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Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm back. Sorry It's been so long. Been touring and lots of other cool stuff. The shows went very well thank you. All my fears were all for nowt. I had a brilliant time. I've been doing some pictures this week to make some art prints. I was encouraged by some of the comments on here and Ian has been a big time supporter of my art for a long time, and he has pushed me to do it. He said he"ll showcase them on his "made in hell" site. I'm dead excited because the paintings came out Rad. I'm so excited and had so much fun working in a new style and format. If they ever do come out I hope you'll enjoy them too.
Christy: "Loving the fact you're painting again but when I asked you in a Kerrang mag Q&A thingy last year you said you hadn't painted for 6 years, you are committed to the band and if you had time to paint there must be a problem. Stu then said if you picked up a paintbrush you would be thrown outta the band. I assume you are still a Losprophet, not heard otherwise. So why are you still in the band? Is there a problem?"
Good point! Still in the band. Here's to having things I once said come back and bite me in the ass...haha.
It's a weird one, I guess its and age thing, and its more a response to working on new songs for over a year, like a need to express in a different way, so I can re approach music from a different perspective. Stu was kidding I hope. The other guys have also felt the urge to work on other things too, but not as an escape from our own creative song writing but more as a means to bring something new to it. Recently, I have felt that creativity breeds creativity, and by diving deep into it, it inspires and charges all the avenues of my creative output. Focusing too long on just one thing like writing songs can grow stale and tiresome, but I feel that drawing and painting has rekindled my creative flame and that impacts my expressive drive across the board. I get the impression that this is also the case with stu and mike in their producing, they always come back to writing pumped and charged up from working with other bands. So, on the contrary, there's no problem, and my commitment to the band is not wavering, by painting I feel is enhancing what I can offer to the music.

Alex "i recently got an angel tattoo to remember someone close to me who died, and i love it so am thinking of getting more angels, i know your tattoos feature angels...
i did a bit of research and found out you were an atheist...
so are the angels there to represent good versus evil, as opposed to any belief in god?"
The angels are indeed more symbolic than literal. My tattoo of the Pieta, (Mary holding a dead Jesus) is probably the best example of what it all means to me. I've never questioned whether a guy once walked this earth with an amazing ability to communicate some very positive ideas about life and love. I believe Jesus was an outstanding man who was incredibly influential but a man nevertheless. The tattoo is a homage to humanity and respect to how one man can make a difference. It gives me hope that someone could come along and clear up all the mess that we've made of what was he may have said. My problem is less to do with spirituality and more to do with the definitions within religion and the manipulation of power within organised religion. Therefore my Angel tattoos represent, as you said, my issues and ongoing studies of human ethics and morality. Saying this though, I do have a fascination with angels. Mainly because I understand and accept my instinctive desire to believe in something more than me, and immortality. It's a simple and obvious natural desire however its clarity is very much overlooked in most walks of life. So, though I feel the pang to believe in something bigger than all this, I understand from a learned psychological perspective why that desire is in me (us) and how it came about. (see "The god part of the brain" Matthew Alper...a basic read but a good example) Anyhoooo, hope that touches upon an answer....time, gotta go check out a new fly fishing rod now...hehe


Viki xXx said...

tis great to hear ur shows were a success. I knew they would be and i'm still seething that i couldnt make any of them. see now i've finished my exams there ain't anything coming up anymore :-(

It's awesome to hear from u again... && that you've all been keeping busy as well as having some well-deserved breaks. Can't wait to hear what you've got for us!!

I'm also glad to hear someone else say that there can be belief in Angels without having to follow religion. Its a tough subject to talk about but i think you've put it in a nutshell. much respect xx

L&F said...

Glad to see you've updated your blog and have posted pics on Flickr. This post has me wanting to ask you a jillion questions, but, uh, not gonna do it here in a public forum. If you're inclined, email me.

Electric Barbarella said...

your posts are always so fascinating (no i'm not sucking up :p) it's just nice to read the (honest) thoughts and insights of somebody you respect and admire :) keep 'em coming mr oliver!

Christy said...

Awww thanx for clearing that up Jamie...had visions of Stu and co pinning you down and ripping your paint brushes outta ya paws. haha I'm really glad you find the time to indulge in both LPs and your art as well as surfing, photography, scootering, snowboarding etc and fishing now? How do you do it? haha It takes me all my time to get up and go to work! I'm so pleased Download rocked for you guys, I know how much it meant to you all. Thanx again Jamie, loadsa love Christy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jamie!!! Ur back!!! Woooohoooo! Haha
Im so happy ur going to be selling ur paintings at a more ...affortable price! I can't wait for them that a a MIN shirt !
Hey so question (and im sure u been asked this b4... ) when are u touring in the US even warm up shows? Anytime soon? Maybe...pretty please with sugar on top??? :0)
Well I hope soon !
Take care jaime love u !
Mayra :)

MsAnnieAnnie said...

i dont stuck with any religion either. jesus probably was a great guy and did some interesting speeches about morality and such.. but that doesnt make him to a person that dserves such fame. my grandma is wise too and teaches me stuff and is a great person.. why do people stuck with one guy from 2000 years ago when there are amazing people in todays world, too?
what do you think about those people who really believe in this theory about god and how he made earth and all the animals and adam and eve and stuff? some really take it too serious oO

i believe in science and love.

have an amazing summer, jamie!!

annie (back in germany with friends and family and all i need =D)

shuanghong said...

awesome. can't wait to see the stuff you've done!

and stu better not try anything funny. haha.

