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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thanks guys....

...for taking the time to bother reading this, and for your comments. I guess Lee hasn't quite got round to setting his blog up. I am about trying to make time to do things rather than looking or trying to find time. I also think its cool when I see bands that I enjoy, put a little effort into communicating with the people that give them the chance to be in a band in the first place, and in all fairness, its no skin off my nose to type a few lines everynow and again right? I'd love to know what James Hetfield is up to these days and where his head is at, for instance. Not that I consider myself on a par with James Hetfield..Hell No...but the comments you guys wrote all pretty much say how cool you think it is that I'm writing, so Ima keep on writing.
And on that note, I've run outta things to say.....haha. No not really, for anyone who knows me, I can talk the ass off of a donkey. Talking of ass...I stuck to my words in my last blog...and did actually get my ass handed to me in the water today. Mikey shit out of surfing today (kidding bro!) so I went it alone. It was grey and a little cold, and to start I had a ball, but it got bigger and I got shitter and took a handful of hammering before sulking back to shore and to my bed. Man, for as much as I love doing it...I suck. guess its true about teaching old dogs new tricks. Mike on the other hand is c c c crazy. For what he lacks in ability, he makes up for with balls. The dudes a deathwish surfer...and regularly has runnings with other surfers in the water. The number of times I have seen mikey smash into some guy, or gal, or take out an entire family with his board... he's just plain mental. I love that about him. The rest of the guys in the band get pissy when mike and I pipe on about surfing. Labelling us as "surfer bum chums" and what not. Fuck 'em. Jealous they are. Haha.
We, pack up the studio in a few days, our work in San Diego is done my friends. We've done some great songs, and for the first time, had fun doing them. They'll probably change alot between now and putting them down on record, but if we made a record of what we have done at this point, I would be stoked. It feels and sounds way more like how we want to be seen and heard. Lets hope we manage to keep that attitude right through the process. Anyhooooo...I got shit to do, and people to see so loves ya and leaves ya. Be good to each other. Look after yourselves, its a dangerous world out there. (i don't quite know where I'm going with this...always found it hard to put the phone down and say bye.)...and....oh..fuck it.

*revised extention - No no no, dont get me wrong, its not that mike is better than me, we are both pretty shit (shit is a relative term), Its just he's crazier than I. Which at times works to his advantage and other times...boy oh boy...its painful to watch the trouble he puts himself into...haha. Plus when I said "what he lacks in ability..he was hurt that I was suggesting he didnt have any. He can surf. In fact for the length of time we been at it, we are RAD! I meant it as a compliment to the size of his balls. ha.
I can't believe I am actually writing this shit out..haha. Can you tell I've had a few beers!! Off out now, Mikes DJing down at the Beauty Bar in San Diego...come along if you can, we'll all be there tearing up the dance floor. OUT.


Andie said...

Well...after a fairly crappy and uneventful day, reading about your shenanigans has managed to raise a smile out of me! Thank you xx

P.S....great to read things are going well with the new toons xx

Georgie said...

YAY another blog =) \o/

Hahaaha, it's only natural that your gonna crash and burn out in that water as your just a beginner. But keep at it, and you'll be as good as Mike one day -- (maybe even better!) *nudge wink* hehe ;)

It definitely sounds like the others are jealous of u 2! I know I am! Just keep on at them bout what their missing out on etc (not that I know having never surfed.. but u get what i mean!) lol

So you guys are heading back home soon? Cool cool, gonna get urselves ready for them big gigs in April and May eh?

Unfortunately I wont be at any of them... BUT I shall be seeing you @ Reading Fest in Aug, looking well forward to THAT! FUCK YEA!!! ^__^

Peace outtttttttt Jame!

**hugs for all**

Georgie x

..::[Jazza]::.. said...

Well.. maby if you practice a little more you could be as good as mike =]

and by the way i love your art and your photography!

keep writting haha!!


4rach4 said...

Keep on writing and we'll keep on reading. Rx

Chris said...

Omg i wanna surf so bad now. never have in my life but you make it sound so awesome.

hey can you compare the new songs to an older one? like do they sound like anything else you've done in the past?

*miss_Becky* said...

mate you love it :)

Christy said...

Oooooo you tease Jamie....more hints about the new album! :vD So looking forward to it. Thanx again for another sweet blog.

Luv and hugs xxxxx

Chelle-Bell said...

