven't been updating for a long time. You know about the forum in the LostProphets official website, there is this part where the band answers the questions there. I don't think you guys have time to do that yet, so since you're the one that always reply to people, can i ask you the same questions i asked in the LP forum?

Frankie said...


Just wanted to drop a comment. Really love reading your blogs, they do make for an interesting read. If you can muscle your way past the rambling. =P

I was at Download last weekend, and would like to say what an absolute amazing experience seeing Lostprophets was. I was in the pit, near one of the countless girls who pulled her top up-thus starting the 'tits' chants. And it was really amusing to see you moshing with an amp, I was waiting for you to turn around and hit your head on the keyboard, you looked as though you may at any second. xD

Many thumbs up to you and the band, boyyo.



NicolaMay__ said...

I have a question, and of course you dont have to answer, but I wanted to ask you anyway!

Does there ever come a point when you can step out on stage, and forget the huge impact it has on the people watching, or does that never cross your mind?
Like when you play a show like Download where there's thousands upon thousands of people watching. I was just wondering what kind of effect it might have.

Love the blog



Megan said...

Oh Jamie-Cakes, I like reading about what you are up to...

alex said...


jamie, it would really help me out if you could answer my questions...

i recently got an angel tattoo to remember someone close to me who died, and i love it so am thinking of getting more angels, i know your tattoos feature angels...

i did a bit of research and found out you were an athiest...

so are the angels there to represent good versus evil, as opposed to any belief in god?