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Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey check this out....

Travel back in time 20 years to a period where legends of skate were etched into the minds and hearts of old fools like myself. I had the unexpected privilege of seeing with my own eyes the mastery of 80's vert skating by the people who invented and dominated the sport, riding original boards and dressed in neon. Mike called me and asked if I was gonna dress up for it, I replied "dude, I don't need to, my dress sense is permanently stuck in the 80's thrasher skate RAD era". I guess I just can't let go of a time where skating was all I lived for, and skate rags and vision street wear t's were all I owned. Even if I skate like a complete doosch nowadays I still have a nostalgic place in my heart for the bright colours and RAD mag inspired "I don't give a f*ck" rowdy mentality of 80's skateboarding. Even though, hammering down the side of a Welsh valleys village vertical street, in a bright pink Hot tuna hoodie on a hand-me-down de-laminated, Santa Cruz Corey O'Brien board with a viciously worn away tail, sliding all over the road on borrowed and flatted OJ2' the RAIN, was a million miles away from the Californian blue sky's and vert ramps that I saw in photographs in RAD. I am fairly sure that 90% of all my bodily scars are from eating curbs,steps and banks in my brief time trying to be a good skater 20 years ago.
I never thought I would ever get the chance to see Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero skate a vert ramp in California on original boards doing strictly 80's style tricks when I sat in my bedroom in 1987 each night fantasising about owning and skating the new Santa Cruz board which was always way out of my 2 quid a week pocket money budget (which in later years proved to be quite adequate for a flagon of Stonehouse in which to fall, pissed out of my face, out of trees on).
I remember with fond memories the spots where I left bits of my skin, blood,sweat and my fear... such as the banks and steps up th' uni, curbs down by the Albion, Coedylan brick ramp walls, the quarter pipe we built down the factories which got burned, B&Q and Halfords, clarkeys suicide attempt at Leckwith, Mikeys chin plant at Port Talbot Halfpipe and the legendry marble and benches down the Precinct (RIP).

My respect goes out to my boys from back then who I slammed and bled with and who I shared my dreams: Skids, Peg, Mike Lewis, Clarkey, Jennings, Swalesy, and other legends like Griff, Rosey and that one time with Pritchard on the banks in Cardiff.
Good times boys, Good times!

apologies to all those who haven't a frikin clue what the hell I'm on about. Let me have this one, it's all about memories today.


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

memories! are things to be treasured :), with the odd sigh and a wish to go back to the days of _____ *?


luv n hugs

*fill in blank* :D

WelshRocker said...

Fair play though, the Precinct bloddy stinks......bad!

MsAnnieAnnie said...

santa cruz rocks! got a punching ball from there and now it's my best friend, besides my pencil collection and my german english dictionary xD

Viki xXx said...

This one granted :-)

just checked on the blog for first time since beginning of november so had some catching up to do!! So great to catch up with what ur up to!

Progression on the album sounds fabtansticous :-D still awaiting with bated breath!!

Have an awesome Christmas n tell that to the guys too.

much loves, me xxxx

Dougie said...

I don't care if it stinks was still one of the best places to grow up. South Wales creates a special type of person....

PandaVonGrimm said...

This One Really Made Me Think About The Past And The Future.And Reminded Me Again (As Im Always Being Reminded) That Life Is Good,Nothing To Complain About And Nothing To Regret. Your Becoming A Real Inspiration To Me.And I Know This Question Has Probably Been Asked A Million Times,But Who Really Inspires You?

Anonymous said...

what happened to video updates from the band once or twice a week then?

i know you dont owe us anything, but its a bit shit of you to say that, and then not even try and fulfill it.

Jamie said...

Hey anonymous, chill your boots. We've been trying to figure out a better way to transfer the footage to the web than we previously did. There's shit loads of video and not enough time between recording a record and editing footage to be as punctual as we'd like. it's up there near the top of our priorities but not above finishing our album, so unless you wanna pay someone to do it on our behalf, relax, have a bit of patience, and bug mike about it, he owned up to being a bit slack with the latest video anyhow. ha

elinette said...

Damn, Jamie!

Your art is so freakin amazing that I almost want to rip my head off. You're such an inspiration and you're probably the most talented artist ive ever seen.
It's unbelieveable actually. Love you for being so good.
What inspires you the most when you're about to paint something new? Do you come up with an idea and then just start? What are you thoughts when you're standing in front of a blank canvas?

Sorry if my english is a bit crappy x)