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Monday, April 30, 2007

Its Ok! He's Alive...

...talking about my mate who jumped off the speakers at the scala show the other night. I been told to give him a telling off...but ah. Boys will be boys eh? Soooooo...Hello! I have been away doing stuff, I wanted to write but I been a bit busy shitting my pants about doing these fricking arena shows. I hoped I would take it all in my stride, but nope. weird dreams started happening again days before I left for Europe. Its always the same, dreams of playing shows and not knowing any of the songs, or playing on a stage that is so big I can't see the rest of the boys...or going up to my gear to find it all smashed up. Now I apologise if I am taking the mystic away for some of you that I don't get a little nervous. But, these were our biggest headline shows to date and I, personally, can never be prepared enough. I do have to say, that everyone else in the band does take it in their stride, and have the confidence and prowess to rise to the occasion, it takes me a little longer.
But....the shows went really well and I was well stoked after Wembley that there were can I say...real disasters.
Did a few shows after which were a little less stressful and more about just fun and playing and getting drunk...and flew back to LA yesterday. Good Times!
Was in the dressing room after the Wembley show and there was a really nice atmosphere and I had one of those moments where you stop and take it all in. It reminded me of something from an old metallica video, and something an old friend of mine once told me popped into my head "these are the good old days". I have never forgotten that. Its like taking a snap shot. I know not to try to hold onto these moments as they pass, but I shall not forget them. Everything comes to an end, I know, but I want to try to fill my cup with memories that help my walk my path, and not ones that poison me and drag me down, and lose direction.....
Pretence alert! ALERT! ALERT! ha. didn't know where I was going with that anyhow. so, yes.
Most people I meet accuse me of over thinking. It's not like I have a daily allowance of thoughts and "...opps, shit I've just gone over my limit...better stop thinking now". I, personally, would prefer to over think something than be ignorant to it. True, when you waste time thinking when you should be acting, or spend too much time thinking about unimportant things. I get it...I'm not dumb.
....and turn (completely off subject again), ironic that if my second paragraph were lyrics to a song they may be considered as.."oooh deep and ooooh moving" but in context of a blog...they just read as pretentious. Just an observation.
I do feel a little all thunked out right now, so I'll leave you with this...........



..and yes it did need to be shouted. For all those who are in the, Lee Adama, here's to you! for those that don't....plug in, download and start watching! MEGA LOLZ!!!!!!


Positive Chaos said...

MEGA LOLZ hahahhaha

you're one funny son of a bitch dude

Roxy said...

Being nervous rocks, it means that you have passion for what you are about to do. Well, that's what my rugby coach says. Not that the others in the band don't have passion, they probably are nervous really. You already know that as you are older and a lot more intelligent than me but it took me ages to type as I'm half asleep, so I'm not deleting it now. xx

I agree, you are very funny.

Kimmo said...

For what it's worth, though? Wembley was fucking rad. Despite the fact the group of us were all over the place and alternatively crushed or broken (or terrified!), it was completely immense. So more power to whole lot of you. Well impressed. Cheers for what was, in all, a bloody good week.

That aside. Battlestar Gallactica. NEVER been able to get into that. I've got a friend who turns into a mental person about it, but I'm more of a Farscape girl. Now I was DEVASTATED when that ended.

And, just for a change, I'm sat here rambling at your comment box when I could be doing something useful like, oh... work.

Gembadger said...

that bloke who jumped off the speaker crushed my mate! git.

glad you had fun though.

marie said...

Can you tell your mate that i would prefer NOT to be kicked in the head next time he jumps into the crowd, because i didnt enjoy the concussion and whiplash! thankyou!

That aside...

Battlestar galactica! fucking YAY!


Vivi said...

i get accused of over thinking, too... yeah, maybe it gives me more worries than neccessary...but at the end of a day, I wouldn't want to be different, I wouldn't want to think less about things. And as you said, it's better to be an over thinker than an ignorant.

Oh, and I really enjoy reading your blog...



Rachel said...

wembley was amazing, as i'm sure the other shows were :D
i heard about the speaker guy, lol [or MEGA LOLZ]
i met you at kerrang and we pinky hugged and then i asked for a proper hug and got one :]
oh and you drew on my poster.
so thank you for that, best day ever :D

Violen said...

