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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

yey! airports

Just been talking to Ilan about how shitty it is that people 'have a go' (attack for all those not welsh), at airports. I mean I can see how effective it is, and how there's alot of valuable things and multi national people, and also a great deal of damage to be cause by both fear/terror and inconvenience....but its still SHIT. I'm sitting here in an airport, my 13 hour flight to Heathrow has been delayed, which has caused me to reschedule my connecting flight (which happens to be to Glasgow of all bloody places). Not to say that my arse is going anyway because its the 4th of July and a prime day for an attack. Thanks! THANKS a fucking bunch. All due to the fact that Heathrow had to be evacuated yesterday because of a scare, and of course becuse some dickhead fancied trying to fit their Range Rover through the main doors whilst balancing milk bottles full of flaming petrol. Nice huh? A small inconvenience some may say, yes....but a pain in the arse anyhow, (thankfully there wasn't any fatalities).
Just a bit scary to be honest. But at least its given me a little time to write a blog. Makes me wonder how things would be if we weren't so dependant upon religious belief and Oil.
Some movies I been watching and mean to watch..."An Inconvenient truth" also "A Crude Awakening". Worth checking out to those who give a shit about life beyond the next few years.
Shouldn't be on a rant but I find that my fear gets translated into anger. It's a habit that i have been working to understand and change in myself. Maybe I should also address 'giving out too much pointless info about myself' while I am at it. So I have another 2 hours of time to kill so I am off to people watch for some of it instead of wasting it here in cyberspace. Ta ta for now.


kimbot said...

Bah. There's you stuck and unable to get to Glasgow. Here's me stuck and unable to get to Glasgow. How plans change in such a short space of time. Far from ranting about the crass stupidity of trying to fit a Range Rover into departures or trying to fit a Mercedes into a tube station, my ire has been directed at Catherine Tate, albeit not through any fault of hers. I thought Martha was bad enough. Now I've got an entire spring's worth of fucking Donna?! Bastards.

Anyways. I'm sure you're all going to have a wicked cool time in Scotland, and I will be seeing you in London in August. Which is still over a month away. I need a new job. Got one going?!

Thus ends today's random ramble through my brain. That's how, for now.

..::[Jazza]::.. said...

You never know what terrorists could be at large!

my mam is scared to even step foot in an air port because of the bombings n' shit and she doesnt like to go to london either!

Oh yeh its your birthday soon, Isn't it? Haha!
Have a good one!


Roxy said...

I remember July 7th last year when yoy guys played Brixton. You had a two minute silence to remember the London Bombings and the people who were involved and loads of people started shouting and saying how much they 'loved Ian'. I thought that was really disrespectful but I though it was good that you guys just sat there and didn't respond, that showed a lot of repsect. I also remember my dad trying to make me and my friends go home on the tube....

He didn't make that happen.


P.S. Airports are the most tedious and stupid places on earth.

Gustavo said...

you should take a fly to venezuela and ill take you to fun places, the beach are cool and everybody said we have the most wonderfull womens... but i dont believe that.

take care!


Nicki said...

yeah it's shit alright, it's seems to be the consequence when people with 'power' go interfering, i.e. everyone else suffers

and turning your fear into anger is better than being scared all your life, but of course it would be good if we could translate the anger, that many people felt after the attacks in london and scotland, into something positive instead

but I guess that's probably a pipe dream....

stephanie said...

hi again!!!!
i´m very sorry for what had happen!!! poor of u!!! but u are not the only one...
and what´s about with the guys? is it all going ok?
i hope it is.
continue writtin please, because when u write and i read what u write (obviously) i feel very connected with....
well i have to go right now
so take care ^_^

Alyssabella said...

"Argh! A new post!!". That's the first thing I said when I saw this.
Yeah I recently heard about all those recent scares about terrorists. Apparently there is one in Melbourne, Australia. I also heard about the London scare too. Wow. The world's a pretty scary place to live in now, huh?
Speaking of "The Inconvenient Truth", my Geography class watched it just last week!!! It's really in-depth, honest and interesting. If you haven't seen it, then I'd recommend it. We watched it because my class was learning about the Greenhouse Effect.
So I hope you've made it safely to Heathrow. Have fun :)

gaelicsockpoet said...

