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Friday, April 18, 2008

Two blogs in one week eh? there must be something wrong!

Hey, hi, hoo.
I just been having a meeting with the lads in the band. It's nice to see them, haven't in a while. I couldn't go home to Wales with them last time because of troubles I have had with immigration here in the States. It seems that the US frowns upon murder these days...what can you do eh? Nah, just kidding. Simple things I have to iron out that took way longer than it needed to but its getting sorted now. Back to the Guys....Yeah, nice to see them. We had a very productive chat and spirits are high. Everything is on track, and we are all gonna be jamming and writing and recording next week. Ians hair is long. My hair is cleaner than his.
Went to Canada last week. It was really cool. My friends from Wales were going there for a Snowboarding holiday, and the previous week I was up at Mammoth with mikey for the week, so I was not planning on going to Banff. But as it turned out, I couldn't bear the thought of my Welsh freinds being kinda close and on the slopes, so the night before I decided to go. It was only supposed to take 3 hours but I connected in Seattle and by the time I had got to Calgary the airline had decided not to bother putting my board on the plane. Nice! In fact I had a sleeping bag and all my clothes in the same case, and since I didn't know where I was gonna be sleeping I was pretty much screwed. 8 hours later, my bag waltz's in all nonchalant and stuff, and following some rental car nonsense I was on my way. The Canadian Rockies were beautiful, the runs were awesome and on Monday we had a bunch of snow and fresh powder. It was great until my friend Phil took a pretty hard tumble trying a jump at about 30mph down a black in 10ft visability...yikes! He caught a front edge, sprung off his face, did a full flikflak and landed again on his face. Oh, how I laughed until he didn't get up. I went down to find most of his face bleeding and smashed up. At first I thought he'd bust his nose but his goggles had skinned it, and the medics had to glue his lip back on. Fair dues though, he wouldn't ride down on a stretcher and was back out the next day, haha Trooper! He's very sensitive and cares alot about his looks and conditioning so if you've a heart, wish Phil Clarke all the best.

I have been thinking alot about painting and drawing recently. Went to a superb exhibition about toys at "1988" on Melrose in Hollywood today. I'm quite please that a gallery called La Luz De Jesus selected one of my new paintings for a group exhibition last month "everything but the kitchen sync", and have asked to hold on to the painting for a permanent showing in the office space. It's one of my first shows here in LA. I need to get some more pieces painted. Finding time to paint and write songs and plan for tour and all these bloody action sports is tricky, haha.
I'm trying to find the energy to go up to Mammoth again on Sunday for the Grenade Games 4. A bunch of mates are going up and I'm trying to drag Mikey up with me. I pooped though. Mike and I are gonna go to watch Galaxy play Football tomorrow, "Beckham! Beckham! Beckham!"...actually, I don't much like football, or soccer (pronounced saaaa-ckrrrrrrr) as they call it here, but the missus loves Becks cos he's from up her end of the woods in Essex. Urrm..what else...I built a front light rack quadrophenia style for me scooter. 8 lights, 6 mirrors and an AA badge...I'm such a doosh! but I can't help it. My 1963 Lambretta has just been painted all original colours and is being souped up to a 190cc, so it deserves a few new accessories. I'm such a big kid with my bloody cars and bike and toys!!! when will I grow up? ha.
I'm getting younger and younger in my head as the days go on. I suppose the more I learn and read, the more I realise I know so little, which reintroduces a sense of wonder in the world. And in turn, I rediscover the child in me... I suppose.
"excuse me, mr. freud...." I'm off for some dinner....mmm some nice fake chicken curry me thinks!! see you later...all the best Phil! hope your face heals nice and doesn't scar too bad.
(if you wanna send him best wishes do it here)
p.p.s check out the half naked picture on his photos page......I mean? who does that these days? cummon! what a ponce! bring on Thunder from down Under!!


nicki said...

aaaah lucky git that you get to snowboard, paint, and create music all day...not like a real job! ;)

a 190cc ped!?! now that's one scooter I can't say 'I've got sewing machines with more grunt' to!!! So should we just call you 'The Face' now or what????

Crissie said...

