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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hey you Guys!

Hi there.
Blog schmog.
sorry to all you's that I said I'd play xbox with and haven't. Basically I haven't been on it cos I've been busy finally finishing the record up. Yup, that's right, we are actually working again. I can't wait till it is all done dusted and out because then finally I can talk all about the process and how it all unfolded. Believe you me, No one is more disconcerted with how long it has taken than I, but you have to trust me when I say we are in a really good place both musically and as a unit.
Lot's of things have happened beyond our control that has hindered our progress which is the most frustrating bit, and people have really let us down, but as usual strength is born from wisdom and experience. And I believe that one can only and always go forwards and never back, so where we have arrived right now is the result of what has happened and not wasted time.
Maybe a dog has to chase it's tail for so long in order to realise the futility and let go.
As though we got out of our minds, and by getting completely out of our minds we could finally come to our senses....literally.
So, I sit in the studio, lee's in the other room tracking guitars, we've done drums which sound fricking tasty


...and although playing music (touring and recording) in a band is important it only constitutes a small portion of the time. Being able to interact and respect the other members in your band, and live harmoniously with them is the most important element. That is the foundation of our band. We grew up together, we have a deep understanding of each other and a mutual respect because we walked very similar paths and have the same blood running through our veins. And when times are tough we support each other and stand by each other. 'Family' is not a term used lightly with us, and considering I've spent more time in my life life to date living very closely with these guys than with some of my own family. Respect and understanding is the key in our survival and not simply talent or musical ability (though these are important they are secondary I believe)
*..........(I deleted and edited this part here cos someone told me that someone was pissed at me for writing about that someone on a public blog).............*
If ability was a key factor in this band then I certainly wouldn't be here. ha. sad but very true. I had maybe had 2 weeks experience of playing with turntables and samples before I was onstage for my first gig, talk about deep end. Although, for what its worth, when I joined, the band took off...hahaha, lucky charm I guess. There are a bizzilion people out there that can out perform me and play way better than I can, but since I'm still here, maybe my role is much more than just pushing keys and shouting loud. who knows. By the way, I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm being objective. Maybe I'm less 'bricks' and more 'mortar' when it comes to lostprophets.

Bri-"How did you get through your degree and out the other side without banging your head against a brick wall ? I swear, this week im losing my mind. There's just so much assorted junk to organise and integrate. Was there a moment that it all clicked for you ?"
I banged my head for 2 years, then I let go and started painting whatever I wanted to paint. Not much faith in education establishments I am afraid.

Frankie-"Hey Jamie, if you could have anything (realistically) for Christmas, what would it be? =) And what things would you give to your friends and family?"
I want some snow. I wanna go snowboarding for new year and right now the slopes by me are dry as a bone...booo. I would like to get my mom an xbox box game so I can play online with her. It's a good way of kinda hanging out with my family even though we are millions of miles apart, but I'm not sure she'd be into it. Can't tell you what I've gotten for the rest of my family because they might read this.

MsAnnieAnnie- "dont have an xbox and i'm extremely happy with that fact. don't you feel like you wasted one week of your life by playing that game 24/7?"
I do beat myself up now and again for wasting time playing games but in reality, you can't collect or save time, the only time there actually is, is now and allowing guilt to dominate my now and worrying about what I have or haven't or should have done is definitely not useful. so in response - I do and I don't, if that does or doesn't make sense. haha.

Sketch said...-"stay blond! you pwn"
too late.

Fricking Awesome! Suburb Drawing. Stu says it reminds him of a kinda drawing of me by me, only its not and its by you.

Love answering questions!
My marathon training is on hold, studio time is taking up training time plus running is hard and hurts. haha
And xbox is all about PES2009 right now.
see you soon. byeeee


Suze =] said...

I'm glad you guys are finishing up the album now, i can't wait to hear it and to see Lostprophets back on tour [=

I don't have much i can say on the Ilan issue because we only know what we've heard. I got a little bit angry, i didnt expect it and i don't get why he left you guys for NIN. As much as people do understand it. i really don't.

But there are good times ahead [=

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for taking a look at my drawing, nevermind posting it in this blog!

It actually means sooo much that you liked it and its awesome that Stu said what he did, a real compliment guys. Thanks again!

x0x [=

Anonymous said...

pleeaaase more info on the album in the next blog?

Chris said...

hey what's your xbox live name?

Sketch said...

Ah well, I guess if you had stayed blond it might have killed your head a bit after a while. *is going to shut up about hair now.*

If Ilan leaving seems to be somewhat expected because he didn't grow up with or in the same way as you guys, etc, are you worried the same issues will arise again with any replacements you might find for him?

