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Monday, April 2, 2007

Hey everyone, or anyone who cares......

I'm alive. I've been gone quite a while I know. But that's because I got all weird about writing blogs on the lostprophets web-site. I almost felt like I had to censor my opinions just incase they were taken as the opinion of the whole band. And such as I am not my brothers keeper, I don't wish them to be held responsible for my own ideas/opinions/insights/theories/artyfarty nonsense (which I must add, I am very capable of boring even the most polite and patient people with).
So, all in all, I am way more comfortable with this and hopefully, if I manage to pull my head from my own arse from time to time I will write something here. Not in the hope that anyone cares for what I think, nor because I have an agenda of any sort, simply because I can. And since everyone else is doing it, why the hell not. Its quite narcissistic in a sense, a way of putting yourself out there for someone in the secrecy and privacy of their room to see. Thats my take on it....a sort of "hey! check me out..I'm important aren't I!...aren't I?" Sad and ironic in a way, that nowadays people crave acceptance and attention from the solitude of a lonely room. They pull up a single chair and log on to see if anyone cares to want to know or hear them. Me...until now, I have tried to do all of that in the tangible world, but Tao can only lead me so far...and when the rest of the dudes (as I shall call them) are permanently logged in and logged on around me...well, I just follow suit.

.....and that is why I like this blog thingy as a link...haha. What a bunch of old pretentious bollocks...and thats ok though.... right? I mean I can write and say what the fuck I want. And It just falls back on me. That's pretty nifty.
SO, whats new in the life of me..the rapper from, well..I have been having some nice weekends away from the garage doing my own thing, mostly trying to get a bit of surf in, and riding my scooter up and down the coast. I went on my second rally yesterday with a bunch of scooterists from the Westside Scooter Club (that's the one I am in) and The Reflections society from up Hollywood way. We joined forces and did a run up along the Sunset strip all the way to the sea. It was a fairly big bunch of us and a few brave dudes, holding traffic so we could go along without stopping at lights etc. A fun day was had by all.
In the weekdays before going to the garage to write, Mike and I have been trying to get a few hours in the sea. The water is still a bit cold but getting warmer, and the San Diego waves are way better than up north...sorry, but its true. The days we have been out, we've had a ball and touch wood, so far no major injuries or runnings with local gangs..if that kinda shit still goes can tell I've been geeking out on the whole Z-boys. I'm stoked (yeah..I said what?) cos my short (slightly shorter) boarding is progressing slowly (very slowly). I did a few carves (by carves I mean turns..and by few I mean one) the other morning for the first time, and somewhere in my head a penny dropped and I thing I figures something out. All I have to do now is figure out what that thing is and how to use it.. voila!
Shit...I'm going on and on again. Have to get up in a few hours to have my ass handed to me by the ocean so best I get some rest. Hopefully, I'll try and write again tomorrow or the next, but.....what is it they say...don't hold your breath..whoever YOU happen to be.
Oh, yeah, if you are gonna comment, be nice, I'm new to this, cut me some slack, also don't take this or me too its just a bit of fun. I don't wanna get into any pointless runnings with people, and get all hot headed and start ranting (like some people I know), basically if you don't like what I have to say or don't really agree... save that thought, log it, come say hi to me next time you see me in the street and we'll have it the appropriate manner. until then see if you can suck it up and be all positive and polite like how your parents would like you to be. good. Ta ra x


kim said...

Surfing. I tried that once, probably down Exeter way. God, it was awful. Or I was. I'd already had my arse handed to me by a speed boat which took turns at about a thousand miles an hour and I thought I was going to die, and then we all went surfing. And wind surfing. Christ, it was miserable. I'll leave that to people who undoubtedly look better in a wetsuit.

Geek comment done with, I'm going back to work.

..::[Jazza]::.. said...

nifty indeed

And no dont stop goin on and on i like to know things i will keep reading these blogs what ever size they are!


Sweeet :) carnt wait for the new song :) xx

Andie said...

You may have been away..but it's good to see you back! xx

Rachel said...

i'm not going to judge you or the band on your opinions at all, actually i think it's better than saying nothing at all lol i can't say i know another band willing to make blogs for them.

on a non-seriousness note.. that made me smile lol, keep having fun :] xxx

Chris said...

