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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I really want to write more...

but I am totally immersed in my work at the moment. I very much appreciate the encouragement and kindness that you guys have written, and your requests for more blogs, and i promise when i have a moment i can explain why it has been difficult for me to write. For now, I hope I don't force you guys to lose interest, i will be back in full very shortly. Sorry. lame I know.


remco said...

nah it aint lame, your really stoked with the new album i guess really looking forward to it, hope its the same quality as the fake sound of progress and start something. cant wait !

Ms Annie said...

take the time you need =)
at the moment i'm in my world too concentrating on whats important and what not.. i finally figured out where i belong. i think i'm the theater kinda kid.. maybe not the actress.. more the sound guy or the light.. i dunno. but theater kinda catched my attention.
why am i telling you this? well.. i guess i just wanted to shout it out.
i hope you're doing well and do the right things =)
feel lovely hugged!

annie bananie

+BRI said...

We cant really get annoyed at the fact youre working super hard can we, so you are forgiven :P
Hope everythings going well and I look forward to hearing about it all when you have the time.
Love Ruth

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

like we would lose interest, course not, we know you is busy busy and we understand that, any hoos we have twitter too lol


luv n hugs

Ms Annie said...

i was i wasn't bored, i just thought "how about...well...yeah! how about painting my favorite artists using their own style of painting?!" at this point i was thinking of Chuck Close..which was why i dropped that idea instandly xD well i like drawing photorealistic but the size of the piece would have been a problem..
so.. i had a hard time understanding the proportions and all that stuff the people in your paintings have.. kinda weird.. there were moments when i thought you were on drugs..
but anyway.
i tried, i failed, i tried again, i got bored trying, i finally got the sketch, i started painting it on canvas, kinda was looking good but i was lazy and didn't finish it and today i just painted it with photoshop, which is why it looks crap now. =(

well.. thats the sketch:

thats the unfinished canvas:

(i kinda copied two paintings of yours. the one in front is like 3 by 2 inches xD i was bored! i was really bored and i had nothing else to do but to paint with this tiny brush and a lot of patience.. i found it entertaining.. maybe i'll do that again just for fun)

and thats the photoshop thing that looks way too modern and so not like your style and.. well.. i don't like it but i really wanted to show you my whateveryouwannacallit finally =/ :

i'll finish the canvas later and then give it to you as a present cause i think thats the only way i can express my appreciation having you as sort of a guideline though a year or two maybe.. since that day i discovered your blog i kinda felt like i belong in this scene and thats my part and i gotta play it. i dunno.. well.. i don't want you to get into an uncomfortable situation because of me. i just wanted to tell you how important and inspiring you are to me, just like Lance Armstrong is to you. you're not just a bandmember or a painter.. i think you're an amazing person and i'm extremely glad to know you and i hope that someday i will have the pleasure to meet you, sir. =)


you don't have to publish this post.

MerbWritesNames said...

I will be looking foward to it.

Suze =] said...

Ahh, we'll still be here, anticipating what the hell your going to write about next. Lovely. x

M.H said...

hope all is well, cant wait for the new album!!
(ps, i hope you guys know youre still loved in the states. at least by me & my cousin...& my 8yrold brother. yeah, im getting him hooked on good music. (please dear god, no more blasting jimmy buffett when im trying to sleep @ 9am...))

fierazor said...

its 0kay jamie..
we'll be waiting for your write..
h0pefully,,by the time u write,the ALBUM has finished..
still cant wait for new ALBUM..

rory said...

Will wait, take your time. Priorities are priorities :)

Sketch said...

It's highly unlikely we'll lose interest. Because for that, you'd have to become boring. Hope everything's ok.

Lace said...

aw, I love you Jamie.
'Twas Go Skate Day on the 21st. hope you shredded!

+BRI said...

Annie that canvas looks like it'll be ace when you get time to finish it.
I ruddy love Close ! I spent ages in NYC just gawking at his work, getting closer than close (ho ho ho) and even millimetres away its flawless. Its remarkable how different yet equally awesome his techniques are post and pre his paralysis.

You should try doing some really huge work like his just for kicks, I stumbled into it and find it really freeing now.

Sorry for hijacking your blog Jamie !