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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey guys and gals!

been busy in t'studio innit.
t'is all going hunky dory!
Don't worry yurselves about pictures of my new blondness, I'm sure when kerrang comes out y'all have plenty to rip into me about, that I am sure of. It was my decision to enter into the world of public property so feel free to tell me how shit it looks as I have no real feelings of my own. (ooooh meeow, check me out! claw trimming time me thinks)kidding.
msannieannie:"is that where you come from? why is this one big building in the middle the center of interest in the painting? what is that? because besides this and the street next to it, all the other buildings create a chaos.."
That's my primary school. I think it started on Aug 15th 1887 (the school of course not my painting of it). It was literally across the road from where I grew up. The reason I painted it the way I did was because as a child the building seemed huge and ominous. The exterior was very dark (maybe due to coal dust) and the windows always reflected the grey clouds above. I tried to give the buildings and streets that I painted personality and character. Ive never really separated my approach to painting portraits and landscapes, and for the most part I have always considered the environment as an equal to the people, as I believe they are one in the same.

ritchie:"PLEASE ANSWER!i know your over turntables but will we ever hear you scratching again????? (on future albums)"
Its not cos I'm over turntables. I was never really into scratching so much, I always wanted to find new more creative ways to use vinyl. I went forward more with sampling off of records and using sounds to compliment the music, and it turned out to be more effective and flexible to play the sounds through a cdj and an akai sampler. Ive basically moved from hardware to software but essentially I do the same thing in the band. I'm not a keyboard player as some imagine. my keyboard is a midi controller that plays the samples which I have made. I had to move up from a 16 pad akai to a 66 key midi because I was participating way more in the songs and I am playing way more than I used to, also that's why I'm pretty much anchored to the ground because unlike before I'm always adding to the sound scape in most songs. I still use vinyl loads when recording but more as samples and less as scritchy scratch. make sense? If it were my band I'd scratch over everything and have no vocalist! ha ha.
Hikari yamino:"And i have been meaning to ask,are all the Lost Prophets album cover designed by you and Ian?" yes..pretty much.
anonymous German:"But honestly, why do Lostprophets booklets, designs and all suck that much? Your pictures and paintings have class, so why not the visual side of your band. Anyway. Just some well-meant criticism."
aaaaah...mmmm. this is awkward....yeah well kinda answered that already....I guess that when I try and do stuff for the band it sucks. Maybe because I'm not used to having to run my images through the filtering machine and have everyone else rip it to shreds. Maybe its because I like to take my time over my art and produce quality, however in the world of design things have to be now!now!now! and for that reason people change their minds every few seconds and its impossible to commit to a painting that could take weeks when people I work with have Attention Deficit Disorder! Maybe. or Maybe what I do in my art doesn't suit the personality of the band. Maybe your wrong. Or as Shania Twain once said "Maybe, just maybe, he'll want to be my baby". Maybe not.
Beth said...:"your blonde hair actually looks ok, I heard about it and was a bit unsure"
Jamie said.... thanks a bunch. I have heard about your hair too but I haven't seen it. I'm sure it actually looks ****, but what does my opinion matter anyway! lol!
x.jay:"Whats the latest TV show you cried at?Random question brought on by me bawling my eyes out at Doctor Who tonight." golden compass...crying because it was sooo shit.
Supertwigg:" am impatiently awaiting your next blog, come on even Ian is doing better than you haha" Ian's doing 3 word blogs. Ian isn't funny. Ian said he'd do them everyday and then went back on his word. I doubt very much that He's doing better than me. Ian gets more comments because he's a hunky dory front man. that's all he has on me!!! everything else is mine! MINE I TELL YOU!
As you can see I have replied to comments this time. It's not because I haven't anything of my own to be writing. It's because I'm nice.
now piss off!


Alejandro said...