Nice one Jamie.
Daz in Nz here mate, just in middle of writing a book and I find a little surfing helps whilst I'm stuck for something interesting to say....and I found your blog! Keep em coming dude, nice to hear someone else gives a shit! It's about time the world was given a large doc marten in the ass....
BTW full ponty kicked ass!
BTW so does yo art....f$#k me your a talented b%$Tard...
Anyway will do a proper blog myself soon, when the muse leaves me again.... haha...

ps looking forward to hearing yo new tunes, good luck in studio

aLeXa said...

Awwww...poor you. Hahahaha

Why don't you come over to Malaysia instead and do a gig over here? There's lots of fans here and we're all very eager to see you guys. (Especially me!) ;P

framboisine said...

well, i'd say that you have a very good reason to rage and rant! i'm off (via plane) in 2 weeks times and was told that as my flight's leaving at 6am i'd have to be there by at least 2am due to the extra security check...don't they think that it's a bit late to do extra checking now?
i agree with you 100% on the religion bullshit. we all know that since it was invented it as cause nothing but problems.and the best paradox as to be those terrorists who are killing all these infidels (christians) come from a "very pacific" religion... if there's a God allmighty and all forgiving... whathever we do will be forgiven in the end so...why bother now? i'm not into that "love thy neighbourg" kinda of s£%$, but if people would start concentrating on their own lives instead of wanting to change everybody's else... we'd be much happier..
Anyway, i hope you finally caught your plane and reached your destination safely, otherwise, if you've got nothing better to do...start praying!!!

Music is life said...

haha! People watching, huh? No, don't worry, I don't think it's weird. It's relaxing. I do it all the time. Both those movies are great and really gives you a kind of after thought. Those security things are important! But yes, I would also get annoyed and pissed. Religion sucks btw. Just thought I'd say that for some reason. Without religion (or money, but you need money) there wouldn't be as much wars..Look at Gaza for example..anyway, (so I don't begin to ramble and take up a whole comment page) have a great journey. (or maybe you're in GB already). But take care.


louize said...

Airports..I had 2 leave at 3.30 to drive from Swansea 2 Bristol by 5.05 2 get 7.05 flight 2 Glasgow coz the only flight from Cardiff was like 20.30 which of course was 2 bloody late how inconvenient is that!!....hang around in the rain (well we did go shopping & popped in2 a pub)b4 checkin in2 hotel & then had the best birthday eva coz it was spent with u guys & some pretty AMAZING girls I have 2 say!!(did u guys lke our operation 4am tshirts??) neway wot was I ranting bout o yeah airports wot can I say as long as they get me 2 whereva u guys r playing who gives a fuck?? Its just good 2 av a bitch bout em every now & then FACT!!
Later luvvy xxx


hi mr. stu, or jamie or j or the most funny and beautiful person in wales (is true, believe me!!!)

...the airports in here (argentina)is very very very more shite! so don´t happy!!! XP

I hope you have a nice day in you birthday!!! don´t drink toooooo muchhhhhh, is a joke!!!

and kisses, a million kisses, from Argentina!!!



daiane said...

i love you

welshchicknik said...

Haha awesome! Although i detect so much sarcasm, it is 100% true. i dont travel as much as u (obviously) but i agree totally with wat u say.

welshchicknik said...

pmsl..... legend!

Leanne1910 said...

Hey,I just want to say I'm glad you all made it to Glasgow safely and it didn't put you off coming here.The gig at the Garage before T in the park was great.
I was stupid enough to think that Glasgow wouldnt be a target,I've always been cautious mind you for the sake of my kids, one of them love airports and aeroplanes.The conspiracies surrounding these so called terrorist attacks are what pisses me off,99% of the time the government knows they are going to happen and dont do a fuckin thing.Just as well us Glaswiegens are have a go Joes or the situation at Glasgow airport could have been a lot worse.I'm just seriously pissed of now that it's the school holidays and I promised my 5 year old loads of visits to the airport and now thats been fuckied.Ok I've had my rant for the day,time to get the kids to bed and have a few.
Take care and come back to Glasgow soon xx

-loves-her-bitch- said...

Now, this is gonna sound totally sad, but i've been telling EVERYONE to watch and inconvinient truth so people can actually start to give a shit!,
And to find out one of my inspirations, one of my hero's is doing the same as me

thankyou =]


JaMiEeEe... HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!... FeLiZ cUmPlEaƑoS!!!...

hive a nice day!!!

and a million kisses from argentina!!!


Violen said...

I know it has nothing to do with your last post, it's not even a comment, but... Happy Birthday, Jamie! Wish you loads of love, fun and happiness. Have the greatest B-Day of all!
Violen :*

WelshRocker said...

