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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey check this out...

From one Blog to another...
Good Blog if I do say so myself.


nick said...

Im still waiting for you to add me on xbox live lol
and why does one need another blog?
is this new one cool?
i will check it out
and gamertag for xbox
add me^^
or post your gamertag ss i can kick your ass on a game or other.

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

good for you! they are well cool, when you gona exibit them in a gallery?


luv n hugs

Miss V. said...

Amazing art!
How do you paint and play in a band?

+BRI said...

How did you get through your degree and out the other side without banging your head against a brick wall ? I swear, this week im losing my mind. Theres just so much assorted junk to organise and intergrate. Was there a moment that it all clicked for you ?

nicki said...

Thanks for the insight into your influences, especially for the new pieces.

Can I ask two questions? Where are you selling the ltd ed prints, and what labels have you designed for?

Me? Nosey? 'Fraid so! ;)

Dougie said...

That is the first time I have really looked in some depth at the artwork. A lot of art work annoys me and I fail to see any meaning in it. Your work is really clicking for me. I don't know if it is just because of our backgrounds but some of it has a real Welsh feel to it. That may just be me looking for sentiment but everybody sees art differently and that is what I am seeing! Keep it up.

Natersby said...

Nice use of the word juxtaposition! Lol.

Must've been hard to give up art for the band all those years ago, cool you're doing both now. It makes my occasional forays into drawing look like a 4 year old with a pack of crayola's! It must take many, many hours to paint each one at such high quality.

I hope the MIH limited edition pints happen.

Natersby said...

Pints? Eh-hem, PRINTS! Although limited edition pints sound kind of interesing lol.

MsAnnieAnnie said...

i dunno how you react on this.. posting this link is probably ignorant and respectless towards those who believe in a god and care about what i comment on your blogs, but i pretty much enjoyed those vids and since you're an atheist too, you'll probably like them too xD
they have really good arguments..
dont respond on this comment. i just wanted to share this one with you ^^

Hill said...

You are great!
I paint as well. Hope to meet you one day! :)
And can't wait for the new album.

x Hill

Emily said...

I want to hang some of that in me bathroom...(I'm not taking the mick, I love it!)

Frankie said...


Hey Jamie, if you could have anything (realistically) for christmas, what would it be? =) And what things would you give to your friends and family?

Anonymous said...

you are such an inspiration. it would be so awesome if you could exhibit your art work in Singapore National Museum or Singapore Art Museum.

<3 Jaclyn