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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have way too much time on my hands....

to photoshop me as Dolph Lundgren in Masters of the Universe. I wish! Msannieannie, ITS NOT REAL!!! Chill your boots! I'm still the old pudgy me.
yeah, though the blonde hair is real. I was thinking more along the lines of Patrick Swayze-Point Break.
Its so cool that this blog reaches people all across the globe, makes the world a small place doesn't it? Lee's hair is its natural colour, suits him. I'm afraid we don't have any plans to to visit Sweden this summer. Thanks to Angie for your kind comments on my mural I did up at the Rhondda Heritage park. It was an interesting period of my life. I was pretty broke and had long, long hours on a scaffolding in the freezing cold painting that Mural. It was also hard because the viewer has to be so close to the painting so it had to cater for that. I'm not overly pleased with how it turned out, and neither was the Park I don't think. Basically, I think they were hoping for some bright uplifting image like the rest of my work, but I was so moved by the mining disaster it portrayed, that I was forced to express the pain and loss that it caused. The irony is that, my own village suffered one of the worst mining disasters in Britain on the 23 June 1894 which killed 281 men and boys. The Albion Colliery disaster in Cilfynydd. A young man named Timothy Jones who was 26 when he died in the accident lived at the very house I was born in. My village was a little pissed that I painted a mural about another disaster at Tynewydd where 5 men died, but I stand by it because of the heroism of the rescue involved needed to be recognised. Had I been asked to paint about the Albion I would have.
History lesson over...back to hair........not.
I hope we will come to Australia on this next touring cycle. I'm determined to surf in Brisbane, some of the sharkiest water in the world. The first time I ever surfed was in Australia, little known and pointless fact. Me, Mike and Stu if my memory serves me.
Thomas, yes I have been to Cork many times. I am an avid fly fisherman (catch and release whenever possible) and have fished the South West of Ireland on a number of occasions. For your information the air speed velocity of a swallow, a European swallow (since I am Welsh) I have determined to be in the region of roughly 16 meters per second (15 beats per second * 1.1 meters per beat). The cruising speed, that is. Come over to England cos I don't know when we are going to be back in Ireland as a band and normal toast.
If it were down to me to book lostprophets shows, I'd for sure want to tour Argentina and Mexico. In fact, there's very few places I wouldn't want to visit and play. I hear the weather is good in Afghanistan and Somalia this time of year. And our cd's are flying of the shelves in the western region of Darfur (Sudan). Scary!
Juditta, I haven't forgot Italy. I love Italy. Probably my favourite place on earth that I have visited is Venice. Of course, My love for Venetian art draws me back there time and time again.
Thank you Jessica, Its awesome that you lean on our art to help you through Grad school. It always makes me smile to hear that our music can influence people in a positive way.
I am making an effort to reply to comments now and again, since you guys thought it was cool that I did it in the last blog. I'm sorry in advance if I don't reply to all of your comments. My excuse is that if I did, there wouldn't be enough room for me to talk my usual non cohesive nonsense talk, which is why I started doing this in the first place.
(IDEA!) what I may do is different types of blogs...ones that respond to comments and others that are just me talking balls....Nah, that's way too organised. Lets just keep it fun.
Note to self.."Today is a good day".
Tracks are shaping up nicely here in the studio. Very nicely indeed. today so far has been a day of unkempt excitement and enthusiasm. and a flurry of inspiration and creativity. A brilliant ray of sunshine in and overcast few months. (no storms or rain, just a bit dull). Hopefully more sunshine and warm weather on its way......
That was by far one of the shittiest metaphors I have come up with. And that's saying something from a guy renowned for shit ass metaphors. For those that know me, I'm the king of crap metaphors...Yeah..I know....stick to the day job!


Nick said...

The life of jamie sounds fun!

Nick said...

Oh and any chancee of a piccy of your blondeness?

andreajane said...

Love the you.x.

Juditta said...

I'm dead and now I'm in heaven.
Anyway... Your idea it's a very good idea!
You're a G E N I U S.
Do you know Perugia?
What are you waiting for?
It's the city where "Eurochocolate" takes place... i'm waiting you! (And your wife, and Ian, and... damn... All Lostprophets)
ok, I need to calm down.
It seems that I'm crazy (or maybe I am...).
Thanks for made my evening better!

nomad/vagabond said...