Jaime!! a big salute from Colombia! will the album see the light this year? lee and mike will play the same guitars (fender, prs) or they'll change'em for this album?

xBECx said...

thanks for being nice :-) i saw a pic of your hair on the DCMA website...its very...blonde...looks cool though. your blogs are WAY better than Ian's. I hear the sharks in Brisbane are looking forward to you coming back (but you should come to Melbourne cos its better). is there any way we can buy any of your paintings?? Bec

xBECx said...

i have another quick question that i'd love your opinion do you think the internet has positively impacted on the music industry??? i'm trying to write a 2000 word uni essay and i'm kinda stuck :-)

Aeryn said...

oh Jamie. How do I heart you.

Keep up with the commentary yo.

I appreciate you and your blonde hair.

xOurBrokenHeartsx said...

Hey Jamie
I love that painting that wasn't used on the album. Been looking through your paintings and pics on flickr and think they're amazing. I've recently got into photography and find it really interesting looking at other peoples' ones.
Really looking forward to seeing you guys at the Astoria and glad your all nice any busy ;o)
PS - If Kerrang do rip into you about the blondeness they'll have me to deal with!! Grrrrr.

Benjamin said...

haha, Ian pretty much did go back on his word.

All seemed promising, then just went to pot.

And in reply to the stuff about the album artwork, i wouldn't worry about it. I thought the sorta modern vibe of the liberation transmission artwork suited the album well, because it was a fresh sort of sound for lostprophets, if that makes sense. lol.

superTWIGG said...

haha very true he does do short blogs
and even though he is the hunky dory frontman
i look forward to your blogs just a tad more but dont tell him that
dude thanks for the reply to my comment but you didnt really say anything about my piece
i'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you get the chance!¤t=CIMG7271-Copy.jpg

Viki xXx said...

You raise an interesting point about Ian being the frontman - but that doesnt mean he isnt still funny.

However, your blogs are longer and funnier... even if we sometimes have to wait what seems like months for them.

Tell Ian to write longer blogs.
p.s. whats his hair doing nowadays, anyway??

Heidi said...

You are amazing. I hope you keep posting your paintings, and other things that you have done. I really like the pictures of you when you were little. You were a cute little shit.

erin said...

Both of those paintings are awesome. The art work for the albums never sucked. And Ian's blog has nothing on yours!

WelshRocker said...

lol chill! sounds like you could use a nice pint!

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...

wow, i cant believe how properly fucking cool that artwork you did for the album is. me wants it now lol.

you in this weeks kerrang then?! =D getting that ;]
tbh i think your blondeness looked pretty cool in the pic in the blog, its just different to the usual innit.

haha ya poof with the shania twain lyrics =p ly reallyyyy =D

LOL about you saying about the golden compass, when me & my mate first saw an advert for it we genuinely thought it said "the golden condom" we were like oryt... great kids movie eh!
if your saying thats pish, which i agree although i wasnt cool enough to go see it...
whats your favourite film?

aw aint you nice relping to questions! but dont tell me to piss off ya wank =p
love your sarcasm mate, specially in all the interviews iv watched on youtube = proper class

ly mate <3

elinette said...


just as long as your making me laugh, i'm happy.

can't you make the other guys in the band start blogs too? that would give me another great reason to laugh even more.

Jamie - the nicest, most talented blogwriter in blonde hair.

Nah, that was maybe a bit too nice.:P
But I really like your art!


Jennyyyyyyyyy! said...

Yo yo yo! Sup maa homeslice!
(Ha! Sorry, I'm a tad hyper after downing a bottle of irn bru..)

You have inspired me to go blonde. Not really, I was going to do it anyway. It's the thought that counts.
I don't think that really made sense, but I never do so it's all good in the..pocket.

Yeah, I'll stop spraffing like a complete numpty now.
Yeah the whole point in this comment was to say I love writing lyrics, but I don't know if they're any good. So I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something I've written. But I don't wanna post it like publically or that so you get it if i sent by mail on myspace??

I'll leave you alone now! Haha!


