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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sorry. sorry, sorry... I forgot.

I totally forgot about doing this blog. Actually, I haven't done anything that justifies writing home about, that's the reason I haven't written in a long while. Every time I came here to write something I thought to myself..."what a load of bollocks, nobody is gonna care about that". And so it went. But I'm here now and still have not alot to say.
Ok, so what is new?
I bought a corn pipe and smoked it while out camping a few weeks ago..that was interesting. Found out quickly that there's and art to smoking a pipe, and just as quickly I gave up. I got a whole new respect for Popeye...(the animated one not the shitty Robin Williams remake. William.....thats a very Norman form of an Old French personal name composed of the Germanic elements wil will, desire + helm helmet, protection,hmmmm I did just write 'desire helmet protection' in a sentance didn't I?).
Bought and watched Point Break with all the special features. Which I must add are amazing and moving at the same time. It's been over 20 years since it was made and wipes the floor with so many new movies. The actors have all aged and and it made me sad to see Patrick Swayze looking amazing in the movie and now being so ill. Very sad.
What else is new? Been snowboarding all winter in my own time. Just came back from my first time in Mammoth. I seem to have a thing for boardsports all over again. Either that or I'm having a midlife crisis a few years early. Its loads of fun. Even if everyone and their mums are doing it now. I guess Skiing is the new cool again. I'm not doing it to be trendy, I just haven't ever had the opportunity before, and since the slopes are only 2 hours away from me, I thought....why not.
Oh, yeah...been working on the record too. on and off. There's been some breaks in between while we redefine who we are and what we want to say. Swings and roundabouts as they say. Time can become an enemy when working on one thing for so long...something that you thought was amazing and fresh can for no reason turn stale and bland over time. So we have continuously kept writing more and more songs to compensate for this. It's difficult to keep track at times because songs have changed and then changed again and new songs have come and gone. The last time I counted we have easily 40 songs in the pipeline. That's not to say all of them were good...haha. We have such high expectations of ourselves and such a high standard for this record that it has really pushed us to the edge to get the greatest songs we can write. No cutting corners and no filler, which is why we are still working on it. It'll be out as soon as it is up and over our raised bar.
It's pretty lame of me and the other guys not to find a few minutes to write down what we are doing and what going on in our heads. But it's not through laziness or arrogance that we don't blog more often. I guess we just feel like we should or could be talking about this or that party we were at and what famous people that we've been hanging out with. Maybe, its just feels odd that anyone would or could give a shit about what I've been up to.
Nah, fuck it, we are just lazy bastards, too busy getting wasted and throwing tv's at old people and shagging sheep to write blogs!!
excuses excuses! tut.
Well, I'll keep it short, so that I have something to write in 2009 or whenever.
Ta ta.
oops, shit I forgot to mention that I got married recently. yikes! t'wifes gonna kill me. yeah that too. And I been painting again, in what little spare time I've had. cool there's some posted up on my flickr at bottom of this page.


kimbot said...

Dude. Congrats to the happy couple. Completely awesome news.

Good to know you're also not dead.

Violen said...

Hey Jamie!
It's been ages... great to hear you're doing well out there :) yeah, you're a lazy bastard ;) just kidding... take your time, I'll be waiting as long as necessary... I think all the fans would agree with me. Can't wait to hear some of your new stuff. The record looks like it's going to be some kind of perfection. That's cool, but don't get so pedantic about it, just let it be the way it goes. We're gonna love it no matter what ;)
Take care
ps.congratulations again! live happily ever after :D

Joel said...

Great to hear from you :) Really can't wait for the album! And congrats on the marriage

Nicktuckerrr said...

wey jamie got married!
Nah, fuck it, we are just lazy bastards, too busy getting wasted and throwing tv's at old people and shagging sheep to write blogs!!
thats was funny
defines what all my frineds think the welsh are sheep shaggers that always watch tv
peace out

framboisine said...

congratulations to both of you on your wedding! mind you, your wife might need condoleances, after all if you already forget about your wedding after a few weeks imagine you trying to remember your anniversary!
may we expect a new baby jamie in the next year or so?
william in french is guillaume as in guillaume le know the french dude that brought castles to England?
i agree with on patrick Swayze, it's a real shame to see him so ill. i just hope he'll pull through.
all the best, carry on're an amazing artist...oh, yeah, and finish that stupid new's getting ridiculous now.

framboisine said...

oh, and i forgot to add....see you all at the astoria. try not to break a leg snowboarding!