I'd steal the crown for king, except, you know, female. So I guess I'll be the queen. Or maybe I'll be the queen of complete total non sequiturs, since that's the sort of conversation I spend the vast majority of my life having.

Anyway. What I actually wanted to say was that I actually kind of the find the potted history of whatever quite interesting. I worked with a guy from Swansea (until he retired last year, which was emotional) and when I told him we'd be over in Port Talbot, I got the entire potted history of the rise and fall of the steel industry in South Wales. Diamond, for serious. Not that I remember an awful lot of it, on account of the fact useful information gets sieved out to make way for complete irrelevancies and logic redux.

Also, I don't care how many people take up fishing (or golf, same thing). I *still* don't think it's a hobby that should be endorsed. Probably because, like golf, I don't understand it. My friend is a course fisher and she says only interesting people fish, because you have to be able to entertain yourself for hours. I told her that so long as it made her feel good, that's fine. Waders and galloshes can remain other peoples' fetishes.

Thus ends today's epic ramble into this box. Peace?

nicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon! said...

Jamie awesome blog as always =) Hope to see you at the Astoria in June. Have a great day x.

charlotte said...

hiya jamie i've never really commented on anything before but i read your thingy but i was wondering could you put some pictures of your scooter on here cos i'd really liketo see it.mydad has had scooters for years sothelove of them has rubbed off on me lol.if u go on my myspace thing i have loads of pictures of my dad's scooters and his friend's probably won't but here's the thigy anyway sorry if i'm souning rude. love charlotte xxx

MsAnnieAnnie said...

OMG THANKS!!!! i even got nightmares xD a chuck norris kinda guy in my favorite band o.o

but it looks reaaaally real..

you cant trust anyone anymore in today's world. everything could be fake o.o

they even make penuins fly

MsAnnieAnnie said...

the comment i dropped about your last post was harmless in comparison to the one i posted on ian's blog xD

the blond hair is adorable btw..

Eve said...

I don't know if you will remember this but a few years back we sat together talking for what must have been about an hour in Bar Academy, Birmingham. You were taking the mick out of the girl behind the bar - (Beverley, if memory serves) and you told me all about your cousin Charlie amongst other things.
I just want to thank you for that night as it was the first time a member of one of my favourite bands had ever taken the time to talk to me without thinking that I was after something other than a chat!
Keep up with the blogging, it brings back good memories of the random shite you were coming out with that night lol!!

Eve xx

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

I need sympathy :( i was stupid :( and yes its my own fault, it was such a nice hot day i sould have known better, especialy coz of the time of day it was, but numpty here(me) got sunbrunt :( not even going swimming helped LOL and i think my after sun is off coz im still all hot and itchy :).

And to add to what some others have said, i totaly agree, put up a better mugshot of your new blondeness :)



Rhiannon said...

Wow! I just want to say thanks so much for taking time out of ur busy schedule to not only write about whatevers going on in ur world but also to respond to some of the comments us adoring fans put up. Ur totally awesome!! I am so excited for ur next album and my friends are sick of hearing my talk about how awesome the Lostprophets are. Oh and by the way, I know Ohio is probably not one of the biggest shows u guys would ever do but I would die if I could see u guys live! THANKS!


Hi king of crap metaphors!!! jajaja very funny!!!

"If it were down to me to book lostprophets shows, I'd for sure want to tour Argentina and Mexico"

Oh my God!!! ARGENTINA yes yes yes, comes!!! XP

ey.... I have a question for you... what actuality group do you like?
for example... my favorite is Lostprophets, of course, ´cause changed my life and show me many things that I don´t knew...
now I discovery (?) a band called MADINA LAKE, do you know they? is excelent

kisses from Argentina

Love you!!!