H i Jamie,
sorry to hear about your mate phil hope he feels better soon,wat you described didnt sound to good.
When you see the rest of the band again is there any chance you can ask them to play an acostic song of yours (anyone will do)at astoria on the 11th June,my son and I have heared afew that Ian has done and they sound great,you should do an album of them it would be awsome,once again my best wishes to phil,just you be careful as well,dont want your looks spolit,
luv and kisses
crissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crissie said...

ive just been on phil's myspace site and wished him all the best in healing up(just as you asked)i used my sons myspace,not sure if worked out,but its me thats asked you to be my friend ???????? wont say anymore (s..tler)
luv and kisses
Crissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crissie said...

really glad your painting again,i love all your stuff,sooo would love to own one,so lets hope you can get some more done that will go on sell,loved the one of your parents,hindered you enough now i thinks,hope the soccer was good,for me its a good rugby game,Wales of course you just cant beat them,and they are so on form at the mo,(GO ON WALES ),moving back to your neck of the woods soon,cant wait,its in the blood no matter how far you travel,
luv and kisses
Crissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hikari Yamino said...

woah,you really do take good care of your blog!Awesome job man! And every1 has an inner child in them! Must let it out more often!

@ll M0d C0nz said...

Hello, again. Jamie. It's so hard to believe, you had two blogs in one week. ha ha. This is just a joke! I'm so glad to read two blog of you in one week. :D Your new design of blog is cool. I like it.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Phil. I hope he'll get better soon.
You are very busy...snowboard, surfing, paint and make songs and more... it's so hard days nights for you?!?
You are a Welsh lad of talent. You don't hide your talents in a napkin, I think so.
I envy you just a little bit...ha ha!
Did you enjoy watching football game of Galaxy? I think you didn't have fun at that time...
Is also Beckham popular in U.S? He is one of the most popular football player in Japan. Almost Japanese girls are crazy about him. ..."Beckham! Beckham! Beckham!" you wrote. he he.
I've heard Welsh prefer rugby to football. You don't much like football, so you like rugby?

I'd love to see your Lambretta. Do you have any plan to upload the pictures of Lambretta on your flickr site? I hope to see them someday. BTW, I have a cool T-shirt of Lambretta which made by the most poetic Japanese artist in Paris. If I have a chance to see you (maybe someday), I'll show you it. I hope you see it.

Don't worry, Jamie. (Of course, you don't mind anything.) Do you want to be just a boring man?
Pete from The Who says in "My Generation"...
"Hope I die before I get old."
...It's so cool words for me at least.
You have been really being lived. You look vivid like a boy, now. You don't need to grow up?!?

This is a crazy comment...I hope you understand what I mean...and please forgive me.

Take care,
machiko from far east end japan


First: that beautiful child that you were!!! XP
Second: my better desires for Phil, who recovers,
and for that another friend looks that not her
laugh in the face when almost he kills itself.
and to end: I need say GOOD LUCK, cause in the other post, I wished that your news was false, and now...well what I want to say is that I wish the best of the world you

kisses from Argentina!!!


emma said...

glad you liked calgary...ish haha

you should come back with the band sometime and bring instruments :)

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

aawwwwww!!!! cute pic, and your spoiling us, and we luv it lol, glad you had a great time on the slopes, and O.M.G! Download getting closer aaaahhhh!!!! ha ha ha:D


Cat said...

no fair you went to that 1988 show. melrose and munky king get the best toy shows. although i haven't seen any others coming up. was that one at 1988 the one with castle greyskull painted on the wall?

Shellynl said...

HAHAHA poor Phil, look at him smile. Is fresh scartissue his new way of getting the ladies? Or will he keep making those half naked pics? ;)

isabelle said...

Hello Jamie
my name is Isabelle and i'm the leader of the french lps street team !
can I make this streetteam official ???

please can you answer me !


jk said...

Hey Dude, Just thought I’d drop you a line and be all “polite and stuff!” I hope all is well, congrats on becoming a Married Man! That’s awesome bro! Your Blog is totally rad! It’s really cool hearing from you and now, in Ilan’s case, some of the rest of you guys!

I hope your still surfing (btw, I checked out your photo stream and I am soooooooooooo jealous! I surf a nice break in Northern Ireland (Portrush if you’ve heard of it!) if you ever do another show in Belshaft (Belfast) you should really check it out if it isn’t too cold! haha

Anyways that’s all for now! I hope you have a blast with the new album!

Peace Dude!