I was wondering where Lee's blog was...
You may not be on par with James Hetfield but I do enjoy reading what you write and your thoughts on things.
Hope you didn't get hurt while surfing.Your like my favourite member of the band.
Great to hear the new album is coming along and I can't wait for it to be done.
You sure can talk about random shit can't you?You would probably win a trophy for Wales(I was so tempted to write Scotland there lol).
I'm gonna go now since I've prattled on.I'll be seeing you and the guys in Glasgow in two weeks!
See yah! <3

tootupontheroof said...
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so not the drama said...

hey j,seems like im your first comment on this blog,pretty nifty!
youve probably heard it before but its excellent to read your blogs.
its just a little part of you that you are giving to your fans and i thank you for that.
its just good to see what makes the band tick.
so just keep those blogs a commin cos they are awesome!
Oh and the surfy thing just be careful out there cos Ponty wont be the same without the legendary Mr Oliver!

so not the drama said...

Hey J, no posts yet on this blog,whats the world coming to?
So just wanted to say as you have maybe heard a million times,its so good to be let into a little corner of jamies real world!
Its awesome that you take the time to do this and i hope cyber world is being good to you.
See its not so bad!lol
Anyways this surfy thing,be careful out there cos Ponty just wont be the same without the legendary Mr Oliver!
Over and out...!

Lost716 said...

Wow..surfing.!! I want to learn to surf!! I'm glad u are writing!! I love reading about what is going on with you guys!!

mutilated56 said...

Awesome your the only guy who leaves us something to read ....but its koolz doo dooo doooo yea srry i got distracted but anywayz Aloha

Ms. Hill said...

It means alot to so many of us for someone we admire so much to take the time to share their thoughts/feelings with us. Never under estimate yourself, I'm sure to some you are on par with Mr. Hetfield.

kim said...

It amuses me, for some reason, that you had to come back and edit to apologise to Mike. Same as Andie, though, I've gotta say reading this really does raise a smile. So I'm going repeat the many thank yous and bugger off to work. Ta muchly.


haha that made me laugh, cheered me up :)
its good that your taking time to write something for us all to read :)
carnt wait for the new songss, gonna be immense x

..::[Jazza]::.. said...

haha yeh you do sound you'v had a bit of a booz =] and mike as a DJ Haha i wish i could be there!

so your both RAD at surfing then!! thats cool!!


oh yeh and cool pic of you on your blog.. that made my day! Haha!

Another*Brick*In*The*Wall said...

x] Thanks for the blog - gave me something interesting to read!
So you guys coming back home soon?
The weathers gorgeous back here, even up north!
Yeah.. and don't give up on the surfing (which is more than I can say for myself).. keep working on it ;]
Keep safe
Love, Sabz XX

so not the drama said...

well its sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives in the states and you so all deserve that but can we have you back now?

weve feel like we lost our guys to the good old USA!
Please come home,we miss ya!!

no, on a serious note,hope you are all at a stage in your lives that you can relax a little and enjoy your success cos YOU'VE MADE IT GUYS!!

oh,enjoy your night! Rock it for ya mateys in the UK!
look forward to your next blog,be it sober or not!
take care boys x

Roxy said...

Your blog made me smile. My friend Jack is like Mike it sounds. He got told to get out the water because he so many innocent people. Good too see that the new record is getting on. Looking forward to it. xx

Trouble said...

please, please, please tour in the U.S. again. Please. Wwe've been waiting forever.

RadRacer said...

It's really cool to see you posting like this. talking outside of the box. Giving Us a new veiw on your life. sweet as hell.

Take Care,

Leanna.Loves.Lostprophets said...

Your well cool for keeping to the fans. Lol :)
Ha surfing sounds so fun. shame the fact that i'm in england where there is no coast Coz Wales is there haha. I'd suck at it anyway.

Keep Surfing and Keep having Fun

Love Leanna xxx

Music is life said...

I wanna learn how to surf but i have to get the hell out of Sweden to do that...Waves in Sweden are extremely lame. :(

I'd like to see Mike surf as a crazy man...haha.
So you actually like writing the new album? ;)

Anyway, don't ever stop rambling,it's fun as hell to read...if hell is fun that is..I don't think it is.Do you?

Anyway, this blog was just as great as the previous one. Keep going please.


Christy said...

Have an awesome easter Jamie! *HUG* Hope ya not too hungover after Mikes gig! LOL Nice bit of surf would soon sober you up I'm sure!

Luv and hugs
Christy xxxxxxx

Screw_everyone_else! said... it!!
Never really pictured you as the watersports kind..more of a tried and true rugby bloke (rooting 4 the home team (go wales!!) as expected) =)
See u guys @ Wembley!
*n e chance that i will ACTUALLY get 2 meet u this time?!? :(*
Ash xx

Alanna said...

dude if i had the gutts to plunge ma ass into the baltic oceans of Scotland id be well up for sum of that surfing shizz!! Thankgod i dont have a death wish, lol!

