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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey guys

I'm still alive. No excuse for not posting sorry. Just been absorbing the comments on the last blog. Thought I'd have a bit of time to figure out what to use this blog for. I was hoping some of the other guys in the band would take up writing and contributing to this so I could place myself in line with what they are saying but unfortunately not. So I guess I'll still keep just being me.
Wish I had some really cool things to write about but nowt has been happening. I feel as though my life is in stasis until we can finish up this record. Unfortunately we are on other peoples schedules and it is all out of our control. hopefully the next couple of weeks will be action stations, but until then I'll just return to Albion and live my alternative life as LionHeart in Fable2. Which by the way is all i have done 24/7 for the past week and a bit. For a guy as grounded as I thought I was, how easily I got swept into a fantasy world as a Hero????
Here's a weird one...One of my favorite bands in the world doesn't sound anything like the band I am in. I've always stood by the fact that Nada surf are my most favorite band even though at times I thought it was just stubborn pride. But in hind site, I hadn't given the albums enough time. I tried an experiment recently to see if having all this access too music has diminished my love for bands and albums and strangely it proved to be the case. Here's the details:
My Ipod holds 80gb of songs and albums and most I have listened to only once. back when I was growing up, I would have five tapes or so with an album on each side and I would listen to them continuously. I would love (and I mean LOVE) these bands and albums so much so I could remember the length of time between songs and the exact tempo of the next song.
So I decided to get a shuffle and only put Nada surf 5 albums on it. Now bear in mind I am training to run a marathon so I've listened to Nada surf at least for an hour everyday if not for 3+hours on longer runs for the past month or so.
....and as if by magic, I love every song and album. And have faith in music again. I relate to the lyrics and I hear new things every time I listen that I didn't hear before, it's like a kind of meditation. Up until now I felt that all music was shit and that everything new was bland, but the problem was me!! I wasn't allowing the music to grow because of my greedy desire to own everything.
So throw away your ipods and get tape player Sony Walkman! it's all the rage! bum bags are in too.
Just thought I'd share that with you.
you should try it.
See you online in FABLE2 if you want. Comment me your gamercard. by the way I suck shit when it comes to COD4 I'm not playing that unless your crap too.


xOurBrokenHeartsx said...

Glad you're faith has returned! Welcome back to the church ;o)

btw I still have all my cassettes in the spare room and my walkman!! Kept 'em just in case!

Take care
Beth xxx

+BRI said...

What marathon are you training for ? I spent the summer preparing for my first long distance run and it was such a great experience. The transition from running machine to road running however, was not. hah.
Let us know how you get on !

andreajane said...

Hi,thanks for the blogg,its good to hear from you as always.Ian hasnt done a blogg for ages which is a shame,i know hes been busy with MIH stuff and DJ sets but even so.Sounds like youve come through the soul searching kinda stuff that you seemed to be going through a few months ago which is good.take care,love n stuff.x

nick said...

haha xbox pride man!
my gamertaggermatag is

MsAnnieAnnie said...

i have an 80gb ipod too (but i dont use that one xD).. and an 4gb ipod nano stuffed with bands and i actually just listen to one band a week. at the moment i'm totally in love with staind <3.
most of the stuff i have on my ipod is rubbish i dont even like. 3 albums of linkin park that actually sound the same and 4 lostprophets albums i know by heart and other bands that dont fit to my mood at the moment...
you can have an 80gb ipod and love bands at the same time. you just need to focus and concentrate on one band at the time and not shuffle all the songs.

i dont have an xbox and i'm extremly happing with that fact. dont you feel like you wasted one week of your life by playing that game 24/7?

take care

Charp said...

Whaaatt COD4 is awesome!!

shuanghong said...

LOL. you gamer you.

I'll stick to my wii thank you very much, which reminds me that.. OMG guitar hero world tour. which will be in my hands hopefully within November. Playing any of that?

I know what you mean about Ipods. Having over a thousand songs in my Sony Walkman mp4 player meant that I've only heard each song a few times, unless I specifically chose to listen to certain songs. I couldn't remember the song titles, the bands, the lyrics of all the songs I was listening to. All I knew were that, "Ooh this song isn't bad. What was it again?"