Anonymous said...

jamie! everything sounds great, so glad you're sharing all the art, its amazing
good luck with the recording too,sounds like its guna be awesome and the shows, ill be seein ya in the astoria cant wait, any news on support for them?
thanks again for all the posts they're great

beavis said...

wow.. amazing paintings!!! dude
in the one of ur high school it looks like there was a face. not whole but part. as there is the street on the left side.

and r u thinking about going on tour in slovakia or czech?

nick said...

I must say, BLONDE PRIDE! Your in the club!

Jammyyy. said...

"now piss off!"
you are, of course, appreciated greatly too jamie.

Cheri said...

pfft. who wants Ian when we can have you?

Love reading your blogs =]

FUNK said...

My god you're bloody talented.

And to be honest, I much prefer reading your blogs. But don't tell Ian that! haha

nicki said...

Attention Deficit Disorder? Is that all of them, or anyone in particular?? ;)

And does that explain why you guys felt the need to record more tracks?

Juditta said...

Ok, posso giocare in casa? Posso scriverti in italiano? Magari neanche lo pubblicherai, ma non importa. Io devo dirti una cosa. Tu sei un fottutissimo genio. Non c'è storia che regga, sei una persona eccezionale, ok non ti conosco, ne ti consocerò mai... Però cavolo!
Non solo rispondi ai fan (e non te la tiri)... Oh al diavolo, Jamie vuoi sposarmi? XD [Arrivo con qualche mese di ritardo credo, il tempismo non è il mio forte!]
E' bellissimo poterti parlare liberamente, sapendo comunque che te non capirai un H di tutto quello che sto dicendo.
Sono sicura che io stia diventando il incubo sai? Credo che tu chiuderai questo blog per non leggermi più nei tuoi commenti. Sono pessima, sono una 'fangirl' allo stato brado.
Oh tanto non ti metterai mai a tradurre tutto questo, l'italiano di certo non è tra le lingue che si scelgono a scuola.
Comunque ribadisco: TU REGNI.

Maybe one day I'll say it to you in english... Supposing you're interested in that!

With Love.
Your Nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's cool that you answered. Hoped it motivated you somehow :)
Good luck!
The anonymous German.

Aaron said...

hey Jamie!! just like to say that i cant wait to see you at cardiff and london,gunna be awesome, also can you tell stuart to make a blog or myspace, everyone else seems to have one haha also i hope his family is ok. luvin the hair not as bad as i thought haha, also the artwork is amazing. stay chilled and dont work (or blog) to hard haha, would love to here from ya
take care

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

was gona ask if you could get the lyrics printed in the next album sleave, but if its gona interfear with your superb artwork then dont bother :) rather have art than ruin my already failing vision with realy tiny writing:)lol, sucks getting old:( wouldnt wish my age on anyone lol:), as for your blondeness?? getin used the beach bum look haha :D



Pancho Watkins said...

HEY JAMIE! hhaha I hope you don't mind about the time I take to make a comment, I'm from Chile if u remember :) I'm anxious thinkin of the release date of the new material !!! :) Congrats for your pic on the header. Its FIT. Hey! Can you reveal what style of music will be the new album?? cheers (B)

Baarny said...

Hi Jamie, maybe I´m in the past.... But YOU are blond??? Wow! It´s a pitty that in my country Karrang Isn´t available :D

Karsh said...

loving your blogs... wayyy better than ians lol. I think its pretty neat that ur replying to peoples comments and stuff.
The artwork is amazing, GET SOMETHING LIKE THAT ON THE NEXT ALBUM COVER!!! (nose is a bit big though) aha

yh, i'm a photography student, took some pics of you guys at wembley (awesome gig), but i wasnt alowed to take my slr in, so the quality wasnt up to scratch, check them out when you have some spare time:

but yh, that weekend was amazing, probs the best weekend of my life, got to see u guys at wembley then got my guitar signed by u guys the next day :O!

here's an idea, get some big support bands and play the millennium stadium or wembley stadium. you guys can do it, i know u can!!! aha

anyways, this comment is a bit long winded, so i shall leave you to get back to whatever it is u guys are doing atm


ps. 11th and 15th june cant come soon enough, play some new songs during the sets maybe? *here's for hoping*

Anonymous said...