Anyways im finkin its proper gid that u got these blog fings happenin, nice to see that some o u rock stars out there are still in the world of reality!!

Anyways, geez i have ranted on a fair bit like hahaha, gid to hear the new tunage is goin aces and shall be a pleasure to see u back on Scottish shores on the 18th!
i shall be rockin the SECC floor so hard, oh yes i will!

Laters my friend
Keep it real

Suze =] said...

haha you make me laugh jamie =]
nice to here from you guys through these personal blog thingy magiggys!
and the pieces art that i've seen by you are awesome! I hope to get somewhere in life through art! and an inspiration you are Mr Jamie Oliver!
looking forward to that new album! and seeing you guys in april!
Thankyou [= xox

Roxy said...

You rock, especially you =) =P. Can't wait for the new album. Keep on rocking. xx

MilaQP said...

so cool that u have blogs that a pretty amazing thing..luv ya Jay..ur the funniest guy of Lozprofitz...hahahaha luv ya kisses for Lee i hope he can jfix that blog thing soon



Lucy said...

Wow! Somebody that can actually witter on more than me about absolutely nothing whilst still managing to make sense, tho I tend to digress in the middle of what I'm saying and end up talking about summat completely different. My daffodils are nice this year.
Happy Egg Day one and all.

Alex said...

nah i reckon lee just couldnt quite drag himself outta starbucks or whatever ;) what camera you got? it looks pretty arty, im taking its a digital slr?, im after a canon 400d, they look sweet. x

mel said...

bahaha! oh my! as if I couldn't love you anymore... you never cease to amaze me! I FRIGGIN' LOVE YOU!!!!
I CANNOT wait to see you in Salt Lake City again! :)
xOxOx ♥ ♥ ♥

mel said...

post script:
I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED for your new record!! I love you guys with all of my heart. I appreciate you takin' the time to update us on here. It seems more personal and I love it!
more than you could ever know, I love you.

SarahSniper said...

You do ramble on Jamie dont you?
quite funny to read, always like to read how mike knocks out families..
Well that cheered me up after a week off illness

Cant wait for you guys to get back in the UK the arena tour shall be so good, i guess my usual 15 hour queue wait wont be nessessary this time, as i have seated tickets..
Oh well... will be good to see you guys


Lps_Jess said...

Another great blog Jamie! :D
Haha well that made me laugh!
And keep trying with the surfing! I'm sure your doing and great... and for Mike, watch out for the other people! Haha
Nice blog! xx (Y)

Ruffles said...

Never surfed in my life, but am now dreaming about it....or is it just the thought of you in that tight little outfit....ha ha....!!!!Mmmmmmmmmm....!!!

Ruffles said...

Fucking unbelieveable....thats what you are....!!! After a hard day...doing fuck all...(On school hols ya see..)I find myself drawn, (yet again...!!) to the mighty blogs of Jamie Oliver....and what a mighty man he is....Mmmmmm...ha ha..!!! I left myspace a few months ago, and have been seduced back, by the writings of a Prophet...oh fuck me...think Im on one...!!!! (open another bottle Trace)....Im still in awe, (only just the right side of 35...doesn't take much does it..!!) over the fact that you make time to write to the fans, telling us all about your daily going's on. I knew you were a nice bloke, cause you stopped for my mate and me outside the Manchester Apollo once....We were expecting you to say..."Haven't got the time boy'o"...(For some reason, that came out of my mouth sounding very much like a Geordie...mind you the only thing I can say that sounds remotely Welsh is.."My grannie was a Jones"...but she wasn't so....Ahhh well.....Bollocks...) but instead in true gentlemanly style, you gave us time for a piccy.... I think it really is time to open another bottle....ha ha..!!

Take it easy mucker...Keep writing to us and we'll keep' a reading...and no doubt we'll keep getting pissed and writing rambling comments...WOOHOO...!!..XXX

PanchoWatkins! said...

It's the real Jamie from Lostprophets?
I was think yours site are private or something
cheer upppppppppppp

The Online Business Challenge - Contact said...

Hi Jamie,

Dave from london here. Nice blog you've got going, see you in one week time at Wembley Arena! Anyway, I've got my own youtube series now running, based around a challenge. I am only 17 and I was challenged to see if I can create an online business and ebook within 4 weeks. many people wont think I will because of my age, but im going to prove them wrong and show my struggle through videos and a blog.

It would be great if you could find the time to check them out.


PanchoWatkins! said...

