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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy crap! its hot today!

Scorcher! shorts weather.
I can't remember if I mentioned anything about the Grenade games that I went to last weekend. Well I did, and it was amazing. Getting wasted on the slopes with half pipe contests, free beer and bands. The sun was out, the snow was cold, and we had a blast riding big park benches all the way down the mountain. Good times.Its the 4th year they've done it. Hell of an experience, only wish I had worn appropriate clothing..I looked like a doosh on the snow in a pair of dunks and jeans. Ah well, live and learn eh?. In case your wondering, Grenadegloves is a snowboard company by Danny Kass, and The Dingo is involved 'em. Dingo's awesome..complete nutter of course but a sound aussie fella. I went up with a few friends and Tal who's one of the faces of DCMA clothing company, which has finally got up and running. Used to hang out with Tal loads when we were writing Start Something, now he's become a celeb in his own right. Tal did a little vid
We are back in the studio jamming on some new stuff and re-arranging. It's cool to be all back together in one place. There's something that feels right about spending our days laughing and making music, its like as though its what we are suppose to do. duh!
I have finally gotten ridden of that silly car of mine in the UK. You can see it featured in the Burn Burn video at the end. A white Japanese rocket that is totally impractical. Well, someone taken it away to sell it for me. I did put alot of love into that car back in the day when I was crazy, but its been sitting doing nothing for years now and a shame to let something like that go to waste. If anyone in the UK is looking for a super crazy sports car, lemme know, and I let the dude know. I'm happy with my scoot and my old mini. less strain on the environment and all that.
I need to get back in shape too. was feeling quite fit when I was training with me wife for the LA marathon which she completed. I got a dodgy knee from boarding so I held off on running and did a Cycle marathon instead. But my routine is all out because of all the times I've gone away to the mountains, so I'm all pudgy again. And I haven't been in the sea surfing for like 3 weeks..! how bad am i?
I got a bit tired of all the Dave Grohl comments I was getting recently so I opted for a little change, shaved off me moustache and popped a little dye in my hair. well alot of bleach I should say. ALOT of bleach!, burned the shit out of my scalp...all in the name of vanity. What an arse I am. Ian says I look like Andy Warhol, can't tell if that was a compliment or not, but I was ok with it.
Gotta ride my pushbike to and from the studio this week, from the beach up into Hollywood. Probably take me and hour each way, at least I'll get a workout. Best go now get some beauty sleep and rest my napalmed skull. I'll try and keep you posted on the studio stuff.
Pester the rest of the guys to write some blogs. Just hammer into them on the myspace page. Its always fun to see Ian lose his shit over something unimportant and cause a shit storm with the fans. haha.


Benjamin said...

haha, i know what it's like with the bleach! my head went dumb!!

and idk if im a minority or a majority when i say keep up with the blogs!

tis wierd how you can get an insight into some1s thoughts/feelings, but they dont even know you exist, but yeah, im sorta a chat head myself xP

Shelly said...

pics of your new Andy Warhol look?

Anonymous said...

Andy Warhol!...sweet

its wicked you keep updating!!xx

Anonymous said...

yay :) can't wait for the album!!

n u have mini - awesome, so do i!! they rock :-D

I will pester to the best of my abilities - it's great 2 hear what u guys are up 2 n 2 know that u dnt mind us knowing. that personal touch goes a long way. good on ya!!


Elina said...


Should be interesting to see your new hairstyle :D That bleaching stuff sounds kinda dangerous...xD


eilo18 said...

you bleached your hair?!
oh jamie... =P
can we see some pics?! xD
i'm sure you look great anyway, love ^_^
can't wait for the new album!
keep posting to keep my sanity while i wait for the masterpiece that shall be lostprophets fourth album =]


cat said...

btw. my mini was faster than yours. i won. you were dust.

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

Awwww the Dave Ghrol look was cool :D



Odalis said...

The weather is heating up again in L.A. these days. Hey, I've seen you come up in pictures several times in the DCMA website. Action sports boys do seem to have all the fun. Lucky for you, you know how to skate.

FUNK said...

by your 'old mini' do you mean a Classic BRITISH mini instead of the 'new' german one?