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Thursday, May 1, 2008

New day, same me.

In the studio right now battling with technological issues. Lots of waiting around. Not the start I had hoped. 1 single cable brings the whole ship to a grinding halt. What was going to be a day to remember is swiftly working its way into one to forget. Ilan has played every radio head song to death for the past 8 brain is fried, and the conversation is into its 3 phase of repeat. Our biggest mission right now is finding tickets to Ironman.....that's as good as it gets.
well here's a couple of pictures of what a today looks like. Add to this, the smell of dust, constant tinkering of 30 second clips of every song by Ilan, and Ian talking in his sleep....wowzers!
roll on school bell and straight to the pub me thinks. zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

(4 hours later)
typical.....the photo's i sent to myself from my phone, as described about, never arrived...balls. I'll put them up when they do.

this qualifies as the worlds most boring and pointless blog.

shit aSS!

p.s. does it piss anyone else off as it does me...the photo of me with a big machine gun doesn't fit within the thin grey lined border. obsessive compulsive...maybe..but its just fricking annoying. grumpy having a knobend of a day. arse off!


WelshRocker said...

lol smile, everthings better when your drunk! =)

EDWIN said...

i hope you find it! what a nightmare.

let us know your thoughts on Ironman when you get tickets!

Anonymous said...

at least you dont have to do exams, there's gotta be a goodside to everything. X

Natersby said...

My method of solving technological issues is to smack them with the closest large object, hence the many dents in my poor old computer... it does actually make it work though! Productivity and anger management all in one. Whack it! It will help!

Oh, and the egg splattering thing reminded me of the chaos theory a little, causality and how one tiny difference can change everything after time. I tried to do a study at college applying the chaos theory to conformity and ended up sounding like a prize idiot... anywho my point being chaos theory it's worth looking into if you want something to blow your brain! If anything it's just got a cool name!

Ciao for now!

PS If you really think your blog is "the worlds most boring and pointless blog" you should try reading mine. I just spent about an hour coining the phrase "hermit phase" in mine, good lord!

Natersby said...

Oh, and I'M the cooker of the worlds best baked beans and toast!

Hels said...

Sounds like a nightmare day,I hope tomorrow is better.

Now that you mention it, yes it does kind of irritate me that the picture doesn't fit, the fact its a cool picture goes some way to mitigate matters though:) maybe if you could centre it, it would appease your OCD-ness?

Speaking of annoyances, could you please get someone to change the location of Donington on your myspace to Derbyshire, y'know we have little enough to boast about in these parts, without the world and his wife visiting your site thinking one of our best bits is in London. Its been narking me off for months - ta very much!

nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

Iron Man ! hope fully gona see it monday :)
Ian!!!! lolz thatl be fun on the tour bus haha!!!
if you want rid of him for a night at download ive got plenty room in my tent lol;)
and that pic is funny and cute :p :)



Anonymous said...

I think you look really cute.Things can only get better love you.x.

andreajane said...

Never mind,things can only get better,i think you look really cute.x.

[Kerry]IsTheDynamite said...

LOL about Ironman, my brother is proper obsessed with it =p

Have to say id pay good money to see ian talking in his sleep. yous should attack him with makeup and shaving cream for the riot of it, yer im nice like that ;]

I agree about the pic not fitting the border though, i thought that when i first saw it. i have issues with things like that, its not good =p couldnt you just make the pic a bit smaller?
didnt realise it was you in the pic... its proper cute but >_<

Hope tomorrow goes better for you dude



that pic is very very funny and cute!!! XP (both) but Batman is the best!!!

I hope you´re ok!

and have a nice day... tomorrow

and Wake Up Ian!!! finish the album!!!

kisses from Argentina


Alex said...

the picture bursting out of the boarder looks arty duh ;o

Hikari Yamino said...

Nu uh!That pic of urs is sooo duper cute!!Err..Is it a real machine gun?
And damn,why do you have so many talents?You can even cook baked beans on toast good!

Anonymous said...

radiohead? i thought Ilan didnt listen to any music after 1984?

Pancho Watkins said...

Hello Jamie! Thanks for keeping us updated about what ure living... Im too nerdy and worried about designing that I know how you can stretch the gray border around the image. In "Edit HTML" search for this bit of code... "width:660px;". just down of "HEADER". Change 660 to 716px. Thats all. Look: I like this thing of design and customizing so I'm apologize for bringin html code to your comments. =) Good luck in the studio, find that infamous cable and sorry for my english =) cheers, from CHILE!

Just Panch™ said...

I looked at your flickr...sick paintings and pictures... I was just wondering what kind of camera and lens do you use?

xBECx said...

nice hair. and awesome pics/paintings of flickr. is there any way i can buy one and have it sent to Australia?? and are you guys ever going to come back and visit?? :-) x