Flying from L.A. to heathrow always sucks, but being deayed does make it suck more, but at least you were delayed while in the airport and not when you were actually on the plane sitting on the tarmac!
Anyway, it's always scay getting on a plane even if there hasn't been a terror attack for a while, you just never know what's going to happen, you just have to let it go. What's meant to happen will happen and nothing can be done to prevent it.

gracie1509 said...

Hey Jamie,
Great blog as always - love your profanity!
Hope you are all good and not stuck in anymore airports! Cant wait til your reading festival set this year...I almost died whilst watching you guys last time you played reading - but that will teach me not to drink a bottle of vodka before your set and pushing right to the front onto the barrier!! Was great though! xxx

risa-lisa said...

it was so sad for me that you didn't come to japan on 29th july... :0
what happened?

i wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!(i know your birthday is 15th july**)

see you soon ;P

+++Lisa+++ 18 years old, japan

thiago said...

come to brazil lostprophets plz

Lps_Jess said...

Daaaamn u were flying that day?
fuck! that sucks!
but its true what ur saying, everyone is too fucking scared to say what they like about terroists and because u just wrote what u thought without hesitating, i appreciate u even more!
well done!
Jess xxx

M@ch1ko said...

Dearest Jamie,

Hi, there. How's it going?
My English is still not very good, and I hope you will be patient with me.

I really like Lostprophets and I decided to go to Fuji Rock Festival to see your show. Especially, I'm a big fan of you, Jamie.
Naeba is so far away from my house in Osaka. But I was in Naeba, to see you.

On 30th July, I was deeply shocked to hear you could not come to Japan from Mike and Stu.
I wept at the sad news... Maybe, they were surprised at seeing me. I have to apologize them... Stu, Mike, I'm sorry.
Of course, I didn't mean to do it. I was very very sad that Jamie was not there, so I wept in spite of myself.
Ian said to me "Jamie is in jail." ...He made a joke for me, but I could not laugh, at the time... sorry, Ian.
Jamie, I understand why you could not come to Japan. But I want to ask you...
...Do you like Japan?
I suppose you don't like Japan, so you didn't come to Fuji Rock...???
Yes, it's just my supposition. I don't know your mind.
Anyway, you could not come to Fuji Rock, so I was devastated...
I asked Mike to send my letter for you. I think, I was impudent...but he accepted my favor.
Whether he sent my letter to you or not, I really appreciate his kindness.

I had an exciting time at the show of Lostprophets, but I could not get enough satisfaction.
Because you were not there. I re-realized that you are very important existence for Lostprophets.
Jamie, could you come again to Japan, as soon as you possible? Please!

By the way, I've added my taken pics at Fuji Rock on my flickr page. If you have any time, please see them.
They are poor pictures, but I hope you see and like them.

You must be very busy, but please take good care of yourself.
Thank you so much for reading this.

Lots and lots of love,
Machiko from Japan

Suze =] said...

Hey jamie!
i can't say this comment has anything to do with your airport drama! though i have read it and sympathised with you greatly [=
I just wanted to say that i'm going to send a message to the lostprophets myspace just involving your art and my education and a personal project i have coming up!!
soooo if you really wouldn't mind, and of course have the time to read my message it would be muchly appriciated. However if you don't, no worries what so ever and i'll see you guys soon! ow and the Gibson SG you painted?? bloody amazing!!!
Thanks for your time!

K-M said...

I have to say after reading your blog, that acts of terror are always going to happen no matter what precautions, the government or we take.

The key is to carry on living your life as normal as poss and show that we are strong. No one will ever stop me travelling on the London underground or flying on planes.

Anyway,on a completely different topic, I have to say you were great at Reading this year, really got the crowd invovled.

Take care

Kate-Marie xx


Congradulations Lostprophets!!! for the awards of Kerrang! thank God LPR winning!!!

...and one question... what happen to Stu??? he's so drunk!!! XP


bye jamie!!!
and a million kisses from Argentina!!!

prittyretard said...

aww poor baby hugs n kisses lol. im aimee also known as amish, peanut or bullet. i heart u guys to pieces and your music keeps me going through the day ^.^ rooftops and last train home mostly :p i heart u lot and wish u teh best of teh luck on whatever u need luck on...if that achually makes any sense...hi lol xx

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

the guys who drove their car into the Glasgow air port got their petrol from my local petrol station how close to home can you get???? and im not sodding lying the police have all the cctv to prove it