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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm such a tool...

I edited the last blog so that I could link to the Grenade website, but didn't for some reason, bother to publish it. "waa waa waa!"
So as you can see its back up now.
I was reading some amazing stuff last night about Entropy (It is a measure of the randomness of molecules in a system and is central to the second law of thermodynamics), and the arrow of time and that in theory an egg can not only splatter but given the exact right circumstances it can Un-splatter! How cool is that? the chances are so low that its not even worth considering but by the laws of Physics it is theoretically possible. For the most part, I struggle to get my head around such grand concepts..and when I do manage a moment of amazing insight...I am so blown away by what I learn, that I immediately forget it. Or try and tell someone and fuck it up completely and look like a dithering stuttering knob. So, these days I resign myself to just enjoying those moments of amazement and leave the explaining to the pro's. People generally take me for some try hard wannabe spoff who regurgitates nonsense that I read...and that's ok. I just want to share my amazement with them and fail more often than not. But one day maybe I'll pick the right words and the way to share my newly acquired (or adopted) perspectives, and bring a little light to someone else for a brief moment, before we both crash back to the grind of everyday social reality and its bullshit pointless jostling, though I doubt it.
I had hoped that I would be able to inspire Ian. but he just thinks I'm a hippy ponce. I have also tried writing lyrics about this kinda stuff, but I think I sound like a hippy ponce too, so best leave it to the experts ha ha. Well, enough of this drivel, I'm boring myself. off to try and draw out some T-shirt designs for Download. If I leave it all up to Ian to do we'd all be looking like Kings of Leon. THAT of course is not a bad thing! Just kidding've got a rad sense of design that I fall short on every time. That's why we are a team!..I'll draw the crazy space egg shit and you make it look good by sprinkling your design magic..sweet. guys got any ideas what sort of T-Designs I/we should do for Download and the next few months? don't need art or nothing just rad ideas and inspiration. post links to stuff and I'll check it out. And of course I won't publish the posts for the whole world to see where I ripped of the ideas from, so if there's anything you want to comment on...chuck it into a separate post.
Tidy, see you later!


sarahscott said...

haha at the egg facts. x

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...

You sound too geeky jibbering about eggs for my liking =p iv gotta do chemistry revision for a test tomorrow and my brain is being sufficiently mashed! [hence why i think i can no longer spell sufficiently?] =p

so wish i could be at download
proper pish living in scotlandd
cant belive your not even doing a show here! whats that all about. sakes =p


kimbot said...

related to absolutely fuck all you actually posted about, i was looking at your profile and i merely wish to comment that the five people you meet in heaven is probably one of the best books i have read in a long, long time and is the one book i tell people they simply MUST read. i've just read for one more day as well, which is also a genuinely beautiful little story. because, you know, much like you feel when you watch the crow, you're left feeling as if, if you had just One More Day with that special someone, then that is how you'd wish to spend it. (and that's kim-shaped logic, and also one hell of a run on sentence, oops.)

so yes. mitch albom. i think i sort of love him. that really is all.

beavis said...

I think u wrote quite good inspiration yourself. :D eggs. :D if not use it like inspiration of inspiration. like: eggs- small chicken- fledged- haired- yeti- antarctica
ok stupid. im just bored... :)
have a nice day

eilo18 said...

awww you're too cute jamie! ^_^

i agree with kerry - please come back to scotland!
we miss you!
the last time i saw you guys live was 6th july at glasgow garage, where i broke my ribs - a clear sign of a truly awesome show (Y)


Crissie said...

just caught up with yr last 2 blogs,cant wait to see yr new colour hair,but i must say i loved yr dark hair with yr darkish eyes to me u looked a true welsh man and thats not abad look,trust me,got tickets to cardiff and astoria now so cant wait to see u all,still lookin forward to that 4th album,
take care
hugs and kisses
crissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hows phil's face healin up now?

THE MAN said...

I am now highly inspired to manufacture a device that will drop eggs so exact that they will up-splatter. Transmission terminated.

Hikari Yamino said...

Waaaah, you actually read about physics stuff!The unsplatter thing of eggs seems cool!Where did you read it??

Anonymous said...

Person talking about 5 people you meet in heaven, agreed. It is amazing!

Oh yeah, hey Jamie. :D