Hey Jamie!
Finaly hearing some news from you! I'm very happy to find you writing again. Don't stop 'cause we (your fans and the fans of LP) are waiting all the time...
Well, I'm here to tell you that your new songs are just FUCKING GREAT! Keep this attitude! Can't wait to check out the others...
And to say something about your latest post here... You're not over thinking, really. I like the way you take the life. Don't ever change!
Hugs and love! :*

4rach4 said...


Loving reading these so pls dont leave the next one so long!


..::[Jazza]::.. said...

You made me realise something!... BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RULES!!!

And when are those MEGGA LOLZ T-shirts out??


shaka said...

hey,your piano ballad at the seec was mint!
what are you guys up to at the mo?

the other lad dont write much blogs,sort 'em out jamie! lol

Lps_Jess said...

Well Done Jamie! XD
Wembley was awesome and im sure the other shows were too! XD
Hope the rest of tour went good (after Scala) which by the way was excellent too! :D and im glad your mate is ok! Damn he had a hard landing! =S
But yeah... ooo meaningful blog! XD joking, but its very true! =]
I guess i shall see you at the Full Ponty (hopefully)
Jess xx
(the girl with the flashy sunglasses from Astoria, standing next to Jenny... yes matey! XD)
P.S. sorry for the essay comment... kinda. (Y)

M@ch1ko said...

Sut mae!
Boys will be boys...I've just remembered The Ordinary Boys...Yes, it's just my private thinking.
I think you had a great time with your friends at Wembley arena. How it was U.K's big & great arena for you?
Your blog is always so interesting & funny. (@_@)
Pob hwyl!
M from Japan xxx

framboisine said...

thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts with us. we are deeply touched. most of all it's nice to know that you're not too big headed YET, as to have no feelings whatsoever about your concerts. from our point of view, the fans, we also are scared before each concerts wandering wether it's gonna be the last one because you've become so superstar that you've lost touch with the world like some (no names) groups or singers who are so selfcentered that they forget about who put them where they are! Also before i forget, i've tried to have a look at your art collection but can't find it.Please, why can't you be like any other artist and join DA? OK, i just wanted to say hi, but it seems that i got carried away. oops.

WikidKitten said...

Ha, Jamie you're really too funny =]]
Hadn't been blogging much lately though...I thought you'd died :O
Haha nah, but keep it up :D


Positive Chaos said...

when are the shirts gonna be ready?

Caludiab said...

In my opinion Metallica videos are great, cause you always connect some memories of your life with a Metallica videos or songs and you can remember this memories positively or negatively, but you'll never forget it (this is for the people who likes Metallica, obviously). And the Metallica videos show the periods of the band (like the documentary "Some kind of monster" and others) and differents situations of the society (like "Turn the page " or "St. Anger"...)

Kises, Caludiab

Music is life said...

This is great! Good that that guy survived..^^
You shouldn't be so nervous, it always work out for the best...:) Almost always anyway.
I tend to over think things too...and yes, it is better than to be ignorant. But at the same time - at least I - tend to over think small things as well as bigger things. I wish I could stop thinking about the small things...ah well.
Keep Writing, it's great reading.

Leila(Lil) said...

Jamie, wow.....what can I say, your mate was hilarious jumping off those speakers, some peeps went a bit like "what the f**k is he doing" but I just took it all in and got totally bashed about and loved every minute of it. Saw you guys 3 times in 6 days and have to say it was most probably the best week of my to meet you at NIA meet and greet, dunno if I'll stick out in your memory but girl in green (check for the pics) managed to bump into and scare Ian as he came out of the loos but apart from that I'd like to think you did....well I'll still be harping on about you all to everyone I possibly can! Next was wembley which was awesome, then Scala so been around the block so to speak. Looking forward to T in the park and Reading so hopefully will be lucky enough to say hi to yous again and buy you a beer or two to say thank you!! Rock on MEGA LOLZ!!!! xx

Georgie said...

Yay new blog!

Once again enjoyed reading it. Nice and lengthy ;-] hehe

I think it's only natural that you were nervous for these shows. As you said its the biggest show's you've done so far, so there was I guess a lot of pressure on you all to be top notch.

I wasnt at the shows *sniff*, but from what I've heard from various people that did go, it was fucking amazing =]!!

I cannot wait to see u guys @ Reading in August, it's gonna fucking awesome!!!

Take care Jame!

MEGA LOLZ!!!! (bought a t-shirt btw, haha!)