Peter James Bond said...

Hey Jamie! all sounds great! glad the album's going good. cannot wait to hear it! it's too bad about Ilan leaving, he was so good! but oh well.
anyway, i know this is silly, but we met like two years ago after a show you guys had in Denver, Colorado. we talked about dog day cares and stuff. it was me and my sister. i don't know, i just wondered if you rememberd. if not that's cool. anyway, can't wait to see you guys live again. you do a kick ass show!

MsAnnieAnnie said...

love the new painting of the furry beings!

uhm.. how do i say that.. as you probably know, young artists or teenagers who wanna become artists get really quickly frustrates when they see other artists doing much better than theirselves and it's really hard to have this kinda level you need to get up to to be better or as good as others..
i was wondering how you were able to draw or paint when you were in my age..

i'm really excited about how the album will be like <3 i promiss i'll go to your concert when you play in berlin again. last time i was standing right in the corner in front of you. i think that'll be the place you'll find me again xD
the trees in front of my house =)

wish you a wonderful december!

Anonymous said...

great to hear from you again.
i don't think i ever commented on here but i really enjoy reading your blogs :)
some of your thoughts give me quite a lot to think about, honestly.

i might've gotten it wrong but what you wrote on the ilan issue sounds a bit as if you were glad he's leaving?
not that it's any of my business though but well... as fan i just have to stick my nose into certain stuff sometimes ;)
i'm happy for him that he got the chance to join nin though and i don't think anyone can blame him for taking it.
he's still young and stuff (gosh i sound like my nan and i'm only a year older than he is lol)

anyway... i was asked to ask you guys if you knew what 'home is where the heart is' would mean in welsh. so, done that, too.
and i guess thats all from me.
don't really had anything to say anyway :P

have a great weekend

Tom said...

hey Jamie. great news on the album process :)

sorry to hear about Ilan, he is a talented guy but im happy for him and im sure he'll go on to more great things.

getting a lil worried about the delay on the album, i understand that things take time and thats all grand, i just dont want it out too late because i got really important exams in june and i dont wanna miss ye touring! yes, selfish i know. lolz.

keep on rocking \m/

KerryIsTheDynamite said...

yay :) good to hear the album is back on the go.

would love to play you on xbox! but i havent got one, working on making me dad get me one for christmas mainly so i can get guitar hero on it xD. i was so chuffed to see that rooftops was on it! are you a guitar hero lover?

bit of a shame about ilan leaving, but guess its his choice. although its a bit balls i dont get why some people are getting pissed off over his departure...

& yeah i loved the blonde once i got over the initial shock, but i think i do prefer your hair dark :)

kerry - xx

Andiee said...

Hey Jamie!
are you going to be at the new years gig in Cardiff?? if not how to u plan to spend the eveninig?
traveling down from good old North wales once again to see u.... we were the guys that moidered u about Dr.Who and time machines outside the Solus last time :P

WelshRocker said...

I agree, we really need some snow around here. It's been cold enough all week now, but no, it always has to melt and rain for us! =(

Anonymous said...

My gamertag is frajaveli.
I'm down to play COD4 or World at War
Or maybe even challenge you to a face off on Guitar Hero World Tour to the song "Rooftops" by some band. ha


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

and ive just got used to the blond, ach well, loved you when you were brown any hoo too

love n hugs


RuthGarroodDrawsThis said...

"Bri - I banged my head for 2 years, then I let go and started painting whatever I wanted to paint. Not much faith in education establishments I am afraid."

Joy ! Cannot wait to see what next year has to offer, this years enough of a maze. haha.
Ok, Despite your lack of faith (and maybe less envolvement with ?) art education establishments, youve sucessfully made a name for yourself as an exceptional artist. How easy was it for you to establish yourself within the art world and was it made any harder considering your frustration towards uni ? Or was it a case of you thinking 'fuck everyone else' and painting completely for yourself, and anything that came from that was a bonus ?
Sorry about all the questions, its just all being rammed into my head atm !
The kitty painting is ace btw. My two cats look just like that ! Allbeit a little tubbier.

Love Bri.

Anonymous said...

cannot wait to hear the album however i'm glad you guys are taking your time. genuis cannot be rushed.

the idea about getting your mother an xbox is lovely. really sweet reasoning behind it :)

the fact people are taking things you say the wrong way do you ever regret setting this page up? i certainly hope not, i love reading it <3

Gutterfly said...

PEZ 09 nice one...i would so whoop your ass on that...if I could work xbox live features...
I'm all about guitar hero though!!!
fancy a challenge
add stggutterfly