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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it wrong that I stole...

a picture of myself from someone else on the internet to use as my header?
I mean who owns the copy-write to a picture of my own head?
anyway, this is just a test to get warmed up. more to follow later. Stay frosty.


InsertSillyName said...

YOU'RE BACK!!! *cuddle*
back to the good old blog world where you can write more than 140 characters <3

and yes, this is another blogger account of mine. after i lost the password to my old email/blogger account aaand spammed my second blogger account with a lostprophets fanfic that i wrote before i met you and actually is shit compared to what really happened..

i think you can use as many fanarts as you want. i would jump around for joy if you were using one of my work, so i imagine the owner of this header of your blog to do the exact same thing.
yknow whats funny? i always wonder where all the views to my videos come from and then a few weeks later i find them linked all over the net haha
what goes around comes around



AnnieRawrz said...

I hate google for claiming everything and then you can't even change your email address for your youtube account.. bullshit! what if i have a new email address? :(
so now im stuck to this one because i dont want to log in and out a thousand times a day.. any logic there? nope.

Rachie said...

It is when you look like Gavin! XD

Anonymous said...

We love you Jamie!