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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Crazy.........only a quicky

Thats me! really though, I wanted to address the comments regarding the new GarageDays photos that we put up. For those who are questioning, the photos of Lee are now up...they were just in the second batch, and The reason why I'm not in any of the photos is because I am taking the blimming shot y'all!
Gotta run


Rachel said...

wow you actually got blogs!
the photos are awesome. as are you :D

Andie said...

Fantastic photos...looking forward to some "interesting" blogs! x

Georgie said...

love your photos Jamie, they are ace =]

Cant wait to read more of your blogs (and the other guys!)

Georgie x

xcangelx said...

so you guys make music in a garage* how cool! :)

caiti said...

Well then, you're quite an amazing photographer.

If you weren't a rockstar, you could make a living off that.


-Loves-Her-Bitch- said...

Photo's Are Awesome BTW
I NEED To See You Guys Again!
I Can Honestly Say The Gig At Portsmouth Guildhall Was The Best Night Of My Liife!

I Think It's Awesome You Guys Have Blogs... Makes It 100X More Interesting! =]


Lps_Jess said...

awesome pics jamie! (Y)
and looking foward to the stuff you decide to write in this blog thing! lol =]

lpsTBO said...

Yay cool pics but what about pics of you!
i want pics of you!


Love you man xxx

..::[Jazza]::.. said...

Hey jamie i just wanted you to see this!!

this shows how much people love you!


M@ch1ko said...

I've find your blog just now (it's too late? sorry...)
Your photos are awesome. I love it. But I'd like to see your photos of you.
Have you been taking photos like this pics? (below)

You must be very busy, but if you have a time, please see it. I hope you link, see and like it.
BTW, your show in Osaka was so fxxking amazing. Especially, you looked so funny and cool when you did cover song "Planet Earth".
It was so hard to believe, you did it. I was so glad.
I'd like to see you guys again. Please come again to Japan as soon as you possible.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

Lots and lots of love,
Machiko xxx

Alex said...

haha jamie you rant too fucking much!! glad your doing this though man, anyway it's far more important than writing an album, right ;) x

GiNa said...

i LOVE that you actually do your blog thing! and your photos are wicked!
come back to Manchester soon?
pleeaaassseee? =D
-- also .. i hope your grateful i just made a 'google account' JUST for you... ;) x

Martha said...

Whoa you do blogs!? thats wow. Birmingham gig was the best night of my life shame i will prob never c u guys again stupid place of the country (CNDA) Just 2 say whoa you guys were mega

jassy said...

ive seen ur vid on buzznet its really cool


WTFuck said...

Yeah! You people are really great. We are waiting 4 U In Poland.

Oooh and made Ian to write something on his blog! IT'S FUCKIN' EMPTY! (Cool,Beans?WTF)

megalolz!!! said...


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

oo!!! and im on the hunt for some new pics, thankies hun, will appropriate them soon lolz :)



p.s dont change the Ghrol look its hot :)