But now that I have a car with an awesome stereo system, I'm sticking my cds in the radio and listening to them like ten thousand times each on the road. I remember each song that I love, and my sisters think I'm mad when I start humming the intro of the next song even before the song starts. I remember the order of the songs by the beats and the intro, and each song is distinct in my brain, which is definitely not the case when I press the shuffle button on my player.

I have to say, my CDs are definitely an important part of my life, and no MP3 player can replace that. Cassette tapes... well that's getting a little too old school for me. haha.


Danielle said...

I can't even begin to tell you how little faith in music I have these days. I was recently at a gig where every band sounded the same and was so let down by every band, left me wondering how easy these kids have it today. Then as if that wasn't bad enough hearing the same song for two hours, I heard that new Hilary Duff song which samples Depeche Mode. So needless to say, I'm convinced the music industry lacks originality and pretty much refuse to listen to anything that was recently released.

Tom Goulding said...

hey jamie. nice to see your back blogging.

wohoo first comment lolz.

add me on xbox live: Tomtom364
i'll give ya a fair game in cod4. or halo 3 (im shockin in that)

and have you tried shadowrun? its a great game. bit of fantasy mixed with fps and swordplay.

good luck with the album.
waiting eagerly.

Sketch said...

Don't worry about what the blogs are about, I think most of us just like to read stuff from you being you.
I have absolutely NO idea what anything in the last paragraph meant, however, as I am stuck in the past when it comes to video games. I've got my Ps2 and tombraider games, that'll do.

stay blond!
you pwn

Anonymous said...

that picture is intense, it kind of hurts

nick said...

What games have you got for xbox then?
But add me for some ass whopping fun in a non gay sexual way. As i said before, my tag is: nicktuckerrr

MsAnnieAnnie said...

oh and i love you for blogging and not being like the other members of the band. everyone can post a blog like "hey i'm still here and i love my fans" but not everyone can show their feelings just like you do. thats the best thing about your blogs: they are not related to the band. its just you. no fake or mirrors and lies and pretenting to be a person that you're not, sarcasm and senseless humor and stuff..
it's 100% jamie r. oliver

Rui Andy said...

Hey Jamie, finally i found a place to be informed of the gig's :P

Nice that you are back blogging, i never like blogs though, but just being you writing makes it special.

Since this is my 1st time posting in your blog (and hopefully you will post more so i can comment back :P )i want to tell you that i'm a huge fan of LP and i'd give everything to see you perfoming. I even tried to get some cash and join few friends and go to Rock am Ring this year but then some of my friend gave up of the journey.

I'd love to see you perfoming in Portugal. I read somewhere that you perfomed here in 2001 or 2002 when i starting to know the band with fakesoundofprogress... Since then i've been listening to one of your songs per day at least if not more. I just love each and single album and song.. Songs like 4 am forever and Still Laughing made me think about life and pass through the bad things that happened.

I'm going to Germany this November and it would be Perfect if you were in Berlin that week perfoming :P I just keep dreaming of the day i'll see LP live..

Anyway, it's good to know that a new record is coming :D

Just in case, i'll let my email/msn here, because if you need someone to try to get a place for you to perform in Portugal i'd be delighted to help you out since i have some connections. ;)

Stay cool Jamie and keep blogging ;) You are the best!


Miss V. said...

You blogged! Good to know that you're enjoying your spare time at the mo. Instead of getting another ipod I just make a playlist with my favourite songs and play it around the clock :)

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

oooo!!! marathon man?, dont eat to many you might get sick :D, yikes!!! showing my age lolz*blushes*

ha ha i still have tapes and listen to them :D, and when its comes to shuffles im still in the dark ages with a 512mb :(, hopping for the new nano(purple) for xmas :D


love n hugs

Suze =] said...

You sure rank highest out of the guys for your blogging efforts Jamie haha!