Please tell to Ian who is not done anything in his hair, ´cause I cut it according to his your style, now a have Rooftops´s hair
jajaja I love it!!!


eilo18 said...

fantastic pic jamie! XD

i seriously can't wait until the day you guys announce your next show in scotland, i'm keep my whole summer free for you!

i think it's really cool you've started replying to comments, it really means a lot to people. you guys are the best band for keeping in touch with your fans, no doubt about that, and i love it =] keep it up m'love ^_^


MsAnnieAnnie said...

is that where you come from? why is this one big building in the middle the center of interest in the painting? what is that? because besides this and the street next to it, all the other buildings create a chaos..

just wondering around..

i know it has nothing to do with the blogs, i just want to ask some stuff and dont know where else to post it.. contacting you is pretty difficult



volare said...

good to see you out and about..

Viki xXx said...

lmao you do make me laugh, Jamie!!

you speak balls all you want - it brightens my day :-D

i like the idea of 2 blogs. its not rele that organised cos they'd probs get messed up in the end anyways!! haha.

WelshRocker said...

a European swallow (since I am Welsh) I have determined to be in the region of roughly 16 meters per second (15 beats per second * 1.1 meters per beat).
......why!!!! do you know this??? and how? lol

it's actually stopped raining here (Wales) it's been REALLY! sunny for the last like week or so! =) yay summer!

EDWIN said...

wow i'm planning the trip to australia already!

Jammyyy. said...

the weather is rather good isnt it? it's very impressive photoshopping by the way. X

Juditta said...

Yes, I... Again!
I'm a nightmare!
Ok, I love photoshop, i have the pleasure of creating some graphic work. [My favourite subjects are lostprophets and avenged sevenfold! XD]. Ok, I'm finish.

You probably get thousand of these... But..
For you

jointhefkndots said...

well, its not really the world if Singapore's not in it eh? :)

come to Asia already!

debbie xoxo

Jac said...

jamie have you guys ever thought of coming to Singapore?

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...


Yer sounds like your in a pretty good mood

was certainly a nice little history lesson there about mining accidents lol
its like they say though... "you learn something new every day ;] "
tbh dude, you babble a load of useless information, but i guess its kinda interesting... kinda... =p
joke for you-
'i hear you got robbed last night! & that you had two choices, suck him off or give him your computer...
i see you still have your computer ;]'


alex1232 said...

i know im being an unpatient ****, because i posted this on ians aswel but...

any chance of you giving us some rough dates like a release date...or even when you might think about giving us a release date...?

Jenny said...

I had a maths exam today, aaand I got a burnt parting! Haha!
But it's all good cos I had cake. Cheesin'? Oh aii!

Anyways, just thought I'd leave you a wee pointless comment.

By the way! Actual gutted you guys aren't playing t in the p this year! I wasn't able to go last year.

Ach well. I'll catche yees when you're back on tour.



Anonymous said...

You look soo ... BIG on that picture ;D GREAT ONE. We Luv you xxx

thomas said...

wohoo thanks for replying.

and right, to england it is... again... gotta try and see ye b4 or after the gig....

come bk to cork city sometime, and let me know when ur going lol. i promise i won stalk you... much. lol

kinnon said...

alrite gudge!
i was just wondering, are you guys writing/recording/... in wales right now or are you back in the states?
you should get your video blogs back on the go, they were ace!
cheers bud

ritchie said...

i know your over turntables but will we ever hear you scratching again????? (on future albums)

the reason i ask is because after i saw you live for the first time i went out and bought a set of crap turntable and worked my way up to the numark cdx's!
ohh and apparently my little knows your second cousin who lives in edinburgh!?!?


princesskitti said...

i love to read your blogs. sometimes i wish i thought like you. for those of us who love our "boys" it feels like we get to know u better.....and see what mischief ur up to.

Hikari Yamino said...

Weee!I totally agree with jac.Like seriously,have you guys even heard of Singapore?T_T...That's okay,and yeah,your blog totally reach the entire globe.I'm like at the other side of the world,i think,and i still read your blog.And phew,the pic is photoshopped, you look like that freaky wrestler from WWE,whom i fgt the name, with those muscles!And i have been meaning to ask,are all the Lost Prophets album cover designed by you and Ian?

Marcina said...

Hey Jamie! When you were in Banff/Calgary, which hill were you boarding at? Cause I think I was out there the same time you were... the day of epic powder!!!