Elina said...


It's always fun to hear from you ! Don't feel guilty about not writing in the blog, we're just happy that you're working on the record, so we can listen to it as soon as possible x) REALLY looking forward to it!

Btw, congrats to your marriage! :D:D

Hope you can go on a world tour or something cool like that! Don't forget to come to Sweden :D

Hope you have a kickass day.



Suze =] said...

I love reading your blogs Jamie...Even if you do think there full of crap, or if they actually are full of crap. haha. Seems ages that you guys have been gone for now and i can't wait for this album!! [= Glad that you've managed to get some time to yourselves aswell as working hard though! haha. And congratulations on getting married, wonderful news [=

Anyway! thanks for blogging see you soon x0x

Vicky said...

haha thats a long one!! Major congrats for getting married btw!! yay 4 jamie!! *hugs* slightly depressed now but ill get over it! lol jokes jokes!! :D xx

superTWIGG said...

nice to hear from you again jamie :)
you'd be suprised how interesting your ramblings can be haha
and its nice to hear something about the album that i'm on tender hooks for!
i really can't wait so hope you reach this bar of yours very soon
congratulations on getting married ^^
wish i could say "see you at download/warm up shows" but i'll be at home revising hard and doing exams :(
hopefully i'll see you all performing again soon!

me? said...

congrats to happy new couple!!!!!
awesome news...

i'm so happy that you've posted new blog...lalalaaaaa

and they've lived hapily ever after

;) :D

Nicki said...

Congratulations to you and your wife!

Good to hear from you again, have been wondering when we'd hear about the gossip you promised in your last blog....

Visit us online: said...

Ah, I saw a picture in a Bride magazine w/ Mike and Stu in it. Must have been from your wedding! Congrats. We can't wait for the new album over here.

*Joelle, aka bridezilla

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

big congrats! watch out for the plastic horse shoes getting flung at you at download lolz.

xxx best wishes

Anonymous said...

There better be some epic "Last Train Home" or "Rooftops" type songs on this record.

Erin said...


I missed you! Haha. And i'm also glad you're not dead. I was worried.

And congrats on the marriage! That's awesome.

And, it's never too early to start a mid-life crisis.


sorry ... I read bad or I am sleepy ... did you married?
I`m surprised!!! Or probably slightly sad?
I don´t know...

ok... only I can say... Congrats and good luck Jamie...

I love your art, you´re amazing artist, well... it is not surprise listening this every time, jajaja


I´m go to the bed...
...I´m tired

and the new proyect? Have we to wait more?

Love XXX

oh I forgot... that boy in the picture are you?

kisses from Argentina


Hikari Yamino said...

Uwaaah!!You're married! Congrats!You must definitely tell us if u guys have a baby!Well,to tell you the truth,i didn't expect this news 'coz i have always thought Lost Prophets were young people(seriously man,what's the secret formula),not saying that you're not anymore. But yeah,already reached the age for most people to marry. I wonder if other members would also marry!Interesting,interesting indeed.

@ll M0d C0nz said...

Hello. Lazy bastard, Jamie! It's been a long time?! ha ha...
I'm so glad to read your new blog.
Wow, you got married! Congratulations on finally deciding to settle down.

You all guys have so many ideas for the next album. That's awesome. I have to wait more till the release but I'm patient of's a kind of suffering?!? maybe...
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to hearing your new songs.

Ya, see you at Summer Sonic '08! Of course, are you gonna come to Japan with your friends? I'd love to see the complete Lostprophets...Ian, Lee, Stu, Mike and you, Jamie!! I don't want to be sad again in this summer. No more last summer...Fuji Rock. :(
You will be in Japan with Modfather on same day...I'm so will be a special day for me as one of mod girls. Who's Modfather? He is... oops! You've already known him. ;)
I hope that you will play a cover song of him on your stage.

Looking forward to reading your next post. Thank you for reading this (my poor English).
Keep on rockin'!
From far east end, japan

Crissie said...

Hi Jamie,
congrats to you and your wife,its great news,cant wait to see you at Astoria on the 11th June,and for your new album,I must be one of your older fans thanks to my son (not too old i must add)
luv and kisses
Crissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

shellynl said...

hey Jamie! Congrats on your marriage! So when can we expect little Olivers (plural)?! Love, Shelly ;)

sukie said...

Congrats to you Jamie and your new wifey on your Wedding :)


Anonymous said...


I'm happy for you...but that makes me sad