Is Ilan now a real member of the band? Being part of the band-photoshots as well?!

Andiee said...

lovin the blondeness!!!

come to north wales bitches!!!

lookin forward 2 cardiff!!! :D

much luv frm north wales students!! ur guys are legends up here.. even tho u never play here...and ur families live like what... 3 hours away in ponty??


eilidh brian said...

wow, you're doing well with answering these comments! you're just awesome, jamie, you really are =]

really can't wait to see you guys up in scotland again. i'm keeping my whole summer free for you, so please come! =D haha

anyways yeah, this random comment was meant for me to say thanks to you guys for getting me a place in uni. i blabbed on about how amazing you were at an interview for about 20 minutes and i got in =D i love you guys even more now! ^_^


Juditta said...

It’s us again! Always us! We really want to thank you for signign the petition to bring yourself and the rest of the band here in Italy! It was such a nice thing, we really appreciated that!
Thank you so much!

Vale, Sissi, And...Judy(surprise XD)

Electric Barbarella said...

dude, you've got some wicked skills. you should def post more artwork here, i'd certainly love to see it. :)

& pfft. just because ian posts more often doesn't necessarily mean he actually has something to say. i prefer your blogs, they're far more insightful!

Lady Marmalade said...

Joseph Dredd or John Spartan?

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

if it wasnt for Graham Norton i wouldnt have gone looking for this but i thought you guys might have fun with it too :)

enjoy :)



p.s hope posting this link is ok if not i wont do it again :)

MsAnnieAnnie said...

i start to not like the band that much, because of this fake personality. it really seems to me that you have a manager who tells you what to be like and that sucks. or its because of ian. the leader. with his weird trend, that isn't really a trend but in ians definition it is because even no trend is a trend. that is confusing and even he is unsure about his trend. but probably its the manager. i wouldnt expect such consufion from ian. well.. i would. he should grow up and deside what he wants! jeees..

however, i personally like your artwork more than ians. his is too commercial and shallow. everything he designs just contains this stupid senseless random humor. he is just selfish and thinks he's god. i guess you need to live with that if you want to stay in the band.. life is unfair, and you're not the only one who is experiencing that.

you're an amazing artist and i wish to see more of your stuff. i wish i could meet you someday. without ian and without using the name "lostprophets" in the conversation. just talking about art or life the univere and everything..

stay creative.
take care.

Hikari Yamino said...

Yay!You updated!!Been waiting for so long!!^_^..And your designs on LostProphets album is awesome!!Superb i tell you!!!Go and shit one corner,you stupid senseless critique!Thats to anonymous German."Maybe, just maybe, he'll want to be my baby",Ahahahha,that was funny!! And don't worry about your hair Jamie,you look great!! Well,you look great in everything,so dun worry!! You are a hunk too!Not just Ian!


`cause you doesn´t answer my question... only I am going to write to you to ask you to say to LEE "Happy Birthday!!!"

Kisses from Argentina!!!


Ps: For you...

...If you would hold on
And need me to stay
You get the hard thoughts
Oh baby just the mistakes
We never really got too much anyways
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just go... (MCR)


andreajane said...

I love reading your bloggs although most of it goes over my head as im a bit thick.Looking forward to new album and seeing you at the astoria and download.that means ill be seeing you twice in one week,how cool is that?love you.x

Anonymous said...

About the new album.

WHY THE F They want You to rush?
Well, It's better for them to wait.
"Yeah, do it faster, faster faster" and then they will say that it really sucks.
If they don't wanna wait fot the New Album they aren't really your great fans (as they always write)!

(Great painting!)