This is hilarious!

Christy said...

Thanx for taking the time and making the effort to do a blog. Its nice to get an insight into what you guys get up to both with the music and away from it and I don't mean that in a nosey, stalkerish way either!:vD Just proves you're normal guys who like to have fun. Loving the way you write, it makes me smile. LOL Good luck with the surfing, practise makes perfect as they. ;vD

Luv and hugs, Chris xx

Roxy said...

Surfing rocks, nothing wrong with 'going on' a lot- ranting rocks too. Can't wait for the Full Ponty ad the new album. xx

ps nice to see a band that still respects and talks to their fans.

Jennifer said...

If my opinion said otherwise, I would have to do some lengthy travel to tell you in person... being from the US. ;) Perhaps when visting and coming to the Ponty show. ;)

Joking aside, it really is refreshing to see something that's down to earth. I was having a discussion with a friend about the blogs and I really like that you take the time to write something.

Your humor was a refreshing thing to wake up to at 4:30AM before heading off to work. :)

Novel aside, take care and keep them coming!

Music is life said...

If I'll be able to say hi to you, you'll have to come to Sweden..;) But I've been on you about that for like a decade..(or not but whatever). I'm losing hope here.

Anyway, you're a great blogger (funny) and waayy better at updating than some other guys (in your band).
BTW, Lee's blogger link from your Myspace page doesn't work.


Georgie said...

Blimey, that's a long blog =]

But it was an enjoyable read.

It's not often that people take time out of their busy schedule to come and post shit so I'll always look forward to reading about whatever the hell u wanna right Jame!

Never been surfing myself, too much of a wuss, but it does sound quite exciting!

Take care, and say hi to the rest of gang!

Georgie x

Another*Brick*In*The*Wall said...

This blog idea was a really good one =]
:o Surfing? I wouldn't have the guts, lol - open water scares me to death..
Anyway, good to know you're having fun.
Carry on posting and take care,
Sabz xx

Ms. Hill said...

You boring?...never! You are quite interesting to say the least and I love your sense of humor.

WikidKitten said...

Hmm...surfing eh? I've never tried that before. Probably a good idea since I'd most likely fall on my ass or drown knowing myself. I like these individual blogs...good idea. You should keep posting them for sure :).Gives me something to do with my very boring life lol =/

Well, take care Jamie :D


lovelyvampire said...

jamie youre totally rad, i envy you and mike, i yearn to ride waves and feel their power and serenity under a board. good luck with that, you'll get your progression on!
can't wait to hear the new tracks<3

mel said...

Dearest Jamie:
You are such an incredible soul. I love you and I love reading your blogs.
I feel like a dork now for posting this. heh. Oh Well.

Lps_Jess said...

I've been surfing once before was really good! OK i'm no good at it but it was great! :D
Great that you getting into it! (Y)

Caiti M said...

Jamie, just wanted to say it's really cool of you to actually be falling through with this. I mean, It's cool to be reading about what one of your idols are thinking. You guys are way popular now, and A LOT of members of bands as popular as you guys are just getting more and more cocky as time goes on. You seem exact opposite. You may think what you're writing is just a rant about your day, and the things you're doing, but it means alot to people like me who do log into a computer just to find out if anyone finds me interesting enough to leave a comment or send a message because my life is unbelievably boring. It says alot when you take time from your day to wrie to your fans and stuff.

(marion) said...

it was a funny reading!i like what you've said!continue like that!

tchou from france

gracie1509 said...

Ooooo you are so lovely! Of course people are gona be nice to you, for you are lovely! hehehe! Coming to see you guys in a coupla days in Wembly...and then again at Ponty...then maybe PinkPop...then Reading. Not that I am an obsessed fan, no. I just have more money than sense (hahahah see what i did there...I lied!!) Love love love xxx

lullaby said...

ok fingers crossed this will work this time round as it better be 3rd time lucky lol it dont seam to want to let me leave a comment! but like i said in the last 2!
i dont find a lot of stuff on this new fandangles thingy that the younger ppl r calling the internet(lol) but i have to say u r a funny fucker!
My mate got me into ur music a few months ago and i have to say it was nice to put a face to the music on hear!

mega-lolz said...

aww, i dont think u think too much!!! and good luck with the scooters and surfing! xx