Georgie xx ^__^

louize said...

U ave no idea how many times u & ian mainly ave ad me in tears u fuckin crack me up seriously don't eva change!! wish i knew u b4 u were all famous & untouchable neva mind mayb in the next life?? i could go on but cant b arsed!! take care baby ooo n if u didnt shit it u wouldnt care bout it erez 2bein all thunked out!! catch ya at ponty park xxx

frankie :) said...

i couldn't go to scala, my parents wouldnt let me go. gutteddd!
glad the gigs went alright, lookin' forward to the new album :) xx

Suze =] said...

Quite enjoyed reading that blog may i say jamie! Arena gig in birmingham was amazing and you guys handled it well for such a large stage and all that! And the start looked sooo good!
shame you were totally on the opposite side to and Mike looked rather small all the way over there!However the crowd was pretty mad! and i was pretty squashed and it was awesome!
So yeah!..... hmmmmm Full Ponty next! well excited! were coming from birmingham, but i know it'll be worth it and i can't wait!! see you and the other guys there! xox

poisonthememory said...

the stuff you wrote about not holding onto memories but not forgetting them kind of got me thinking. i guess because you're good at that, OR because i'm like you in the sense that i over-think a lot. and i mean a LOT. haha. in any case, i have a blog (xanga) of my own and recently wrote a post about remembering your past... you know, how important it can be to look back on the "good old days," because you learn from them and the mistakes you made. sometimes you can forget those lessons. plus it gives you a chance to laugh at yourself. me, i've had my blog for over 2 years, so i have stupid shit posts galore, which are pretty entertaining.

long story short i'm glad for you that you have a blog again, because it gives you a chance to (eventually) critique yourself, and to improve. and one day when you're 28972794 years old you'll read this and be like "dayummm i really did suck at surf." except... i think you admitted that already.

unless i'm just being an asshole.

in any case, sorry if i bored you to death with my random thought patterns. hope you've been well :)


Christy said...

Hey Jamie!*HUG* Its cool to be nervous, shows you care and want to do your best. Good to know you don't take it all for granted too, enjoy this time, you're in a priviledged position, living the dream, enjoy! ;vD Btw, thanx for answering my question in Kerrang about your art. My daughter has just finished a piece about you as an artist and your paintings for her GCSE art exam and a very good job shes done of it too even if I say so. Take care and see you guys at Ponty. Love and hugs Christy xxxxxxxxx

ilovejamielps said...

ha ha thanx for usin the phrase "mega lolz" ever since i read this ive been sayin it constantly and its pissin my m8s off like hell ha ha cheerz dude

u r a fuckin legend a hot 1 at that too

love from lisa xxxxx

lauren said...

MEGA LOLZ!!!!! love it <3 yay i love these blogs, keep em comingxxx

Alyssabella said...

Even though I don't even know what you're on about most of the time, I actually like reading all the blogs. Haha I sat here for a few minutes reading them. I love the fact you've taken a lot of time to type up all that. You sound like me, I tend to just sit there typing and typing. This comments even dragging on now. God I wish I lived in the UK! Hopefully one day Lostprophets will play Perth, Australia? :) Keep posting :) You're interesting haha.

blue_daze said...

WAKOKOKO! this is so cool..jamie's writin' some funny shit...hey jamie..if ye got a chance to read this..why the hell can't i add the lostprophets up in myspace!!?!?!? ::POUT::

osakasi said...


lauren said...

hey jamie, why did you change your name? Jamie suits you much more but i just wanted to know. love xx


hi guys!!!

I´m from argentina!!!
I only say, my english is very bad!!! so...only say...


bye guys
and good look

one argentine girl crazy for Lostprophets


RadioCambodia said...

at the end even if you have played thousands of shows you still get nervious...awesome!!!...but dude cmon you guys have to come to MEXICO!!!!! iam still waiting for that day to come...saludos (cheers)

Eduardo said...

'Sup Jamoliver, I wanna be just like you. I'm learning piano theory right now and reading. I wanna Synthetize N' stuff, effects, complementing music like ya'.

Well in general ppl, your music rocks.. i like all styles, from everyday combat, to 4AM frv.

Uhmmmm best song in atmosphere.. 'Goodbye Tonight'.. Tnx to you.. the song feels like it's really at night and on touring above countries. That's what i feel. Later