@ll M0d C0nz said...

I noticed that you say to my comments "Enough is enough. That's too much."
Your blog is always awesome. I enjoyed reading them. But I couldn't write nice comment for you every time. They are just stupid opinions of mine for you. I realized it, so I might make you angry. Now, it is too late, but I'd like to say to you. SORRY.
Thank you so much for being patient my very poor English and reading this.
Sorry again.

Take care,
Machiko from far east end Japan

jessica said...

Y'all will never know how much it helped. We listened to you guys a lot in the lab I worked in. My entire graduate research lab (including our 50 year old faculty advisor) ended up road-tripping it up to DFW last time y'all came through Fort Worth. Safe to say a good time was had by all. Mind including an Austin stop next time around if its not too much trouble?

Hikari Yamino said...

Seriously man,you have way too much time on your hand.Your picture keep changing!Haha!But this current pic is soo cute,as always.

x.Jay said...

Whats the latest TV show you cried at?
Random question brought on by me bawling my eyes out at Doctor Who tonight.

Julia xxxx

Anonymous said...

ha ha tooo funny lol hey jamie I ha a little request .......can u get a current pic of Stu! I miss him that man need to start a blog too! Too let u know I am stuck in a shit town I survive on ur and ians blogs so keep writting!!!! Please!!!!
Love u lots!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I checked your flickr page with your photos and paintings and I have to say that you've got taste and skills - it's really good. I checked Mike's flickr and it was not bad either. But honestly, why do Lostprophets booklets, designs and all suck that much? Especially your myspace page ... regardless of the fact that most video links don't work the page is much too packed with stuff and ads. The background image is horrible. How come?! You should do something about it :) Don't you think? Your pictures and paintings have class, so why not the visual side of your band. Anyway. Just some well-meant criticism. Hope you don't mind. Cheers!

(Excuse my English, I'm German)

Beth said...

that metaphor wasn't that bad, I have deffinately seen worse!
Your blonde hair actually looks ok, I heard about it and was a bit unsure, but what does my opinion matter anyway! lol!
I will be excited to see it in june at the lovely asstoria :D

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...

just looking at your pimping bmx pic again
& noticed theres a random bit of string dangling down from your fly...
i felt inclined to tell you...
fuck knows why likes...

im gunna shut up now ;]

Andiee said...

Andiee frm North Wales here....yer i hope you've heard of that region of Wales...seeing as you never come on tour here!! skint students have to travle all the way to Cardiff to see u this June!!, trains, hotel... it all adds up yano!! next tour betta have a north wales date!!
anyho.... are u having a support band in ur warm up gigs b4 Download?? Kids in Glass Houses would b v-nice!!;)

Emelie said...

You should go visit Sweden though, do a small show or something.
Did went to see you in Ponty last year, and later on at Astoria in August, from Sweden.
Worked out too ;)

Juditta said...

"HELP!HELP! We need your help: it's a matter of life and death. We're trying to bring the good music here in Italy. We created a petition, can you sign it please? Please... We're trying to bring Lostprophets in Italy!"


Please... XD LOL
The Staff of

Jazdor Nicram said...

i love your art please upload more of your paints i love this one with hands, very inspiring greets from Poland

superTWIGG said...

i am impatiently awaiting your next blog, come on even ian is doing better than you haha
i'm an illustrator and i'd really appreciate your opinion on my latest piece
could you please take a look if you have the time¤t=CIMG7271-Copy.jpg


iya jame :)
Im chuffed you mentioned me in your blog haha,but i never knew about that mining disaster, i was only aware of Aberfan and also what happend in the 80's, so thanks for teaching me that.
Your mural does show the pain and suffering in the expressions of the miners.
Must say great show last night in Cardiff! You guys never fail to deliver a cracking show whether its a big or small venue.
Thanks very much for taking the time to have a picture with me and my mate last night, it made our night aye lol. Doubt you remember us but I was in the fousty bon jovi tee, and my mate had bleach blonde hair. Ring any bells ???

Anyways thanks again Jame, and im really looking forward to your new album and the tours that follow.

Angie xx