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Monday, July 14, 2008

New car ads......

I just made some rad images. I am pissed off that I can't import my less than a 998cc classic mini into the US because of emission regulations!! haha, you do realise that that's smaller than most motorcycles on the road.
I should use these images as environmental propaganda.

The Slogan:

"What use are they to you now? least you still have your small weener"


"..comes with rain tracker rain sensing windshield wipers!"

feel free to come up with some of your own.


Hill said...

haha awesome XD
you are up early!! (am in the States, 0:40 now)
Bless your legs by the way!! XD
are they looking better?

I know you will go to hong kong on Aug 5. Unofortunately I won't be back there until Aug 9. Which sucks a hell lot. I still haven't seen you live yet!!

xOurBrokenHeartsx said...

Hey hey

I can see a new career blossoming for you with ad slogans like that ;o)

Had a look through your pics on Flickr - they're great. I really like the 2 you've got earmarked for Made in Hell!


MsAnnieAnnie said...

"The perfect car for travelers. comes with a special handy bag to put it in and carry with."

i hope i got the point..

i bought 2 hamsters yesterday. called them jamie and francis. guess who escaped first and was found behind my box where i put all my sketchbooks and paintbrushes in? xD he deserves the name.

Juditta said...

Hi Jamie!
Me... Again! long time no see! LOL
Your Italian best-friend! LOL (Or Nightmare!) By The way...
Two things:
1)You're a fucking genius.
2)It's you the boy with the skate in "last summer" video?

Sorry for my bad english.
Hugs from Italy.

andreajane said...

Ha! you do make me laugh,happy bithday for tomorrow,hope its a good

+BRI said...

Right as I was reading that I was laughing at a car on the news 90% submerged in a huge flood-puddle, with its wind screen wipers going like hell. I do admire the dudes optimism, though I dont think they helping much.

jac said...

unique sexy cars..
and wishing you a Happy Birthday Jamie

oldenuff2burmum said...

Thank you Jamie!!!!,further proof that"maggots are used for fishing, not for f**king"!!!! lol
Hope you and yours are well,see you on August 18th in Brum.
Av a gud un!!!!!!
x x x x
(For our U.S friends,maggot is a U.K slang word for a small weener!!!!)

nicki said...

Yes, that makes sense!?! They won't let a tonka toy in, yet they are quite happy to produce those hideous Hummers??!!

Mind you, I wouldn't argue if someone wanted to buy me an Enzo tho...

Beth said...

I went to kenya and got bitten 13 times on my legs.
was not fun, and the shitty thing was that the more bug spray I used the more bites I got!
it's a scam!
they want you to use it all and buy more!
anyways, that's enough conspiricies! (sp???)
see you in brum
I will have just got back from america
so I will be tired as fuck!


Juditta said...

16/07/2008 - H: 00.00 (Italy)
Happy birthday Jamie!
We want to wish you an amazing birthday!
We're gonna wait for you here in Italy so we can drink all together some 'spritz', it's some kind of cocktail very popular here, it's original from Venice so you really have to try it!
Vale, Sissi and Judy


hi Jamie!!!

ey I love your new pictures, are wonderful...

Pass for here to wish happy birthday!!! behave yourself badly! XP

don´t drink to much... jajaja... no really... have a nice day!!!

I love youuuuu, and I wish the best for you my dear!

kisses from Argentina!!!



xk1mx said...

Hey Jamie

Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Have an awesome day

MsAnnieAnnie said...

i wish you a wonderful day! hope you celebrate with all the people that you love. and i wish you a wonderful future and that you accomplish your plans and dreams and that you always get love and respect back from the people that you appreciate, because you deserve it.

take care,


elinette said...

megalolz @ the ads.xD
I must say your Flickr photos are great! you've really got some photography skills.

And I almost forgot, Happy birthday Jamie!! ;D

xxx from sweden

IThinkISawTheSkyTonight said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Jamie.
Ps. Your genious.

Josie said...

Hello Jamie!!!Happy birthday,wish you creative success,fun and anything you want to have!
From russian fans with love!!!
P.S.I hope,that Lostprophets will come to us someday...

JEN said...


nvrgrwoldnvrdie said...

Happy birthday hun hope you have a goodun :xxxxx

Underwater Hummer ideal for all your extream fishing needs! lolz



stephanie said...

wow! that was good :D
you know, i will vote for your saving the world propaganda :)

stephanie said...

hey richard!!!!!
hope u don't mind if i call u this's only that i love ur name :).. only passing by to wish u a happy b-day!!!
really i hope u are having a really good time outhere anywhere you are :D

love u eva ♥

p.s. hope u can passed by and take alook to my blog :D

L&F said...

Pardon my ignorance, but, in the Hummer pic (and God knows some man came up with the name 'Hummer'), is that an old oil drilling rig in the background? If so, how ironic because it seems that what we're gonna have to do in order to get to the oil here in the US in lieu of paying the astronomical petrol prices here in the US...get waterproof vehicles that can go to the bottom of the ocean and drill the crap ourselves...

Natersby said...

"The SeaLife Centre's Ocean Safari offered two attractive rides, but the project met with disaster when first campers drowned, and were then savaged by a great white shark."

thefinalriot said...

happy birthday!

Juditta said...

It’s me again! I’m attached to you. So much. You are a lucky boy, hn? (Please don’t hate me. Or ignore me LOL)
I have one more question.
The Lostprophets are very cool. Like other bands… No, The Lostprophets are the best in the world. (Really you’re my favourite band, after you there are: Avenegd Sevenfold, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Exilia, Within Temptation, Nightwish… (All bands after you) Ecc ecc…) By The way…
You’re are cool. That’s true. It’s because you’re welsh? It seems to us that everything is from Wales is cool! Or maybe there is some kind of welsh musical mafia because we know millions of welsh bands (and actually all of them are really awesome!) which became famous in the last years…
Kisses from Italy.
(And Sissi & Vale)

daniemilicevic<3 said...

hi my dear!!!

ey Lostprophets is nominate for Kerrang! again!!! jajaja

yes I´m crazy but... now I have my fingers bleeding (o.O!)

so good luck!!! (for another prize to Better British Band I don´t stop XD!!!

kisses from Argentine



shuanghong said...

OMFG it's only a week more before you guys are coming down to perform at singapore. this is awesome.

i totally can't wait.