I must say i'm all for getting the cassettes and walkman back out! I'd have far less technical diffculties thats for sure [=

Hope running that Marathon goes well too!

Ow and if you have a spare few minutes, i wondered if you could just have a quick look at a drawing i recently finished, of you! ha. Hope you like it and i hope this link works!

thanks [= x

TielHawk said...

Fable. I played a little bit of the first one but that is about it. My gamertag is "wreckedhood" without the quotes of course. If you ever get, or play any of guitar heroes, i would gladly play online with you.

Claireebeth said...

I still have old cassettes and wouldnt get rid of them for anything!

Love Fable 2 and im crap at cod4 but all my friends make me play it. my gamertag is claireebeth87.

Hope to have a game some time!

Dougie said...

I'm really relating to what you are saying which is a success I guess. I'm a shuffle merchant. It is the best way to keep in touch with music you wouldn't usually listen to. And I'm delighted to see you do absorb the comments on here, you are a good man dammit! Oh, and I'm piss poor at COD4 as well. I'll stick to Fifa.....

princesskitti said...


princesskitti said...

Run fat boy, run. sorry, love simon pegg. good luck. i have too rediscovered the music from back in the day. classics don't EVER get old. although it's embarrassing to admit that i listen to the music my parents listened to when they were my age.

Anonymous said...

for the last blog: stop crying! if anyone wants to read your blogs
they're coming here
if they don't no!
please think everything is good OK ! U_U

FUNK said...

Am I seriously the only person without an Xbox =/

goose said...

^yes, yes you are. no, i'm just kidding. i haven't played any video games since i was in 5th grade playing james bond on my brothers' nintendo 64. oh, good times.

jamie, that's cool you're running a marathon. i've always wanted to, but i'm definitely far from that. and i agree about really paying attention to albums and giving each one you have enough time to memorize each and every detail. that's something that i've always tried to do. it really disappoints me when i get a cd and i don't listen to it that much, i hate that feeling. it seems like such a waste. if i'm not completely obsessed with an artist and have all their albums and know them by heart, it doesn't feel like i was ever into them at all. maybe that's why it takes me so long to build up my music collection. but yeah...keep posting :).

Peter James Bond said...

Jamie, i know exactly where you are coming from. a few years back i had a tape player and i fell in love with all those songs and knew everything about them. now my tape player has passed on but i still love those albums to death. well anyway, good luck with the new album. i know it's gonna be great.


kinnon said...

hey jamie,

my gamercard-


get bad company, tiz the beez kneez!

Anonymous said...

my mini has a tape deck.i can feel a long drive coming along...

Emily said...

Yeah, COD4 is not my sort of game, my fiancee plays it good and I watch him, which is cool. Can't wait to hear Keifer Sutherland's voice in World at War, though, he's the sargeant type bloke in this one apparently. It's like my dreams of flying in helicopters with him are coming true...
I'm watching my fiancee play Shenmue for the first time on the Dreamcast, and he's playing a seriously mental mini-game before watching the 24 2-hour special tonight...Fuckin' awesom-o

Jennifer said...

Not sure how much you read these, but when you mentioned Nada Surf.. it took me back to a time when I listened to their song Popular.. all the time!

I love reading what you have to write even if you find it nothing exciting.

Be glad you're into the xbox gaming.. I am hooked on World of Warcraft.. talk about getting lost in a fantasy world. Oi vey.

Liam said...

I've been lost in the world of Fable2 for a while now myself. Bought castle Fairfax and everything. Shit... Sucks that you guys are stuck working on other people's time schedules for the album. I can't wait to hear it!

Chris said...

jamie! my gamertag is upandb you should add me!

Marc said...

Ahoy Jamie. Add an old MOACer to your Xbox friends? fakeXsound is my gamertag. Bai!

Tim said...

I as well play Fable 2 every day. Gamertag is Timix86.

-Tim in New Mexico

alex said...

bit late to the party with xbox live! add me if you still read these comments
currently playing fable2 and trying to get better at cod4

Liam said...

Hey bit late but my gamertag is li4m4 add me if you get the chance