Jamie! You rulez men
your DJ work is great!! I mean, I really like the interludes in the first album of your band!! But aww.. sorry I don't speak english natively, so I can't read clearly the post you wrote, but I can get an idea :)
I will get back on here to check whatz up!

Caludiab said...

Great blog Jamie!
Don't mind what they say about Mike, do another activities like golf for example ;].
If you want I teach you how to play haha.

Metallica 4ever!!



Katie said...

yah blog! sounds like you had a eventful day as for me school isn't that much fun! i spend much of my time starting at a ugly chalkboard praying for the bell to ring...yes lets throw ourselves a pitty party anywho i love reading your blogs so keep it pleaz! xxxkt

ps i agree i think the others are jealous of you and your rad surfing skills...

said... rock :D

Hmm...I wanna surf'd think I'd be able to being Californian and all lol...but I don' therefore I suck V.V haha

Anyway, keep writing. It makes me happy you all have your own individual blogs :D

much <3

Kitty && Nixxx


Ha, you're awesome Jamie lol.
I wish I knew how to surf :(
I should being from California and all lol.

Well, it's good to see that you all have personal blogs now :D

Well, take care! <3333

Kitty & Nix...(but mostly Kitty lol)

Gustavo said...

Write again on this! im wonderin news... by the way, surf, for me its really difficult or im scary of crash into the water... whatever. keep wriring on this and take care all of you.


jade_prophets said...

and i love your screen name
very snazzy :P

lee said...

dude how comes your life is so easy?
i have to go to fxxckin' skool (not that i do)

Gustavo said...

you should be SCARED of the water!! i mean there are sharks and stinggrays and lobsters etc etc they CAN EAT YOU WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!...

i tried to surf one time and i get scared cuz when i was on the top of the wave i was thinking it was too high!! fucking panic!

anyways.. take care of you and the boys! keep writing


Gustavo said...

hope i could meet you in person one time.. (yes im a guy but im not gay). dont public this is embarrassing.
just post it back

Tori.bean said...

i really enjoyed those :]
It's nice that you actually bother to write :D
I saw you last thursday,
at manchester men, i loved it
The best night of my life so far,
and i caught one of your water bottles :D

ellieface said...

corr u can talk for wales :P

is good tho i get to be nosey :]

keep up the blogs (y)

Anna said...

Bore da, sud u chi? Hope you are well. I'mn proud to say,I myself am Welsh (albietfrom the north, don't hold that against me-us taffy twats gotta stick together right??!!)

Well Ive been a proper blonde bird today, tried to send this message 11 times now, so fingers crossed! My apologise if I've sent the same message a hundred times, acually no, fuck it you should be thanking me being bothered to write the damn thing over and over again;)

Saw you boyos at Wembley arena n you were fuckin' awesome, was right at the front:)

Jamie thanks for the blogs it doesn't matter that you're rambling on-you may have noticed I'm a bit of a waffler myself! It just means a lot to us that you can find the time to write to us mere mortals, n not got too big for ya boots.

It might sound a cliche' but your tunes have meant so much to me, got me through some tough times and given me the strenght to carry on, I know you probabley thinkin what a load of shit, but its true (mentally abusive marriage, to name but a few) Anyways I'm ok now n back to my old self. Living life to the full n getting mashed as much as poss.

Loved the san diego homevid lads much better than scripted stuff, felt more real(duh it was real, I knoe,Iknow) like we was there with ya. Don't grow up, much more fun acting the goat innit? At 31 I'm probabley your oldest fan:( bubt refuse to become an adult!

Anyhoo, better go as am meant to be working;s Keep it real n don't forget ya roots. Luv ya loads. Cymru am beth!!!xxx

liverpool_lady said...

Hey great gig at scala last night but omg you was sooo crazy lol wid ya 3rd eyeball stuc to ya head lol
anywayz thanks for being the only lostprophet to write a decent blog lol so i think you should kick the asses of all the other who has not yet written a blog shame on them lol (excpet stu coz he has kinda written one...but kick him anyway lol)
Great gigs (scala&wembley)
Thankz xx

bladeofclementine said... your blog. I like to read it. I'm from croatia, but i like to read it on english. I think you realy cool

knusperfelix said...

honestly jamie, i think you're the only prophet who takes this blog stuff really serious (or has the time to do it, i don't know)
it's really enjoyable to read your outpourings

lowlyworm said...

Hey Jamie.

Have just found your blog... made for some funny reading..

Just want to say thanks for such a good concert on April 20th in Birmingham. Was an awesome night! I can't wait for the new album.

Anyways Cya dude!