Sienna said...

Revenge of the fallen. Google It!
Lostprophets on the soundtrack?!

FUNK said...

oh jamie.
the teddy at the end.
very mature ;)


i love reading your blogs. =]

Mexican Maggot said...

What's up Jamie? I've been reading your blog for a few months already and I really like your input on art, music and plain coffee shop philosophy. Just read what you think about those comments of your atheism and although I jump into the "I don't care what you believe in as long as we can be friends and make a difference out there" band wagon, it's hard to see how those religious organizations manipulate our way of life, however it is too fucking complicated just to discuss the subject... I've got a question for you now. I'm sure you heard about the anti-emo attacks here in Mexico, what's your input about that?

Best of luck and I'm expecting the new LP album, dude! Come to Mexico if possible!!

Stay (sic)!


hellow again and welcome to blog!!! jajaja
I see some photos and videos of the shows of LPR, it´s amazin what the band doing!
But ... when can to come for these sides? (my small dreams is go to see some show!!!)
So... nothin´ more... I´m go to listen A7X!!!

Love and peace

kisses from Argentina!

Daniela "D"

Natersby said...

All great news!

The creativity breeds creativity thing is actually a great tip. I'm a writer, but there comes times when I'm so sick of looking at the computer screen that everything I force myself to write is stilted and cliche, and it seems a good idea to throw it out of the window in a waanabe-rock-star strop. I do a bit of art too, but always feel guilty if I take a break from writing and do that instead, but perhaps it would actually help if I did if I could just stop feeling guilty about it!

Enough rambling from me, ciao for now!

Alex said...

thankyou for actually reading my question and even more for answering it, helped me a lot.
and it means a lot, as i am the only person in my group of mates with tattoos so i feel a bit stuck when it comes to deciding on new ones.

i know its something i shouldnt let affect my decision when thinking about a new tat, but im thinking of getting it on my forearm and wasnt looking forward to :

"oh, are you religious then?", and when i say no then them going "oh, right...why do you have an angel then..." etc, over and over again.

ive also got a growing obsession with angels, dont know what it is. i'd send you a picture and ask you what you think, but i dont want to get too greedy haha

looking forward to the new album bigtime, i hope its not as long as early '09 which is the word on the street...but im sure itl be worth the wait either way

if youve read all that...thanks again :)

elinette said...

The creativity-thing you wrote about was soo true. I also love to express myself in art. I must say you're an awesome artist. And by that I mean both your paintings and your music! Lostprophets IS art! :)

(sorry if my english isnt correct)xD
take care.

Jenny said...

Aww, I can see you as an RME teacher, well maybe not cause you actually make sense and don't force your views and opinions on us lol.

Glad the shows all went well :D

Okay..random question time lol, any advice on getting over someone who, as cheesy as this sounds, you thought was "the one" after they cheated on you?

Anyways, on a lighter note, I'm soo fucking excited your playing Edinburgh 2 days before my birthday! CHEEESIN'!!!!!!

Haha! :D


octa said...

Hi Jamie, sorry if this isn’t related to your post. I am trying to help a friend's charity project, maybe you'd be interested to be a part of and support through your wonderful arts.

Canvases For Cures

Basically, it runs like this: (and this is just the beginning) We get musicians and fans to produce works of art influenced by a band, a song, lyrics; anything to do with music. Firstly, to show through creativity that this music does help. Secondly, we wish to compile it into books and sell them, giving the profits to cancer charities, child abuse charities and a charity of each artist's choice, because we also intend to try and sell artworks from musicians.

We need contributions, and we need support. Spread the word. Send us your art to canvasesforcures[at]hotmail[dot]com

Please, please, us start something and give back what music has given us. I know I don't just speak for myself when I say that it's given me a second chance. Let it do the same for others.


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

glad everything well with you, keep up the artwork its awesome :), and if your looking for a good place to try out your fly rod the Spey river up here in scotland is the best for trout and salmon and if you get board of that theres the whiskey trail youd could go on ;)



vivilicious said...

Ohhhhhhhh, question!
If you really did have to chose between lostprophets and painting... which would you chose?

lostprophets would never be the same without you or anywhere as good probably... but fuck, I looked and some of your art, and i was totally blown away, so it would almost be like a crime to give that up!!!